So it’s that time of year again and you need to think about what to do for the Company Christmas party. You could book the traditional sit-down meal and disco or you could think outside the box and book a Christmas party with a twist and certainly one to remember for all the right reasons. Instead of having to control how much alcohol people have, why not think about how much fun you can offer your employees by doing something totally different. Give the gift of Corporate Team Building this year and for many more years to come.

A Corporate Team Building Christmas party would be like the gift that keeps on giving. This is because it is recommended that team building events are regular in nature and when we say regular, we mean on a quarterly basis. Every quarter, as a team your Corporate Team Building event would focus on a different value such as trust, communication, conflict resolution or leadership. Each event would be like opening a Pandora’s Box of goodness, which is only going to benefit your team on a longer-term basis.

We all like to have fun at Christmas, especially at the office Christmas Party and there is no better or different way to do this than with a Corporate Team Building event. It wouldn’t just be fun, here at Urban Quest, we can guarantee you that it shall also be exciting and challenging too because you are split into teams of four to six for two and a half hours and become part of a competition that is time-based. Doing so helps to link the Corporate Team Building event with the work environment.

Work environments are full of pressure where there is the challenge of working with different people and personalities, different opinions and ideas and generally lots of deadlines. We have to learn to be patient and tolerant and listen to other employees’ ideas and input. A Corporate Team Building event that is encompassed within a competitive situation is very much like a work environment where there is also the requirement to communicate well, build trust with managers and colleagues and resolve conflicts as they arise. For some, this will also involve leading and managing a team of people.

A Corporate Team Building event provides no real time for planning as you are given problems and challenges and you have to think on your feet and solve them. This means working together and communicating clearly in order to meet the team’s objectives and win the race. Once you have completed the race, you can sit back and enjoy a celebratory drink and debriefing session with your colleagues.

Any Corporate Team Building event has to provide benefit to the company and the team as a whole, not one or the other. Corporate Team Building is most effective when individuals can partake in a competition, have fun and be part of it. Anything is possible with a little help from your friends here at Urban Quest, who are well versed in Corporate Team Building.

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