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Just LOVED it!!! Well organised, interesting characters. Can't wait to do it again. A must for everybody!!!! Thank you guys we had HEAPS of fun.

Bree Tang, Medical Staff

We had the best fun on Friday night. Great idea, great organisation and lots of fun! We will be back to improve on number 7!

Matthew Farrugia, Startup CEO

Thank you for a fantastic night! A couple of the guys from my team just called to say (after playing skirmish and go-karting today!) they are still thinking about what a great time they had! We'll be back for sure!

Phil Moir, Business Owner

I found myself getting swept up in the competition and enjoying every minute. The night was a blast. Let yourself try this, it’s worth it. Not too hard for beginners, and not too easy for Pros. 🙂 thanks for a great night. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Erin Jurgens, Full Time Mum


Outdoor Team Building Activities in Melbourne

Urban Quest offers outdoor team building activities in Melbourne that we promise are more than just your average team building exercise. It’s not just enough to bring your staff out for a few hours in the hope that a game of paintball will change their approach to work.

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We understand at Urban Quest that while it’s important to actively engage participants, organisations need them to return to the office not only energised but having learned skills that they can put into use on a daily basis and as a collective. It’s all about creating bonds and opening up the possibilities for your workers to interact with each other.

We achieve this by creating emotionally charged, adrenaline-fuelled games that take place over the course of 2-3 hours on the CBD streets of Melbourne using only their smartphones for navigation and involving clever riddles, crazy challenges and a whole lot of fun to boot!

And while you’re probably used to some guy in a fluorescent vest point the way, you won’t find that with Urban Quest. Our team, if you ever see them, will turn up in character as “agents” who are there as part of the game. The focus is therefore entirely on your staff to complete their tasks and see if they can do it before the other teams.

Our unique approach

Urban Quest has over 10 years’ experience in team building and as such our activities are lovingly, and ingeniously, designed to build stronger teams through immersive and intensely fun experiences. However, the genius part of what we do is that while your staff plays a game, it is more than just that and incorporates tasks that address real-world workplace issues.

As such, we have found that this leads to engaging and meaningful changes that have a lasting impact when your employees return to work. Group size isn’t an issue, we can adapt our games depending on the organisation, and what’s more, at Urban Quest we can alter our games to fit with your specific workplace challenges.

This has made Urban Quest the go-to when it comes to team building activities Melbourne managers turn to over and over again.

Whatever your agenda is Urban Quest is happy to work with you to ensure that you get the result you hope for. We have worked with numerous organisations to address a variety of desires. Our games are highly suitable in terms of business management and planning for the future. For example, through the use of our technology, we can generate reports to identify the natural leaders on your team, giving further insight where succession planning is concerned.

Our service can help work toward inclusion and diversity in your organisation, or similarly, encourage more transparency in workplace relationships. The games also allow you to see your workers in a different context, which has proven highly effective in terms of identifying previously unknown skills, or personality traits that may make an employee a potential candidate for other roles within your organisation.

The team activities Melbourne organisations can avail of via Urban Quest can lead to endless possibilities. So, whether you want to give us a shot and see how it goes, or undertake our long-term plan for imbuing your team with a new sense of synergy and focus get in touch and we’ll get started on figuring out a game that will have your staff buzzing and put a new, positive energy back on the office floor.

Why Our Team Building Activities In Melbourne Are An Investment You Need To Make

In any office or working environment, one of the most important things that you can do is invest in team building for your employees. Trust, better communication, collaboration encouragement and a reduction in office conflict are just a few of the great benefits that you can reap from planning team activities in Melbourne with Urban Quest. If you want to be known as one of the best places to work in Melbourne, then these activities are not just a want, but a necessity. Here are some top tips that we follow to make sure your outdoor team building activities are a success.

Our Top Tips For A Great Team Building Day

One of our top tips and advice that we follow is to not make your team day too corporate. All of the most fun, successful and memorable team days are those that do not force the corporate stuff and do not feel like they are just another day at the office! Our events are designed so you can all spend time together and share an exciting experience, whilst working towards a shared goal that will allow you to all bond in an organic way.

When planning your team day, we also try to make sure that we are giving you something out of the ordinary, unique and that will take people out of their comfort zones. Our experiences bring your team together in different ways and while it is an investment, it is an investment that is definitely worth making.

Lastly, our team building days are designed to keep the positive energy that has been generated going at the office. Many team events fall short because it is simply a one-time activity that you all do and then completely forget about. We create challenges that have your staff interact with one another in a more meaningful way that they can then transfer into their daily office life. Having cross-team interaction will only serve to improve your office collaboration and drive your business towards success.

As you can see, these top tips to follow for a great team building day are extremely important if you want it to really make an impact on your business and not be a waste of time, resources and money!

Plan Your First Team Day With Us

Planning a team day can be more hassle than it is worth, which is why you need to hire the services of Urban Quest. We will take care of everything to plan the perfect team building day for you and your staff. Our team building activities in Melbourne are designed with you in mind and tailored for your exact preferences, so you do not need to worry and can enjoy the day along with the rest of your staff. Let us do all the hard work and speak to our team today via phone or email to get started planning!

Urban Quest offer Melbourne’s best team building activities, games and events for kids, students and adults

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