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It’s easy for remote employees to feel lonely since their physical separation rapidly transforms into emotional separation. Your employees will be less productive if they cannot interact freely with their coworkers.

This is why it is so crucial to have virtual team building activities and develop a supportive team atmosphere for remote employees to rely upon.

What exactly is virtual team building?

Cultivating human-to-human interactions amongst your skilled team members is an important part of virtual team development. It’s necessary to set aside some time to socialise and have a good time. There are several benefits to building these ties, including improving teamwork and increasing productivity.

Virtual team building activities with a group of people can help you boost their spirit. By allowing your remote employees to connect regularly, you provide possibilities for them to form meaningful and organic relationships.

As a remote workforce, we are huge fans of virtual team building activities. We are continuously exploring new methods to bring our group closer together. However, we’ve discovered throughout the years that virtual team development is very different from in-person team bonding.

Finding it difficult to pull your team together?

If you are looking for online team building activities in Melbourne to boost your virtual team, we have got you covered!

15 Super Fun Virtual Team Building Activities
  1. Icebreakers

For those of you who are rolling your eyes, know this, some of our remote teams start every group meeting with an icebreaker. Although we’ve worked together for several years and have a good rapport, there are always new things to discover about one another. The following are some recent favourites:

● What was the most recent artist you looked up on your preferred streaming platform?

● What do you value most about your upbringing?

● What was it that you were constantly afraid of as a child?

  1. Escape Rooms

One of the world’s most valuable diamond collections is about to be stolen in a robbery. You and your squad must get these priceless gems back to the safe house before the clock strikes 12. Such virtual employee engagement fun group activities encourage teamwork, inventive problem-solving, and creativity as your group uncovers secret clues and solves mind-boggling obstacles.

3. A Peep Into The Future

Ask your team to identify ten headlines from a publication or e-newspaper that they think could be consistent with the organisation in the future. Titles like “World’s best workplace” or “How this business transformed the world” are ideal examples.

You’ll have a better idea of what each employee wants and expects from the organisation if you do this. You may also compare your options side by side to see where your level of dedication and aspirations differ.

  1. Discuss Your Bucket Lists

For many people, making a bucket list is one of the most exciting parts of their lives. Everyone’s bucket list, of course, tells a lot about who they are. 

● To learn more about your teammates, ask them about their bucket lists.

● Nominate a different individual every week to present their bucket list. You have the option of defining the list’s length and whether or not finished items should be included.

● It’s up to the audience to spend a few minutes debating the bucket list, either comparing differences or asking interesting questions!

Sharing bucket lists with others may reveal a lot about their opinions and similarities. You never know; a colleague could be able to assist you to cross some items off your list!

  1. Online Lunch Dates

Twice a month, the team can get together for lunch and communicate through video conferences. People on a team can spend up to $25 so they can join the meet from their favourite cafe, order food, or prepare food at home. There are other exciting variations on this activity, like virtual coffee sessions and virtual cocktail hours.

  1. Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger Hunts are meant to be exciting and fast virtual team building activities. Send out clues such as “cuddle your cat,” “show a book,” or “go fetch your favourite mug” to your employees in a virtual conference. One point is awarded to the first person who solves each of the clues. You may also score based on groupings.

  1. Two Truths And A Lie

When it comes to virtual group team building activities for the workplace, Two Truths and One Lie is among the most popular. All you need for this game is a stable WiFi connection and a bit of creative deception!

Set a time limit of two minutes for everyone to prepare two truths and one lie for the virtual office edition. For instance:

● I am fluent in Chinese.

● I am allergic to peanuts.

● I hacked my high school’s computer.

Have each person present three things, and then ask people to determine which one is fake. Keeping track of scores in this game is unnecessary, as the enjoyment is in discovering things about each other. You may play this game with a few alcoholic beverages.

  1. Murder Mystery

Teams will have to work fast to unravel the mystery of a celebrity’s murder in this time-sensitive competition! As participants investigate clues, research case files, and play the role of detective, they are developing problem-solving capabilities, teamwork, logical thinking, and interaction skills. Enjoy these engaging online fun team building activities with your entire team.

  1. Personality Quiz

Personality assessments are frequently used in job applications and onboarding. Personality testing can also help develop remote teams.

● Send your staff a personality test.

● Request that everyone provide you with their results.

● Discuss personality traits and how they affect team dynamics.

  1. Make Playlists

Put your hand up if you and your remote coworkers converse about music. You may use Spotify to generate collaborative music playlists that everyone in the group can listen to and contribute to. Make a playlist that’s energetic and motivating, such as “get stuff done,” or a calming and relaxing one, such as “de-stress,” or something else that works for your gang. Conversations around the topic of music are always entertaining.

  1. Guess The Emoji

This is an excellent activity for post-meeting or brief breaks.

● Send out a list of players to everyone involved in the event.

● Then give them 3 minutes to predict each other’s top five emojis.

● The contestant who correctly identifies the most emojis wins.

  1. Something In Common

This is among the easiest virtual employee engagement fun group activities that can be played, and it helps your staff members to get to know one another better. For this game, divide your participants into groups, and then ask each team to name the four most distinguishing characteristics that they share. Groups may have an interest in Shakespeare’s plays, a fondness for childhood music lessons, or a dislike for hot Cheetos, for example. To make the virtual game more demanding, you can eliminate broad categories such as films, literature, and food.

  1. Desert Island

There were a lot of similar warm-up games that we used to play in school. In this virtual team building game, participants are trapped on a remote island with seven items – but can only collect three.

● Make these items as tough and cryptic as you can to compel your team to utilise their analytical reasoning and decision making.

● Seed packets, knives, ropes, bedsheets, kerosene buckets, and pens and paper are just a few examples of the kinds of things you’ll want to have on hand.

● After that, break the team up into smaller groups and let them decide together what they’d like to take with them on the uninhabited island.

● When all the talks are done, join a team video chat to review the findings and debate them.

This type of team building activity encourages cooperation and healthy rivalry among the team members. In addition to teaching the value of teamwork, these types of online team building activities Melbourne can assist virtual employees to become more adept at collaborating even when they are not physically present in the same office.

  1. Show And Tell

Show & Tell is among the best virtual employee engagement fun group activities that encourage public speaking and communication. Making your team members open up about their personal life is a great way to create stronger relationships.

Ask your employees to prepare a story ahead of time or simply grab anything that’s close at hand for a “grab and tell” approach. The second alternative is preferable since it promotes rapid and imaginative thinking.

  1. Online Dance Party

Having impromptu dance parties during video conferences is a great technique to instantly boost team spirit. We have some virtual activity suggestions:

● Begin your meeting with a dance so newcomers can join in.

● Use dancing breaks to keep the meeting moving.

Dance breaks are a great way to end virtual meetings!


Virtual group team building activities for the workplace connect remote employees. Creating an office-like atmosphere for your team will assist in strengthening existing ties and fostering new ones. When it comes to team building, many different methods can be used to bring people together in the virtual world. It will aid in the bonding of your team members, allowing them to feel as though they are truly a part of a larger community.

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