Amazing Race Team Building Melbourne: Think Urban Quest

Thinking about organizing a team building event for your team? Then look no further than Amazing Race Team Building Melbourne! We are different and here’s why!

We run team games on the iconic streets of Melbourne’s Central Business District where competing teams of 4-6 try to outsmart each other using technology to guide them during the game. Amazing Race Team Building Melbourne will positively engage and motivate your team whilst addressing the real-life workplace issues that you are experiencing. This is an extremely fun way to build up trust among team members, improve communication skills, help to resolve conflict and build leadership amongst colleagues. The activities range from answering mental questions through to more physical tasks.

 Amazing Race Team Building Melbourne games can be custom designed to meet your needs. We do this by carrying out a pre-screening assessment to fully understand your team’s needs, goals and objectives to ensure the activity is tailored to these. We have over 10 years’ experience in the industry, which allows us to work out the best gameplay options for a memorable experience that will impact on your employees long after the event has been completed.

We run our events using unique software that is run entirely on participants’ smartphones, therefore, there are no piles of papers, maps or lists of tasks to carry around. Our unique software provides us with the ability to view real-time game progress, with results tables and detailed tracking logs, which assesses both team and individual performance. The use of technology within our activities means the experience is highly engaging and interactive as the tasks involve video, audio photos and other kinds of puzzles not available at paper-based events. Think Amazing Race Team Building Melbourne. The use of technology also means that each team member has access to the same information at the same time, which provides an equal opportunity for contribution from all concerned.

Our aim is to create a game atmosphere where team players are fully immersed in the action. Our game atmosphere is also very authentic with the use of skilled actors who are in character, helping to enhance the overall experience. You will not find this type of game format at any paper-based event. We are very confident that the dynamic nature of our events will motivate even the most reluctant of employees to join in, have a memorable time and be glad they attended. Think Amazing Race Team Building Melbourne. At the end of the event, the results are presented, with participants having the opportunity to share their experiences and receive a prize for their efforts.

Amazing Race Team Building Melbourne is most effective when individuals can partake in a competition, have fun and be part of it. Anything is possible with a little help from your friends here at Urban Quest, who are well versed in Team Building Activities.

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