Primary school incursions and Secondary school excursions for all Grades Prep-12
  • Urban Quest is an amazing race that can be run on campus, park or CBD.
  • A technology-based team building activity to improve your students' social skills and team spirit!

“Fantastic experience for students, not like anything else. We will be definitely booking this for our other grades. Teachers now want something like that too…”

Micki Rathgen, Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School

Our games, specifically created for schools, are 1.5-hour highly energetic team competitions full of puzzles and challenges based on critical thinking, logic, orienteering, teamwork and lots of fun! They are all run by qualified and enthusiastic facilitators with vast experience working with young people. These games have been a massive hit - past students continue speaking about their experiences for weeks!

Each event is tailored to the students’ ages, abilities and any specific requirements. The games can be set up either on campus (recommended for Grades 1-9), in the city (recommended for Grades 5-12) or any other agreed location.

Our highly interactive and experiential activities, in the form of puzzles and challenges, help students bond and work together. They're great opportunities to build academic and communication skills as well as trust!

With the help of our uniquely developed software, all teams can be guided on tablets (if provided by the school) or on their own devices. Our software allows us to run a wide variety of tasks, track the games' progress, provide detailed statistics of students performance, and overall provide the best possible customer experience for students and teachers alike.

(Access to mobile devices is optional; we will still be able to create and run games without mobile devices if necessary).

Our 10 years of expertise in the industry, a conceptually new approach and use of technology provide significantly higher levels of interaction and engagement for kids when compared to any other educational experience provider.

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Please include in your inquiry:

- objective of the event;
- required duration;
- desired location: on campus, in a park or CBD;
- approximate numbers;
- an access to mobile devices with data availability.

Groups of any size

Duration 1-1.5 hours.

Educational and

Technology based.

Suitable for all
fitness levels.

Can be set up on
campus or
elsewhere outdoors.

Hassle-free for

One and only in
Melbourne and

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Will Urban Quest work as a team building event for school students?

Absolutely, teamwork is hugely important to many of life’s successes, and Urban Quest is the perfect choice to work on these skills early in life. The tasks are specifically structured to foster communication and lateral thinking, and the competitive atmosphere of the race naturally creates a bonding experience for students. Urban Quest can be set up on-campus, park or any other suitable area, as well as our CBD-based course for higher grades.

Can Urban Quest be paper-based if there is no access to devices?

The best part is our unique and proven game concept, which works even at paper-based events, where there is no access to mobile devices and the internet. We are confident that the dynamic nature of the game will engage even the most reluctant students, and simply enhances the heat of the competition, therefore encouraging participants to perform at their best in contributing to their team's strategy.

Is the teachers’ involvement or supervision required during the event?

No teachers’ supervision or assistance is typically required on the day, as we have a great team of reliable, qualified hosts to ensure students are safe, supervised and having fun. However, if you would particularly like to be involved, we can find a role for you!

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