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After our students’ rough two years, any activity that helps our youth connect, exercise social skills and work together is hugely welcomed. Urban Quest runs school incursions and school excursions as the Amazing Race-type Scavenger Hunt experiences that pit small student teams against each other, requiring them to work together to solve riddles, orienteer to destinations and undertake team challenges, all within tight time constraints. Highly immersive, cleverly designed and deeply engaging Urban Quest is the ultimate team event for your year level or the entire school. 

Urban Quest Team Events run both school incursions or school excursions; On-Campus, in a Park environment or in Melbourne’s CBD. Both digital and no tech options are available. The Digital events incorporate mobile phones with students directed around a course using their mobile phones to receive hints and complete challenges with their teammates. Using the latest technology means clever use of QR codes, snippets of popular music, and apps that provide a clever and fun perspective of one’s physical environment. No-tech options provide just as engaging an experience with students provided a paper-based quest and challenged to find clues and complete real-world challenges. 

Urban Quest runs events for all year levels across both Primary and Secondary schools. Hugely popular as part of Transition programs particularly with Years 7, 9 and 12, events present the opportunity for students to mix while working together, getting to know each other while doing. Needing to listen to each other, consider, negotiate and work out the next step as a team leads to that immense satisfaction and bonding opportunity that comes from succeeding as a team.  

All events are tailored to suit the particular year level or age group. Even Grade Preps, Ones and Twos enjoy school incursions that tap into their shared knowledge of popular Literature, TV and movie culture, the thrill of the hunt, and the need to take turns and look out for your teammates, with clues and challenges tailored to their reading and numeracy level and abilities. Every year level can benefit from the opportunity to work together, get to know each other better and how best to work together.  

An Urban Quest makes a fabulous Special Occasion Event as a Year 12 “Leadership Alignment event”, Grade 6 “Big Day Out” or a “More for Four” Middle School event. Undertaking a CBD event allows students to explore Melbourne’s fabulous City at the same time as challenging students to take responsibility and make decisions as they complete their school excursions Quest. If based at school, students see their environment through fresh eyes when challenged to think about their environment differently and approach it as a landscape of new challenges.

All school incursions On-Campus event is tailored specifically to that school’s setting. In a highly customised event, Strathcona Girls Grammar had students needing to dive to the bottom of the school pool to release a clue! 

Aligned with key aspects of the Victorian School Curriculum it’s not hard to see why Urban Quest has become a firm favourite, with many schools choosing to lock in annual events as part of their Activities Programs. Schools such as Pinewood Primary have run a full day of Urban Quests, involving all year levels, to highlight and align the values they wish to be recognized as at the heart of their school.  

In this current environment, an Urban Quest is also a highly covid safe option; runs entirely out of doors, with teams working in small groups, and little need for shared use of items.  

But the true value of an Urban Quest is the opportunity it provides our students to experience – in a fun way – great life lessons of teamwork, persistence, cooperation, resilience and achievement. As the great Henry Ford put it;  

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”  

To book an Urban Quest for your students visit; or call 1300 656 378.  

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