What is fast-paced, crazy fun, totally unique,
and will leave all of your friends saying
"that was freakin` AWESOME!!"...?

Have you run out of original birthday party ideas?
Tired of cliche buck’s and hen’s parties?The Urban Quest experience is unlike anything Melbourne has on offer.

If you are searching for the ultimate irreplicable experience or just good
places to have a Birthday Party, Hen's or Buck's Day or Night
your quest is over!

The secret to an amazing event is laughter. Great banter, accompanied by a shot of adrenaline. Fortunately, our
birthday parties and hen’s and buck’s nights contain this special mixture, and live in the memories of our
participants long after the night is over.

With an action-packed adventure full of riddles, puzzles, and challenges that are a massive fun, our Urban Quest will
take your night to the next level and break the mould!

Our birthday parties are like no other. We know that all adults are big
kids at heart, and an adventure into the world of real-life games is an
opportunity to let loose and play.

As a 5 year old, you may have spent days playing on the street with your pals from the neighbourhood. Our amazing
race is a journey back to those days, amplified and picked with adventures and challenges perfect for grown-ups.

We also host parties for the little kids too - so everyone shares in the fun!

As experts in hosting successful Team Building Events, we know your group will leave the night with laughter and
fun echoing in your memory.

See what our participants say about Urban Quest:

Urban Quest also offers personalised amazing races entirely tailored to be
as original and unique as you (or your guest/s of honour) are!

Ladies, leave your heels at home - this race around Melbourne’s streets
is action packed.

How does it work, you say?To start with, you tell us all the funny, unusual and even
annoying details about the VIP of the event. Whether it’s
you, your friend, your partner, a special group… we want
to hear it all!

Then, our team at the UQ Fun Lab will strap on our thinking caps and work hard to cook up an exhilarating quest incorporating the VIP’s personality quirks and interests, all custom designed to make them laugh, smile or even blush!

Finally, your group (the bigger the better) has the special
opportunity to all play the game built purely for the
heroes of the day, making everyone’s experience a truly
unique and unforgettable one!

While this is where our night stops, we know yours doesn’t. After the game’s
over, we recommend celebrating with a drink (or more) at one of Melbourne’s
many watering holes.

Need a recommendation for a great venue in which to end the night
with food and drinks?


With pricing starting from as low as $40 p/p, say “HELL NO!” to cliche drinks and dinner,
and say “HELL YES!” to Urban Quest.

(Minimum participants 6)

“Bucks VS Hens” Urban Quest
— tick both parties off the list with just one
event and ramp up the competition with a
game that’ll challenge your brains and

New experiences are what we’re all looking for to feed the wonder that is life. We’re proud to offer an event that is a refreshingly unique option to any bachelor party.

Hen’s and Buck’s parties at Urban Quest are far from cliche

The Urban Quest amazing race is unlike any other Hen’s or Buck’s party out there. Fast-paced, exhilarating, and full of surprises, the night will be imprinted in memories of all participants. No matter our ages, we all low to play-and our Amazing Race is the perfect opportunity to enjoy partying with friends before tying the note with your betrothed.

The origins of hens; nights can be traced as far back as Ancient Greece, where intricate rituals and activities were carried out by the bride and her female relatives in preparation for the wedding.

In today’s busy lives, we like our fun condensed into several hours of exhilarating fun. That’s exactly what our Hen’s Nights are - fuss-free fun that leaves you with pure
enjoyment and smiles all around.

When it comes to Buck’s nights (also called Bachelor parties), it’s easy to fall into cliche. In fact, Esquire published alternatives to the everyday just to break up the monotony> acquired through the decades.

Are you looking for unique Birthday parties or Hen’s and Buck’s nights?

Our Amazing Races are an irresistible experience.
Contact Us now to book your special event.

What our past participants say

Just LOVED it!!! Well organized, interesting characters. Can't wait to do it again. A must for everybody!!!!!! Thank you guys we had HEAPS of fun.
Theresa Haasbroek

If your up for a challenge get your friends together and your running gear on, this is so much fun. Thanks all involved with Urban Quest for making my birthday so special!.
Leigh Dixon

What an absolutely amazing experience and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Full of fun and a way to not only exercise but to train your brain with solving mysteries and finding clues. Looking for something new to do for a birthday, work event or just fun with friends - look no further then Urban Quest. Thank you Urban Quest Team and keep up the fantastic work!
Jessica-Lee Murphy

Urban Quest was literally the best and the most fun thing I've ever done!! The challenges were so well put together and were so exciting!!! Would totally recommend to anyone who's willing to challenge themselves and to get out of your comfort zone!! Loved it so much!! Thanks so much Urban Quest
Sheralyn May Hill

Why choose us:

Unique experience is the best gift that will also be enjoyed and remembered by everyone.

Only custom events can make someone feeling very special.

Our creative approach will keep everyone talking for weeks.

The digital technology used brings entertainment to the next level.

Our motto: No dad jokes! No paper maps!!

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