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Modern technology has enabled us to win the distance and come closer through virtual platforms despite living far remote. Innovative ideas of online get-togethers are opening new windows to the outlooks of life. Most online team building activities developed during the Covid-19 pandemic are more likely to remain connected for corresponding and office activities. The ideas of friendly group activities, social team building activities, and office staff events are flourishing with new dimensions. 

Researches on successful virtual team activities suggest the soul of potential teamwork is fun and recreation. Fun programs and recreational events revive the spirit and preserve mental and emotional health. Expert virtual team builders, therefore, include recreational activities that your teammates can enjoy and feel relaxed.

Concern For Mental Health In Online Team Building Activities

Many online team building activities have received great popularity for promoting interactions, dynamic contributions, and encouraging team efficiencies. Despite the enormous development of these team building, they still lack in keeping the mental health and wellbeing of their teammates. The inclusion of funny events in the light of freedom and amusement is as significant as other team activities for mental wellbeing. 

Routine team activities only for communication, coordination, or selective works become monotonous and result in boredom and reluctance. Team activities, therefore, should go beyond the routine and formal setting now and often and set the teammates free for making fun together. 

Online fun team building activities muster the spirit and tickle the senses that feed the mind and emotion to keep fit. 

Chalking Out Awesome Online Team Building Activities To Boost Up Mental Health

Refreshment of mind requires some light activities related to the comfort zone that makes your teammates stress-free, enthusiastic, and engaged. Escaping from the scheduled programs of a team can also provide some space for mental repose.

Variant ideas can work in building a successful virtual platform for running mental health-boosting team activities. The following online fun team building activities will bring a twist to your team events and invigorate your team spirit, keeping them mentally sound. 

  • Virtual greeting and gratitude for teammates
  • Online open competitions for fun and craze
  • Virtual fun games among the teammates
  • Online sharing of photos, videos, and animations
  • Live yoga and meditation practices
  • Online trivia games for refreshment 
  • Virtual mobile conferencing
  • Virtual online retreat for motivation
  • Online happy hour planning
  • Virtual counselling programs
  • Virtual Greetings And Gratitude Inspire the Teammates. 

Among all other online team building activities, sharing greetings and gratitude to the teammates is an innovative idea to make them happy. Who doesn’t like to hear the words of greeting from peers? There is hardly any person who does not get puffed up in the statement of appreciation and exaltation. The manager can send good morning greetings with variety to all team members.

This practice refreshes minds, renovates interconnection, and turns on the mood. Reciprocation of greetings among the teammates also builds a strong bond in the team. Achievement, success, and performance of any team member should also appear on the online team page in the form of appreciation. 

No other reward can satisfy a mind more than an open exaltation for a good deed. Keep it on and make a directory of all praises to encourage your team. 

virtual team building activities
  • Online Open Competitions For Fun Remove Mental Stresses.

Online fun contests and gamification are recent ideas to boost team spirit. The competition includes a series of fun tests among the team members. You may arrange the contest via video or audio call via Zoom or Google Meet. Several contents of the competition will be open for all members, and a few of them will take place among groups.

You may make the competition more challenging and attractive by offering small gifts or gift cards for the winners. Select some reward points for the first three winners of each event, and the best performer should get an attractive reward. 

Set a fixed time for each event and a short break before the next. The following fun items can prove worthy for online team building activities, Melbourne.

  • Puzzle box solving
  • Image diagrams arranging
  • Fast word-formation contest
  • Logical sequencing of numbers, words, and images
  • Matching angles, patterns, and portraits
  • Virtual Fun Games Are The Best Amusements For A Team’s Mental Health.

Virtual fun and recreational games have become a significant part of online team building activities. Engaging team members in virtual fun games is beneficial for the mental health of a team. There are hundreds of virtual games to spend leisure time, but none of them creates as much zeal, vibe, or engagement singularly as in team events. 

Many companies arrange online fun game contests now for testing the skills and efficiency of their employees or staff. The following virtual games will not only sustain your team spirit but contribute a lot to the team’s mental strength. 

  • Online racing competition

Although it sounds like a childish game, it has the potential to rewind the memory of school life and make your teammates nostalgic. Create a unique virtual platform for the race, be it a motorbike, a car, or a boat race. Each member will complete the same hurdles within the shortest possible time to win the race. 

  • War of the Wizards game challenge

As a recent addition to fun online team building activities, the game offers thrilling actions and psychological analyses from an individual or a collaborated effort to solve different puzzles. This easy-to-handle online game is enjoyable and engaging due to its multidimensional challenges to overcome with quick thinking. 

  • Tiny Campfire on the virtual platform 

The game’s wild enterprises, haunted stories and thrilling missions create strange suspense and adventure like a real campfire experience. The teammates will create an atmosphere for an ideal campfire with tea-light candles before the ice-breaking and joining the haunted ghost stories.  

You may also incorporate several other fun games for weekly holidays like Online Scavenger Hunts and Virtual Murder Mystery. 

  • Online Album Sharing Revives Memories From The Recollections.

The idea of sharing photos, snapshots, or memorable images is deep-rooted to the basis, why is virtual team building important? Virtual team building reunites friends, colleagues, and staff and reinforces understanding, relationships, and team workforce. 

Photo sharing, maybe personal, family, or pet, indicates a close affinity with the person or teammates shared. 

You may also share the album of your past glories, happy memories, achievements, and something extraordinary on the team’s wall. Reciprocation of comments and queries on the shared album will create an emotional but aesthetic phenomenon.

  • Live Yoga And Meditation Practices For Invigorating Team Spirit

Yoga and meditation have no alternatives to keeping fit, both physically and mentally. Incorporating live sessions on yoga and meditation should get priority among online team building activities, Melbourne

An expert should conduct the session live through Zoom call or Google Meet, and all team members should follow him. Yoga or meditation practice will energise and strengthen the body, stable the mind, and elevate the spirit. All these are essential for motivating team spirit.

Variety in online team building activities inspires the members to get engaged in teamwork with renewed enthusiasm. Trivia games can bring a twist to your online team building due to the fun, curiosity, and intuitions associated with the games. 

You may select quiz questions from the members’ comfort zones and arrange a competition weekly or monthly. Extend the range of trivia contests with more funny items like art, painting, and drawing competitions. 

These activities will make room for the team members to escape from mental stresses.

  • Virtual Mobile Conferencing: An Innovative Idea

The more you engage your team members in fun-oriented activities, the greater will be the team’s achievements. Mobile conferencing can be a potential tool for serving the purpose in a light-hearted manner.   

It can be a formal meeting of your team on a Zoom video call where the participants will be roaming. They will attend the conference from outside their home, the isolated places of their favourite. 

This mobile conferencing from respective favourite corners will refresh their mind and provide a thrilling experience.

  • Virtual Online Retreat For Motivation

Online team building activities are more or less related to retreat ideas, but find some unconventional means of virtual retreat for your team. You may plan to organise virtual camping, a fair, or a lunch party in which the participants will receive gift packs or lunch packs at home. 

The online gathering will give a feel of a get-together with lots of fun and interactions.

  • Online Happy Hour Planning

Virtual happy hour planning is a traditional idea of online fun team building activities. Think out of the box to make a fantastic happy hour plan for absolute ecstasy. 

You may include a virtual dance party or singing competition between two groups with the last word start. It may also be an ice cream party or so on.

  • Virtual Counselling Programs

Online counselling with motivational speech is a vital part of online team building activities. Counselling the team members helps them review their daily activities and make correction. The motivation enables them to regenerate their mental strength. 

The benefits of virtual team building activities are greatly dependent on proper counselling.

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