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“When Daniel Ocean is released from prison, his next heist is already planned. All he needs is a trusted team, which his old pal Rusty Ryan is going to help him recruiting…”

Cost: $45 per person

Start and finish: Melbourne Central

“They pulled off one of the biggest heists ever. Will they become the greatest thieves the world has ever known, or will they fall victim to the deadly revenge? All bets are off.”

Cost: $45 per person

Start and finish: Melbourne Central

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We recommend this mode if you are new to Urban Quest and/or you are not familiar with Escape Rooms or rarely get out of them in time.

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5 team members

Only team bookings are accepted.
The recommended number of participants per team is between 4 and 6.
If you have less than 4 people contact us and we may put you together with other loose participants (subject to availability).
If you have more than 6 people we recommend splitting into more than one team.

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    The Fun Lab at Urban Quest is a mad scientist’s lair of pure, unadulterated fun where the geniuses cook up each lovingly hand-crafted team events for you with months of research, lots of Clag and extensive testing on each other…

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