Corporate Team Building: THE WINNING FORMULA

Most people love a competition because they love to win! It feels good to win because there is a sense of achievement that comes with winning. Winning feels even better when you are part of a team. Especially when you have had to pull on each other’s strengths and work together to achieve the outcome. Think Corporate Team Building!

Corporate Team Building activities bring people together to achieve a common goal or objective. It has been found that team building is the most effective when individuals can partake in a competition, have fun and be part of it. This is because being part of a team whilst also being part of a competition means that there is an expectation that you need to work together to solve the challenge.

A normal part of any competition is the added challenge of time, which is also thrown into the mixing bowl. This provides an additional pressure to complete the challenge correctly and within the time allocated. A Corporate Team Building activity that is part of a competition puts teams under pressure to perform all tasks correctly and to time. This means that the team needs to communicate well and work together effectively to complete the task. This means really listening to and appreciating other team members’ contributions.

As individuals, when we are under pressure, we will normally show who we really are, which means showing our true authentic self. This means that everyone within the team will get an insight into their own and others strengths and areas for development. What you and your team learn from the Corporate Team Building activity can be taken back to the office and put in to practice.

A Corporate Team Building activity run as part of a competition is full of specific tasks, challenges and interactions that must be completed within a certain time frame, which is normally 2-2.5 hours with your team competing against other teams in the contest.

Corporate Team Building activities should be experiential in nature as these have been found to be the most effective way of ensuring engaging and meaningful changes will have a lasting impact on your business. A good quality Corporate Team Building company will listen to and understand your concerns and requirements and customize activities to address your specific workplace issues, which will help to provide a fresh way of looking at and managing your challenges. Individuals will also be strategically selected for a particular team based on their daily challenges, which are generally relationship related.

Do you want to have a team that embraces and accepts each other’s strengths and areas for development and puts into practice what they have learnt as part of a time-sensitive competition? Do you want to have a winning team? Then why not think about Corporate Team Building? Urban Quest Real Life Games can help you and your team achieve the winning formula!

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