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Just LOVED it!!! Well organised, interesting characters. Can't wait to do it again. A must for everybody!!!! Thank you guys we had HEAPS of fun.

Bree Tang, Medical Staff

We had the best fun on Friday night. Great idea, great organisation and lots of fun! We will be back to improve on number 7!

Matthew Farrugia, Startup CEO

Thank you for a fantastic night! A couple of the guys from my team just called to say (after playing skirmish and go-karting today!) they are still thinking about what a great time they had! We'll be back for sure!

Phil Moir, Business Owner

I found myself getting swept up in the competition and enjoying every minute. The night was a blast. Let yourself try this, it’s worth it. Not too hard for beginners, and not too easy for Pros. 🙂 thanks for a great night. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Erin Jurgens, Full Time Mum
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Students Team Building Activities in Melbourne

School isn’t something most kids look forward to. Most of the learning happens in the classroom and occasionally they get to do something that brings them into a museum, or a zoo with the purpose of enhancing the book-based knowledge they have been taught.

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However, what is often overlooked are the innate skills and abilities unique to each student that cannot be taught and unless looked for, in some case, remain unseen and never catered to. Urban Quest offers team building activities for students that take the form of an experiential game which engages young minds and can offer a unique insight into where their true abilities may lie.

Urban Quest took its inspiration from the hit TV show ‘Amazing Race’, the globetrotting thriller that pitted teams against each other in a race around the world. The idea was adapted initially to provide team building events for businesses and organisations, however, it has since been expanded to cater toward students and educational bodies, offering a one of a kind event that can only be found in Melbourne!

Almost 5,000 participants have taken part in an Urban Quest event to date, including over 900 teams, 93 private events and 65 public games, all of which inspired five-star reviews across the board. As such, it goes without saying that Urban Quest hires professionals of the highest calibre with over 10 years experience in the business, guaranteeing high-octane fun that is talked about for weeks after each event.

Our goal is to offer your school something different that completely takes the hassle out of planning and executing from the teachers and simultaneously is catered toward whatever agenda teachers wish to set. All grades can be accommodated from 1-12 and students of all levels of fitness can participate. Group sizes can be from as few as 10 up to as many as 300 and the event can take place at the site recommended by the school. As such, on campus or in a park, or on the streets of the Central Business District are all options. We find that on campus is better for grades 1-9, whereas in the city or any other location typically works best for grades 10-12.

Why choose Urban Quest for your students?

If taking the hassle out of the day wasn’t enough, Urban Quest will run a game over the course of 1.5 hours, or whatever available time is allotted by the school, during which your students will work together solving puzzles, completing orienteering tasks and learning vital communication skills that will not only give them an incredibly rewarding and positive emotional response but will also bond the group together. While it all seems like fun, the reality is that our games are tailored to each grade, so that what they are experiencing is specific to their level of learning and education but engages them in a way that promotes learning and trust.

Urban Quest has also developed software specifically for their games which monitors the performance of each individual student from which statistical reports can be generated that give valuable insights to the teachers at the end of the event. Using software in this manner differentiates Urban Quest from the majority of other team building activities for students and this ensures that our approach provides significantly higher levels of interaction and engagement.

Students of all ages love the Urban Quest experience so when the time comes to plan your next event or excursion, Melbourne really has only one option that is hassle-free and guarantees the best possible customer experience for both students and teachers alike! Give us a call with what you hope to achieve then sit back and leave the rest to us.

How Team Building Activities For Students Help Them Succeed In Life

Many people make the mistake of thinking that team building days are solely reserved for adults and those in the workplace, however, this could not be further from the truth! Here at Urban Quest, we provide exciting team challenges not just for corporate events, but also for students too. Our student events set youngsters up with great skills that they will carry with them throughout their life. You can learn more about how our team days help this age group below.

Why Our Team Building Activities Help Students

One of the most important skills that children and teenagers can learn is how to work as part of a team, as few of us will go through life without being in a job that requires us to work and collaborate with others. These communication skills will benefit them in every situation.

A great skill that children will learn from team building days is how to properly listen. Teamwork will instantly be lost when those working together are not listening to what the other is saying and taking it on board. As a team, they will need to learn how to listen to each other to work as a cohesive unit, they will learn how to listen to whoever is in charge, and they will learn how to listen to their opponents. The latter is particularly important as it teaches them to pick up on social cues that they can use in all walks of life. These listening skills will also show them how to respect people and give validity to what others are saying.

Team building activities are great as it develops the speaking skills of young people. When speaking, you need to be able to show respect and understanding to others; otherwise, your team is likely to fall apart. They can learn how to express their own ideas and opinions in an effective way that engages with others without being overpowering.

A massive part of team building for young people is improving their self-confidence. When students know they are being heard, they are far more likely to speak up during team participation and have a sense of worth. This confidence allows them to let go of their insecurities and focus more on effective communication, resulting in amazing teamwork.

Lastly, what is fantastic about these team building activities is that it helps to reduce bullying amongst young people. Young people who are part of a team are more likely to care about its individual members and gives them the confidence to stay together during situations where one person might be being bullied. Team members learn to support each other and find ways to get through any situation.

Discover More About Our Exciting Team Building Activities

If you are interested in learning more about our team building activities for students, then get in touch with us today. Our team is available to contact via phone, email or through the easy to fill out on-site form. A member of our team will be back in touch with you as quickly as possible to get your team day organised.

Urban Quest offer Melbourne’s best team building activities, games and events for kids, students and adults

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