Kids Birthday Amazing Race Melbourne

Kids Birthday Party Amazing Race Melbourne

Q: What is fast-paced, crazy fun, totally unique, and will leave your child talking about for weeks?

A: Their Amazing Race Birthday Party Melbourne!

Fancy a Birthday Party with a difference for your child? A Birthday Party that will leave lasting and incredible memories and shows your child how special they really are, how much they mean to you and how cool you are for booking such an awesome event?

If you are like any other parent, your child’s birthday party looms up on the horizon and you think to yourself “what are we going to do this year”? Each year it gets harder and harder because as your child gets older their expectations become higher and higher. Here at Urban Quest, we run birthday parties that are unique, customized and tailored to your child and involve an Amazing Race. So, if you are looking for a Kids Birthday Party to remember, that brings a unique experience then think Kids Birthday Amazing Race Melbourne!

We cater for children for their 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday and can organize this in a safe location of your choice for example, right next to your home or even at the local park or reserve. We guarantee your child will have a birthday party to remember and all you will have to do is organize the food, cake, and drinks.

We customize the Kids Birthday Amazing Race Melbourne around your child by gathering as much information as possible about them and then include this in the game. We do the hard work so you don’t have to. We put our creative brains together to come up with some individual and imaginative tasks and challenges that are linked to the personal preferences of the individual concerned. Tasks and challenges that are personalized are more exciting and resonate more with the individual.

Once finalized, your child and their friends get to experience tasks and challenges developed specifically for your child. It leads to an unforgettable Kids Birthday Amazing Race Melbourne! For example, riddles may be made up that only your child and their friends would know about or there can be challenges that target a particular skill of your child. This makes your child feel special because there is a challenge included in the game that they shall excel at. Sound like your kind of Kids Birthday Party?

Here at Urban Quest, we offer a totally unique and tailor-made event that your child will never forget. At the Kids Birthday Amazing Race Melbourne, you will be part of a highly engaging, interactive and dynamic experience, which is all guided by smartphones. The challenges and tasks will involve the different mediums of video, audio, photo and other puzzles not available at paper-based events. Urban Quest has over 10 years’ experience in this industry, has a 100% customer satisfaction rate and runs events that are lots of fun. Think 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Kids Birthday Amazing Race Melbourne!

Why Urban Quest? Why not? As far as we are concerned there is no other provider in Melbourne to match our offer. It is different, unique and individual, just like human beings and can never be classed as boring or run of the mill! An Urban Quest Kids Amazing Race Birthday Party is an experience that will make precious lifelong memories and is, therefore, the best birthday present a child could receive.

Have an awesome Kids Birthday Amazing Race Melbourne!

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