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How Urban Quest online team building activities work

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Considering the hybrid work arrangements that are here to stay, our brand new online experience for remote teams is an excellent way to energise and motivate your team, provide a challenge and some fun and get the wheels humming!

This online team building activity is specifically designed to be played 100% remotely. It replicates the dynamics and fun of our real-life city-based Urban Quests.

All tasks are based on problem solving and logical thinking. Teamwork would be the key to every single challenge. The teams of 4-5 progress through the game’s stages following the prompts on the screens of their devices for the average duration of 1.5 to 2 hours. Rather than physical activities, we have great online challenges that take advantage of players’ online skills and general knowledge.

Our recommended communication app for remote teams during the event is Zoom. Team members then also interact with our gaming platform on their devices to receive the challenges and log their responses throughout the game.

What's Included in an Urban Quest online team building event

Your private event at a suitable date/time. All time zones!
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Our best hosts to run the fun
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Unlimited groups size
Detailed game stats and team scores provided to all players
Suitable for all levels
Urban Quest’s own unique gaming platform
Custom design to facilitate teamwork and communication online!

What people say about Urban Quest online team building

Online team building that is hassle-free?

Hit that button and simply let us know your preferred date and time.

After your booking has been confirmed, all you need to do is invite your team and get them ready in front of their screens before the chosen start time.

Our hosts will take it from there and will run a pre-start briefing and
post-event scores announcement to make it a memorable experience for all.

Urban Quest virtual game routes

mission impossible

How Urban Quest is different from
other online team building events

Can your team beat these times?

Mission Impossible

Online team building that is genuinely engaging

Urban Quest Journal

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Supercharge Your Corporate Team Building Melbourne: Introducing Strategic Debrief

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October 26, 2023

Online Team Building FAQs

What is virtual Urban Quest?

Virtual Urban Quest is an online team building adventure inspired by the iconic Amazing Race concept but designed specifically for remote teams. 

When the pandemic challenged the traditional face-to-face approach to team building, our creative team developed this virtual experience. Our main goal was to keep the excitement and engagement as high as our in-person events.

Virtual Urban Quest is a heated team competition that replicates the dynamics of our real-life events but takes place online, giving teams an unlimited play area – the internet. You and your team of 4-5 colleagues race against the clock and other groups to complete a mission filled with various problem-solving activities. These challenges create a cohesive narrative that guides players from task to task, immersing them in the action.

Using our technology-based gaming platform, perfected through years of in-person play, teams explore the virtual world, communicate online, and work together to emerge victorious!

How does Urban Quest work as an online team building event?

All Urban Quest events are run through our custom gaming platform, where teams receive tasks and submit answers. For remote teams, we use Zoom to facilitate communication. 

Here’s how it works.

Pre-Event Setup:

At the time of booking we send out a Zoom link. All participants simply join the video conference on the day, making it easy and hassle-free.

Introduction and Briefing:

We start with a meet-and-greet, followed by a short briefing that covers the game’s rules and objectives.

Game Start:

Once the briefing is over, the game begins. Teams are sent to their own breakout rooms to discuss tasks, share ideas and strategise. They can use any internet resource to help complete challenges.

In-Game Support:

Our team checks in on each breakout room periodically to ensure everything is running smoothly and to provide support if needed. Expect lots of laughs, creative thinking, and teamwork throughout the game.

Post-Game Wrap-Up:

After all teams have finished, we reconvene in the main chat to reveal scores and celebrate achievements. We also provide a PDF with detailed game results, highlighting fun moments and your group’s place on our overall Leaderboard.

Urban Quest creates the same fun and dynamic experience as our real-world quests, but online, ensuring your team stays engaged and connected.

Who is virtual Urban Quest for?

Virtual Urban Quest is perfect for global, overseas, and interstate corporate teams. It’s also ideal for local teams working remotely, providing an opportunity for colleagues who rarely cross paths in the office to connect.

Additionally, Urban Quest online team building suits teams looking for engaging, fun problem-solving activities instead of singing karaoke or searching for random items around the house. 

It’s a modern, interactive way to strengthen team bonds and foster collaboration.

Is virtual Urban Quest difficult?

Each Urban Quest experience, virtual or face-to-face, is crafted to be inclusive and enjoyable for participants of all skill levels. 

The challenges are based on logical thinking and general knowledge, making them accessible to everyone. Teams have the flexibility to use any available resources, ensuring that all participants can fully engage and enjoy the experience.

What are the technical requirements for an online Urban Quest event?

Participating in an online Urban Quest is straightforward and accessible, even for groups with varying technical skills.


We use Zoom for all communication during the event. 


Each participant needs a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection.


Our hosts will guide the group through the process. We’ll meet in the main chatroom for the opening brief and any company announcements. During the game teams will be split into breakout rooms to tackle challenges. After the game, we’ll reconvene in the main chat to announce the winners and share final thoughts.

How many different virtual experiences does Urban Quest offer?

Currently, Urban Quest offers two online team building experiences designed to be played progressively:

‘Mission Impossible’:

Inspired by the popular secret agent series, this experience casts your team as the support crew for a secret agent on a world-saving mission. It’s the perfect starting point for new groups.


For returning groups, this sequel takes the challenge up a notch. With more difficult tasks, it tests the skills of experienced Urban Questers, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience each time.

How is virtual Urban Quest different from other online team building activities?

Virtual Urban Quest stands out by transforming the remote team building landscape with its innovative approach. 

Unlike most online team building activities that often rely on oversimplified and uninspiring tasks, Urban Quest leverages its extensive experience to create an engaging and challenging environment. Each task is based on problem-solving and logical thinking, specifically designed to foster communication, lateral thinking, and essential teamwork skills.

The competitive and dynamic atmosphere of our virtual race naturally creates a bonding experience, making it much more than just another online activity.

With Urban Quest, teams are not just participants; they are active collaborators, strategising and working together to achieve their goals.

How will my team benefit from an online Urban Quest experience?

Virtual Urban Quest offers a fun and memorable experience while significantly boosting morale and improving culture within your remote team. 

Our online team building Quests are designed to create genuine, engaging experiences that promote unity and inclusivity.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Team Unity:

The collaborative nature of our tasks fosters strong team bonds and encourages inclusivity. Even the quietest team members get involved and rave about their experience.

Immersive and Engaging:

Our innovative game platform ensures participants are fully immersed in the action. Every task and challenge is thoughtfully designed to keep everyone active and engaged, with no passive roles.

Boosted Morale:

A fun and competitive atmosphere helps lift spirits and creates a positive team culture, making remote work more enjoyable.

Performance Insights:

After the event, participants receive detailed performance insights that track team and individual achievements. These insights help teams understand their strengths and areas for improvement, adding to the competitive and immersive experience.

Long-lasting Impact:

The excitement and engagement of Virtual Urban Quest extend beyond the event, keeping your team talking and bonding long after it’s over.

With Virtual Urban Quest, your team will experience a unique blend of fun, challenge, and teamwork, making it a valuable addition to your remote team building efforts.

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