Effective Team Building Melbourne

3 Elements That Make For Effective Team Building Melbourne And Beyond

There’s a certain magic mixture that makes for effective team building. With the right balance of elements, your team will emerge stronger, more productive in the office, and with better communication between them. Urban Quest Melbourne is proud to offer team building activities that are built on these elements and add a special dash of fun with every session.

1. Corporate team building games need to be centered around a goal

Putting a group of coworkers that don’t really mesh well is a tough task. Strong personalities can clash. Viewpoints can differ, and the whole situation can be less than ideal. The one thing that can get people working together in a tough situation is the end goal and studies have proven this to be the necessary component that makes team building work. Think Game of Thrones, when Danaerys joins forces with Tyrion. Jon Snow and is even willing to work with Cersei in the battle against the Night King and his army.

2. Team building problem-solving activities are essential for success

Problem-solving is crucial to success in life. Obstacles come at us from all side and angles, and we’ve got to work out how to get over, under, or around them to get to the other side. There’s always something in the workplace that requires these skills, whether it’s figuring out why the printer isn’t working or resolving a conflict between two employees. Problem-solving is a necessary component of effective team building activities because it gives team members a sense of working together to tackle the issue at hand and get to the goal.

Any instructions or clues given to help team members were to be ambiguous enough that the team had to really problem solve in order to get to the goal. The great thing about having a team figuring out a problem together is that a variety of perspectives are at play, all at once, and shows team members what it’s really like to work together with each other.

3. Fun team activities boost productivity

Fun is seriously good for the workplace. All the big names know this; Google, Apple, Facebook and others in Silicon Valley – and we can thank science for helping us endorse it for work. Fun, quite simply, helps our brains function better by releasing dopamine and other feel-good neurochemicals-whereas excessive stress, whose associated neurochemical is cortisol-damages the brain and our wellbeing. So, it’s a no-brainer to go with a fun activity that will benefit both you and your employees. As the saying goes; what goes around comes around.

The Melbourne Urban Quest Has All Of The Above

Our Team Building Melbourne activities have been thoughtfully formulated with your experience in mind. You’ll be out in Melbourne streets, deciphering clues and locating all the things we’ve thrown into the mix. It’s not an easy task, considering the notoriously underground, hidden nature of Melbourne’s CBD-but it’s a great experience. But don’t take it from us=our past participants have lived it.

Want to experience the best team building Melbourne has to offer? Book a session with us today for fun, adventurous and unique team building.

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