• Actively work on your Diversity & Inclusion agenda
  • More transparency in relationships
  • Identify the natural leaders in your team, add this to your succession planning
  • See your talent and natural skills of the team, outside of their role
  • Break down cross silo barriers


“Letting your guard and your hair down together
can go a long way towards building TRUST…”

Chris Brown, NAB

Replacing good talent can cost you up to 9 months of their salary1.

The costs associated with turnover include lost customers, business, and damaged morale. In addition are the hard costs of time spent in advertising, screening, verifying credentials, references, interviewing, hiring, and training the new employee just to get back to where you started

1. According to a study by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)

A lower employee turnover rate can make a significant positive impact to your bottom line.

Having a sound retention strategy that was able to reduce employee resignations even from 20% to 10% per year would save businesses, literally, hundreds of thousands dollars2.

2. Axe Consulting report, 2017

A long-term team building strategy implemented could get you 10 to 1 ROI

Invest in the team building plan that delivers long-term behavior change that result in a more efficient and productive culture, and increased business performance. Fact: employees value a collaborative work environment twice as much compared to financial incentives they receive3

3. Watson Wyatt, Worldwide Consulting Firm

Team building is inefficient as a stand-alone event unless it’s tied into the company’s culture or there is a follow up.

Team building, as any exercise, needs to be repetitive and systematic. Team building is the most effective when individuals can partake in a competition, have fun and be a part of it. Team building is not only about camaraderie: the real team building is much more powerful than paintball or cooking classes.

Do you really want your next TB event to be just another
“day of fun” after which your employees will go back to
their usual behavior?

Our Offer

For best results we recommend our long-term development plan that consists of 4 events throughout a year
each of which logically and progressively develops all the core values of an efficient team such as:




  • In order to develop a skill, team building, as any exercise, needs to be repetitive and systematic. Each event strategically targets one of the team values to build a solid foundation for the next event at the same time systematically improving already acquired skill.
  • Each event is 2-3 hours full of experiential team building challenges that are fun, memorable, and effective tools for quickly improving your team’s trust and accountability. The activities are specifically tailored to foster relationships and develop leadership skills… and provide a tremendous return on your investment!
  • The long-term plan also includes pre-screening and prioritising objectives processes, debriefing, performance reports and a follow-up procedure after each event.

Our Approach

  • We start by understanding your team:  issues, goals, data, where you are trying to get to as an outcome.
  • We spend time assessing your team data such as employee retention, exit interview analysis, satisfaction and engagement data etc.
  • We get to know the leader and agree their role in the process - what do they need to learn, experience and develop in?
  • We then map out the appropriate activities and events that lead you and the team to this outcome.
  • The team who plays together, grows together - we run the planned activities with check in and interventions to ensure it is on track.
  • Once all activities are done, we do a post self and team assessment at different stages:
    • Straight after the event
    • One month later
    • 3 months later
  • We report back to you on progress, changes in values or behaviors and revisit your original plan.

Why Choose Us:

  • We offer a ready-made solution tailored to suit the needs of YOUR team.
  • Over 15+ years of combined experience in the industry.
  • All our events are technology-based.
  • Our concept is one of a kind in Melbourne and Australia.

Our Clients


Urban Quest was amazingly fun experience for my team. No only was it fun but also a great team building experience that brings out everyone's strengths. Great bonds were formed and the smile lasted for the rest of the day!.

Yolandi Franken, National Director Miss Multiverse Australia

So well done! We had such a great day, Serge was very professional, helped get everyone on board at the beginning of the day and set the scene for all of us. Controlling 20 plus women who are all very forthright was no easy feet, but he did so with ease, respect and a sense if fun and adventure. The team also customised the game to fit in with our goals! So well done! Thanks Urban Quest!

Rochelle Patterson, Quorn Netball Club

This was a fabulous team building activity, that everyone is still raving about Monday! Thanks Urban Quest!

Simon Madden, Pryda Australia
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