Staff Development Team Building Activities That Form High Performing Teams

Investing in Staff development Activities Over the Long Run Pays Off

Staff Development leads to high performance teams

The process of staff development is a exactly that – a process

High performance teams are an incredible asset to any workplace. In most cases, these teams don’t organically form themselves-staff really have to work at it. By taking cues from fields of neuroscience and psychology we can glean insight into the elements and processes that help to shape a team that will fuel business to the next level.

Psychological research on teamwork has shown that team productivity drops when the number of people within the team grows. Instead, it’s small, close-knit teams that do best; kind of like having a work family. Within these small teams, the social needs of individuals are fulfilled, which helps with navigating the workplace and getting work done in the process.


Navigating the Clash: 8 Ways to Manage Different Personalities Building Your Team

Navigating the Clash: 8 Ways to Manage Different Personalities Building Your Team

Workplaces can consist of dozens or even hundreds of people. With that many people you’re bound to run into different personalities. How you manage one individual won’t necessarily work for the next. The more you understand about personalities, the better you’ll be able to manage your associates and get them to cooperate together.

Here we’ll look at how to manage different personalities on your team and resolve issues before they spill over into more serious conflicts. READ MORE

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