Corporate Team Building: ALL IN THE PREPARATION

Think about Corporate Team Building events you have attended. Was there an expectation as part of the Corporate Team Building event that your team had to complete a pre-screening session prior to the event? Was it a requirement of the training that a questionnaire or interview had to be completed in order to fully understand what your team’s current challenges and issues were and what you and they hoped to achieve from the Corporate Team Building event? It is very common practice as part of attending any training course and should be no different for a Corporate Team Building event. This should be a standard expectation for any team attending and taking part in a Corporate Team Building event or activity. 

The whole point of any pre-screening session is to understand why you and the team are looking to attend a Corporate Team Building event, what your current challenges and issues are and what you are hoping to achieve from the activity. The pre-screening needs to be carried out for each individual as well as the team as a whole. This is because team members will have their own individual issues that are likely to be impacting on the performance of the team and therefore also need to be addressed. Addressing individual needs will in turn also help to address the team’s needs. The information provided as part of the pre-screening is important because the Team Building Company shall use this to prepare an activity that fully meets and addresses your overall goals and objectives.

Urban Quest Real Life Games offers a long-term plan to your Corporate Team Building needs, which includes pre-screening and prioritizing objectives processes, debriefing, performance reports and a follow-up procedure after each event. Debriefing after each Team Building event is also equally as important as the pre-screening. This is because it is important to evaluate what you and the team have learnt, both as a wider team but also as individuals. You need to assess whether you have learnt what you set out to learn and whether you have met your Team Building objectives as part of the pre-screening. It is also important that the Corporate Team Building Company understands whether it has been successful in providing you with the training required and to know whether this has met your initial goals and objectives. It is also important to evaluate how you shall take what you have learnt and utilize this back in the workplace. You might also decide to stop some ways of working and introduce new strategies.

Urban Quest Real Life Games uses digital technology as part of their Corporate Team Building events, which allows them to track an individual from a team performance perspective, generate reports and deliver the experience in a much wider variety of activities.

Why not think about Corporate Team Building for your team? You have nothing to lose! Corporate Team Building is most effective when individuals can partake in a competition, have fun and be part of it. Anything is possible with a little help from your friends here at Urban Quest, who are well versed in Corporate Team Building.

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