Why do businesses do what they do? Why do entrepreneurs do what they do? Why does anyone do what they do? Generally, it is because there is an interest, a dream or a passion behind the wheel of the idea, the innovation, the goal or the objective. What do people hope to achieve from their dream or their passion and do they really know the answer to that? If we were to sit Richard Branson down and ask him what he hoped to achieve all those years ago when he started Virgin Airlines I wonder what his answer would be.

Businesses are like people, we all evolve and we all evolve at a different pace and will only do so when the time is right. Generally, businesses have a 5 to 10-year strategic plan that is then broken down into corporate objectives for each year of the plan. Company culture and people NEED to be part of that plan. Think Corporate Team Building.

One thing that all businesses have in common is that they are seeking a return on investment (ROI). This seems reasonable as whatever we invest in, it is normal to expect a return. Whether that is education, career or health, we all want a return. The level of return and how we measure this shall be different to us all. From an employer’s perspective, if we invest in employees we expect to receive a return. Think Corporate Team Building.

What if you implemented a long-term team building strategy that gave you 10 to 1 ROI? Sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it and no, it’s not too good to be true however you do need to be prepared to put in the hard yards up-front in order to reap rewards.

Think about some teams that you have worked in. What made those teams great? Generally what makes teams great is the people within the team, the camaraderie, the collaborative approach to the achievement of the goal and everyone being committed and focused on the same outcome. One team, one goal. How do I achieve that kind of team environment, I hear you ask? By investing in that team. Think Corporate Team Building.

Employees nowadays are not always looking for financial rewards and benefits but do value being invested in with regards to skill development and having a sense of belonging. The most successful teams are those that have honesty, respect, trust and a level of cohesiveness that can only be achieved through regular investment in the company culture and the people working within it. Regular quarterly team building events are recommended in order to ensure a consistent focus, where each activity builds on the previous one. A team is like a house, you want it to have a strong foundation in order to withstand whatever comes its way.

Corporate Team Building is most effective when individuals can partake in a competition, have fun and be part of it. Anything is possible with a little help from your friends here at Urban Quest, who are well versed in Corporate Team Building.

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