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In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, where hybrid work models are becoming the norm, the importance of building a cohesive and high-performing team cannot be overstated. Team building and collaboration are crucial components for organisational success, but what strategies truly make a difference in fostering teamwork, relationships, and collaboration?

In this case study, we delve into the experiences of a group of recent graduates from BDO Australia who discovered the magic of team building through one of Urban Quest’s experiences.

The Backstory

Urban Quest has become an integral part of the BDO graduate program, with groups of fresh graduates undergoing these team building events annually. It’s a testament to the success of the program and how BDO leaders recognised the power of team building with Urban Quest, making it an essential component of their initiative. Read more about the success of their entire program below.

Now, imagine a scenario where a group of fresh graduates, many of whom had just met a week or two prior, embarked on an Urban Quest team building event. Coming from various corners of the country and even across borders, these yesterday students were about to undergo an experience that would not only test their problem-solving skills but also transform the way they communicated and collaborated.

First-Person Insights from the Urban Quest Team Building Event

1. Communication is the Key to Problem-Solving

One resounding lesson echoed by the BDO team members was the importance of communication in unlocking the problem-solving potential of a team. The Urban Quest adventure threw them into scenarios where effective communication was not just an option but a necessity. Participants discovered that clear and open communication not only resolved challenges faster but also deepened their understanding of each other’s strengths and working styles.

Something they stated they could not achieve for weeks in the workplace but achieved in a mere hour at Urban Quest.

2. A Change of Scene Is A Change in Energy

The BDO graduates highlighted a fascinating observation: getting out of the office environment brought a fresh perspective and energy to their interactions. In a social environment like Urban Quest’s team building experiences in Melbourne, they saw their colleagues in a different light. The change of scene catalysed a positive shift in the group dynamics, fostering a more relaxed and open atmosphere conducive to collaboration.

As the graduates note, they quickly went from being almost strangers to each other to slapping each other on the back congratulating on success during their Urban Quest experience.

3. Challenge Breeds Team Connection

One of the surprising benefits uncovered during the team building event was how challenges in a social setting helped participants, we quote here, come out of their shells, and accelerated the bonding process.

The shared experience of overcoming obstacles and achieving common goals created a unique camaraderie among the BDO team members. Challenges were not hurdles but rather stepping stones to deeper connections.

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The Big Takeaways

In summary, the group of graduates from BDO Australia experienced an accelerated connection and formed profound relationships in just one fun-filled afternoon. The insights gained from this Urban Quest adventure emphasised that investing in the right team building activities can yield a substantial positive impact and return on investment for your company.

If you’re looking to boost your team’s performance in a fun social environment, Urban Quest’s team building experiences in Melbourne offer a unique blend of challenges, communication exercises, and camaraderie. Learn more about how your team can embark on their own urban adventure.

Remember, in the fast-paced world of today’s workplaces, fostering teamwork isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity for organisational growth and success.

Discover the power of team building with Urban Quest and watch your team soar to new heights!

teamwork graduates team building melbourne success

Facts About BDO Australia’s Graduate Program

BDO Australia is named an Inclusive Employer for 2021-2022 by the Diversity Council Australia (DCA).

They’ve been recognised by GradConnection as a Top 10 finalist in two awards categories:

  • Most Popular Accounting, Professional Services, and Consulting Employer
  • Most Popular Internship Employer.

As well as being recognised as the Top 100 Graduate Employer finalist for 2022.

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