The purpose of school incursions in Melbourne is to offer students a break from their usual school routine while still engaging and enhancing their educational experiences.

An incursion is a type of group activity for children that includes a teacher, an expert, or a firm coming to your school and delivering hands-on education opportunities or interesting team-building exercises.

Because they are less expensive, they eliminate the need for students to travel, and the exciting primary school incursions may take place right in the classroom, where there is no need for additional security or surveillance. On top of that, most school incursions in Melbourne are customisable and may be planned around different school schedules.

When working with children ages 6-12, how can you sustain their interest while motivating and entertaining both boys and girls, energetic and non-active, outgoing and non-social?

No need to look any further, we have done the digging for you and put up our selection of the Best School Incursions for 2022.

Best School Incursions For 2022

Marine Exploration

When students participate in a marine exploration incursion, they learn about marine wildlife by witnessing and interacting with authentic marine exhibits and live aquatic species like sea urchins and marine mammals.

Students in this Melbourne primary school incursions will benefit greatly from the opportunity to observe and learn about aquatic species firsthand. A fun and memorable experience is guaranteed when everyone is allowed to pet the creatures in an environment where it is safe to do so. You can see the excitement on their faces when they discover that they may not only observe but also interact with sea animals!

Candle Making Workshops

Candle Making Workshops are the next best school incursions in Melbourne. Using brilliant colours, the children will mould their candles into beautiful shapes such as animals, dragons, birds, race cars, roses, and butterflies! Allowing youngsters to construct a wax figure with their own hands would enhance the experience. You may also test the children’s ingenuity by offering a prize for the candle maker with the most inventive design.

Individuals or teams can participate in the event. Be prepared to outline the rules and criteria for the competition. However, the most important aspect of all of this is the knowledge and skills that the students will gain through taking part. Many skills are linked with the candle making workshop, including rationality and innovation, as well as sustainability, marketability, and entrepreneurialism.

school incursions yoga melbourne

Yoga Exercises

Yoga Incursions is the third-best primary school incursion on our list. Children will learn about the advantages of mindfulness meditation via participation in well-being activities. Specifically designed to assist youngsters in coping with this high-pressure environment, yoga is a physically and mentally relaxing activity that can be done anywhere. 

It’s a great method for coping with the stresses of everyday life as well as controlling tension around test seasons. Yoga helps people improve body and mind awareness while also bringing vibrancy and positivity into their lives and identities. It is the most effective approach to minimise distracting input, maintain attention, and feel peaceful to planning a yoga incursion.

multicultural school incursions melbourne

Multicultural Party 

In addition to being one of the world’s most varied and cosmopolitan countries, Australia is also regarded as the world’s finest party destination, since it organises a wide range of multicultural events. Children from a variety of cultural backgrounds have differing levels of ability to engage in a party. 

To make the learning experience more enjoyable, you may encourage them to dress or bring something that represents their culture. In addition to demonstrating acceptance and inclusiveness, this multicultural project also demonstrates that we are all fundamentally the same, regardless of our ethnicity, religion, or political stance, which is a powerful message to convey to youngsters.

Sports-Themed Incursions

Sports-themed school incursions in Melbourne are often jam-packed with intriguing, engaging, and amusing activities that keep students engaged and motivated. Physical activity, coordination, and teamwork may be achieved fast with fun games like Tags and Boxercise. Ball games and dancing are other excellent ways to stimulate physical activity. 

Teachers can also use this time to educate students about sports-related fitness techniques or positive mental attitudes about sports. Sports incursions are combined with technology and other significant outdoor group activities for students to create a dynamic, fun-filled, and motivating atmosphere in which students may learn about sports while also developing their awareness and knowledge.

kids hip hop

Silent Hip Hop

Incorporating hip hop dance moves into a team-building exercise is a great way to get children excited about working together as a unit. Hip-hop is well-known for its raucous, funky beats, but this time, instead of using loudspeakers or a boom box, let youngsters rehearse and perform hip-hop dancing moves. In addition to learning new hip dance movements, youngsters may participate in immersive dancing activities and have some fun with portable headphones.

Furthermore, you may take this school’s incursions in Melbourne to the next level by organising a hip-hop dancing competition. As an option, you may either surprise the kids with a contest, or you can inform them in advance so they can plan. When students conclude the silent hip hop exercise and have a good time, they will undoubtedly have a smile on their faces.

kids workout school incursions

Workout & Fitness Activities

A fitness incursion teaches youngsters flexibility, coordination, and self-confidence in a fun and engaging environment. Encouraging your pupils to engage in physical activity they enjoy as well as outdoor activities with their peers is critical. Students are usually accompanied by a certified personal trainer who helps them maintain a positive view of fitness and encourages them to commit to a healthy lifestyle that includes both physical and mental activity for the rest of their lives.

When children participate in a fitness incursion, they are more likely to have fun and educational experiences that incorporate a variety of ways to work out, whether it is a healthy exercise or a training routine.


Imagine if kids were able to recognise their emotions, remain calm in the face of adversity, and persevere in the face of failure. 

Urban Quest’s school incursions are designed to assist children in better understanding their emotions and equip them with the tools they need to cultivate a growth mindset. As a result, they develop the confidence and motivation to face challenges head-on and gain valuable experience in the process.

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