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7 Signs Your Company Has a Healthy Workplace Culture

Company culture plays a key role in how employees perform. It can mean the difference between a job they love and one that is merely tolerated. If employees dread coming to work, they’re less likely to put in their best effort. But if they feel like a valued member of the team, they’ll be more content about the work they do.

A healthy workplace culture then is essential for any company to thrive. A study conducted by economists at the University of Warwick Workers found that happier workers were 12% more productive than their unhappier counterparts. The research explains why companies like Google invest considerable resources into creating positive workplace cultures.

Here we’ll look at seven signs that your company has a healthy workplace culture. Look for these traits to determine if your company actively promotes a positive environment.

Communication is Strong

Everyone communicates in a positive manner. Employees feel they can communicate with their managers without fear of repercussions and are actively encouraged to voice their opinions. Some managers even have an open-door policy to encourage open communication. Strong communication is a good sign you work in a healthy workplace culture.

Turnover is Low

Employees have been in their positions for many years. Even those in entry and mid-level positions are content with the company and see themselves remaining in the long term. Low turnover rates are a good indication of a positive work environment, especially for a small business.

Good Work is Rewarded

Employees who put in good work are rewarded for their efforts. This can come in the form of genuine compliments, bonuses, promotions, and even extra days off. Many workplaces also devote resources to team building activities as a way to reward the office with a fun activity. Examples include the interactive races and challenges we offer. Companies with a healthy workplace culture regularly thank their employees in these ways.

Humour is Encouraged

Employees have fun around the office. There is a relaxed atmosphere where employees are happy to see each other and are respectful towards one another. It makes the workplace much more enjoyable. If you find yourself looking forward to interacting with others in the office, you likely work at a company with a healthy workplace.

No One is Blamed

If something goes wrong, the first question is not, “Whose fault is this?” but rather “What can we do to fix it? Companies with a healthy workplace culture understand that mistakes are bound to happen. Rather than assign blame to someone, they actively work together to figure out how to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again.

Strong Emphasis on Health

The company values the well-being of their employees. Examples include offering comprehensive health plans, keeping the fridge stocked with healthy snacks, and investing in wellness programs. Managers also encourage their employees to use their vacation time and have no complaints when someone takes a sick day. These are all signs of a positive workplace culture.

Managers Are Trusting

Managers do not micromanage or control their employees but rather trust them to do their work. Feedback is provided periodically in a professional and constructive manner. Schedules are also more flexible as employees can schedule their tasks in a way that best suits them.

If you notice these signs, then you have the good fortune of working for a company that has taken steps to promote a healthy workplace culture.

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