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Want The Most Out Of Team Building Events? Head Outside!

Being exposed to new experiences is crucial to successful team building. Our brain craves change, and when we experience new things and see things from different perspectives, our brains grow stronger, and we feed our intellectual wellbeing. This is great for the business, no matter what field you’re in. The best place to trigger the learning process is outside of the same four walls employees have become used to.

Head outdoors for fun team building events

Brian Scudamore, founder, and CEO of 02E Brands says: “When I found out a member of one of our teams was afraid of heights – and had always hoped to conquer that fear – we took the whole crew to the country’s longest zip line. Being thrust into a thrilling situation, 600 feet above Whistler, helped us all gel that day”.

A study by Sage People supports his statement in more ways that one Having surveyed over 3,500 employees, the research showed that 92% of the respondents value workplace experiences. However, only 5% of employees valued office games such as ping pong tables and similar games. The reason for this can be explained by our psychological associations between our environment and the behavior we’re expected to exhibit within this space.

By heading outdoors, staff are exposed to an endless number of situations and unpredictable circumstances. Weather, traffic, people, anything and everything can change. Expect the unexpected, and you have a situation where team members are thrown together, just by being at the same time and place.

Staff team building games are most effective when there’s a central goal

There’s no better way to unite a group of people than through a central goal=and research has shown that this is crucial to successful team building, Amazing race style and Urban Quest team building is effective for this reason there’s a central, end goal, and many smaller goals that team members need to achieve before they can reach the finish line.

Problem-solving goes hand in hand with adventures that have an end goal in mind and outdoor Urban Quest activities where the team is left to figure out problems for themselves brings them together. In addition, natural roles are defined within the team. Both of these things are excellent for creating a high-performance team, in a way that is fun, memorable, and beneficial to all team members.

Fun and hilarious team building events are the best kinds of team building

If there’s an element of risk within the activity, that’s an ever stronger bonding boost. Successfully overcoming risky actions, or obstacles in our way releases a flood of neurochemicals that are all tied to pleasure-dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and others-which helps us not only to bond with our peers but also increases our physical and mental wellbeing, helping boost productivity.

Getting outside is fun, there’s no doubt about it. Adventure and exploration are great for forging new connections within our brain, keeping us sharp and feeding both intellectual and mental health. It also raises dopamine within our brains, and when we share these experiences with others, we bond better. This is an especially useful and important thing for team building events and an underlying foundation for working together seamlessly.

Our unique team building activities are fun. Hilarious, and strengthen teams. Book with us today for an unforgettably fun experience.

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