Whether working remotely under changed conditions or in isolation, all these factors will stretch your workforce.

It has never been so critical to reconnect and engage your remote teams.

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Hit that button and simply let us know your preferred date and time.

After your booking has been confirmed, all you need to do is invite your team and get them ready in front of their screens before the chosen start time.

Our hosts will take it from there and will run a pre-start briefing and post-event scores announcement to make it a memorable experience for all.



Considering the hybrid work arrangements that are here to stay, our brand new online experience for remote teams is an excellent way to energise and motivate your team, provide a challenge and some fun and get the wheels humming!

This remote team building activity is specifically designed to be played 100% online. It replicates the dynamics and fun of our real-life city-based Urban Quests.

All tasks are based on problem solving and logical thinking. Teamwork would be the key to every single challenge. The teams of 4-6 progress through the game’s stages following the prompts on the screens of their devices for the average duration of 1.5 to 2 hours. Rather than physical activities, we have great online challenges that take advantage of players’ online skills and general knowledge.

Our recommended communication app for remote teams during the event is Zoom. Team members then also interact with our gaming platform on their devices to receive the challenges and log their responses throughout the game.


The tough times that we are going through has made us question the way the world works. A majority of us are working from home, leading to a situation where the camaraderie of being together in an office is missed. All said and done, a team stays stronger, when they are in constant contact with each other, but in the current scenario, it might prove to be tough.

Welcome to the world of Urban Quest – where you can help your team reconnect, irrespective of their geographical location, boost team morale and effectively engage remote teams. A range of online challenges and sessions that can be customized based on the team size, these activities are designed to motivate, energise your team, while increasing communication and allowing them to socialise, albeit via a screen!

Here are our top 10 virtual team building exercises that will allow you keep the morale high:

Team building activities on Zoom

Given that most online meetings these days happen via Zoom, there are several team building problem solving activities that you can do online, very easily.

  1. Online scavenger hunt – Conducting an online scavenger is easy and really effective. Divide the participants into teams and give them each of list things that they should be able to find in and around their home. Whichever team manages to find all the items on the list first, wins!
  2. Mystery magic – Creating an online game that is based some what on the concept of escape rooms works really well when there are teams, and can work even if the teams are small. Build a story, giving the teams clues and let them solve their own mystery!

Team building activities for conference call

Now let’s say, it’s a conference call, you can still have plenty of simple team building activities that can break the ice or improve communication.

  1. Guess who? – All team members will be asked to submit certain personal details about themselves privately and the person conducting the call will ask questions, giving the team members a chance to guess interesting details about others.
  2. Share a memory – An activity that does not need any preparation is sharing a memory – each team member gets to share a memory that still makes them laugh. Online activities like these allow others to get a peek into the lives and fun times of their team mates.

Team building activities during Covid

Covid has played spoilt sport for almost everyone – team mates who might have made a ton of plans otherwise are now unable to even meet each other. However that does not mean that they still can’t have fun times.

  1. Virtual coffee breaks – One of the easiest 5 min team building activities happens to be a virtual coffee break. Setup one time, once or twice a day, where the entire team settles down for a 5 minute chat session, along with a cup of tea or coffee. This activity also allows a sense of normalcy, because coffee breaks would be a norm during a regular working day at office too!
  2. Movie nights – A great way to bring the entire team together, once a week is via a movie night. Create a poll, allowing team members to choose which movie they would like to watch and then set up the time, to bring the team together for an online movie night. Make sure you remind the team to get their popcorn and drinks!

Virtual & remote team building activities

It doesn’t matter whether you have a huge team or you are looking for small group team building activities, there are some activities that work just as well online, as they do offline.

  1. Trivia night – Perhaps one of the best ways to bring a team together, plan a trivia night. The great thing about trivia night is that it can be played individually or as a team. Remember to create a perfect blend of questions, adding something for everyone.
  2. 2 truths a lie – This is a fantastic ice breaker and allows team members to learn more about each other, by increasing communication. Each person says two things about themselves that are the truth and one that is a lie, and the others have to take a shot at choosing which is the lie.

Team building activities for students

Covid has perhaps brought the toughest time on students, because at a time when they are meant to be building memories for a lifetime, they are stuck in front of a screen. However, there are plenty of unusual team building activities that are perfect for students.

  1. Typing speed – Given that most students are submitting their assignments online, why not challenge them to test their typing speed against their friends and classmates? Give everyone the same passage to listen and let them type it out – fastest fingers win!
  2. Show and tell – If you thought show and tell was meant for tiny tots, think again – this is an activity that allows people to catch a glimpse into the lives of their friends. Students can show an object, a photo or even a glimpse into their homes – the choice can be theirs!



  • Your private event at a suitable date/time. All time zones!
  • Our best hosts to run the fun
  • Urban Quest’s own unique gaming platform
  • Detailed game stats and team scores provided to all players
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Unlimited groups size
  • Custom design to facilitate teamwork and communication online!



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How does a virtual team building activity work?

You and your team of 5-6 colleagues or friends race against the clock and other groups to complete the mission, that consists of various problem-solving activities, the quickest. Together these challenges form a cohesive narrative that guides players through from task to task and completely immerses them into action. Utilising our technology-based gaming platform which has been perfected through in-person play over years, teams scour the internet and the virtual world while communicating with each other online and working together to finish first!

Why is virtual team building important?

While we can still be productive working remotely there’s no doubt that being apart from workmates will deeply affect workplace morale. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to get everyone physically together in the same room. This is where virtual team building steps in and brings people together.

Can you conduct the activity using Zoom?

Yes! We use Zoom for all communication throughout the event. Our best hosts meet groups in the main chatroom for the opening brief and any company announcements, split into break-out rooms for the game itself and meet back in the main chat to announce the winners and hang out after the game.

How is Urban Quest different from other virtual team building events?

It’s not easy bringing people together when they’re so far apart. Most online team building activities currently on display tend to rely on singing karaoke or childish minute-to-win-it style games at best. Every single Urban Quest task is based on problem-solving and logical thinking. The entire experience is specifically structured to foster communication and lateral thinking, and the competitive and dynamic atmosphere of the race naturally creates a bonding experience for the participants.

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