A recent scientific study has proven that individuals, usually from corporate and business backgrounds, acquired better skills when they were developed through the form of a game and the learning process was based on the participant’s emotions.

With Urban Quest, the findings of the study mentioned above can be realized through an event designed in the form of a real-life game; here’s how:

  • Urban Quest gives you the perfect opportunity to see your people in tricky situations, in a non-office, real-life environment.
  • Depending on the objective of the event, specific game mechanics are chosen to make participants think out of the box and react quickly.
  • Urban Quest’s unconventional game tasks and time limit pressure will compel participants to show their real traits and natural reactions.
  • Depending on how participants are split into teams, working together allows the achievement of an endless number of objectives, improving team cohesion etc.
  • A healthy competitive atmosphere helps participants to switch into “doing my best” mode, which is an essential part of an effective worker’s character.
  • Your team will always appreciate your efforts for organizing something not as mundane and trivial as another pub crawl.

Ultimately, with the help of Urban Quest, challenging your team outside of the office will make them more efficient inside it!

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