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Just LOVED it!!! Well organised, interesting characters. Can't wait to do it again. A must for everybody!!!! Thank you guys we had HEAPS of fun.

Bree Tang, Medical Staff

We had the best fun on Friday night. Great idea, great organisation and lots of fun! We will be back to improve on number 7!

Matthew Farrugia, Startup CEO

Thank you for a fantastic night! A couple of the guys from my team just called to say (after playing skirmish and go-karting today!) they are still thinking about what a great time they had! We'll be back for sure!

Phil Moir, Business Owner

I found myself getting swept up in the competition and enjoying every minute. The night was a blast. Let yourself try this, it’s worth it. Not too hard for beginners, and not too easy for Pros. 🙂 thanks for a great night. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Erin Jurgens, Full Time Mum


Unique Team Building Games in Melbourne

Urban Quest is an experiential activities company facilitating team building events Melbourne businesses and organisations can turn to when they want to give their staff a fun, outdoors challenge designed to energize, inspire, reduce stress and lead to meaningful changes that have a lasting impact.
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We have facilitated games for almost 5,000 people, welcomed 940 teams, held 65 public games and hosted 93 private events. Each of our games has been handcrafted over months that included tons of research and extensive testing guaranteeing the best possible experience.

As such, our events come as a breath of fresh air that encourages diversity and inclusion as well as breaking down barriers within the workforce.

Companies can also choose to undertake Urban Quest’s long-term staff development offer, which consists of 4 separate events that take place over the course of a year that progressively develop the core values of an efficient team: trust, communication, conflict and resolution.

What a disengaged workforce could mean for your organisation

There is nothing more disheartening for an employer than entering their workplace to a sea of disengaged faces that were once bright-eyed and full of enthusiasm. The culture of any organisation typically stems from the top and so where management is constantly tied up in strategic planning and executive meetings they can often overlook the importance of engaging with their staff and binding them together.

Work areas fracture into their respective groups and focus on achieving their own goals, clashing with other work groups as and when a lack of communication leads to a failure of work processes. As a consequence, this can often lead to a lack of motivation on the floor.

Recognising that action needs to be taken is the first positive step toward getting the people you hired for their exceptional talents back on-track and working collectively toward the goals of the organisation.

Urban Quest’s long-term approach is to first understand the team, the issues, data, goals and what you want to achieve. We then assess the data determining what your employee retention rates are and what past employees have said on exiting.

We spend time getting to the leader in hope of identifying where they need to develop and then figure out the activities and events that will lead the whole team to this outcome. Finally, we run the planned activities and monitor progress to make sure that everything stays right on track.

Assessments take place throughout the long-term course, immediately after an event, a month later, three months later and Urban Quest report back how things are progressing, notable changes in behaviours or values with continued reference made to the original plan of attack. The whole agenda is designed to foster leadership skills and develop relationships within your organisation.

One-off events that give a temporary respite from the office do little in terms of building a culture of engagement and support. Team building events Melbourne employees can enjoy while also putting that spark and dynamism back into the office are a welcome alternative to a scene that has become somewhat tired.

Team Building Games Melbourne Business Can Invest In

Regular team building activities are essential to ensuring that your team works together to achieve their goals and steer your business in the right direction. If you fail to pay attention to the team spirit and cohesion in your business, you will quickly find that your team can become frustrated and lack the cohesion that helps the best businesses to succeed. No business can afford for that to happen.

When it comes to team building events, Melbourne businesses place a lot of trust in Urban Quest. Over the years we have worked with countless brands to boost their team spirit and, ultimately, their bottom line. Here is a closer look at what you can expect when collaborating with us.

An Understanding of Business Strategy

Our team understands team building from a strategic level, and the essential role that it plays in the success of your business. Our event was created from scratch to fit with your team building strategy and help your team to work seamlessly alongside one another.

Our team building event brings the buzz back into your office and guarantees fun for the entire team. We work on developing the skills and dynamics that forge strong links between your team members, helping them to transfer their experiences and abilities back into the workplace.

Proven Results

Over the years we have worked with countless organizations throughout Melbourne and beyond to transform the dynamics among their team. We have achieved marvellous results, and the countless pieces of positive feedback are testament to our efficacy.

You will find a huge range of reviews on our website and other platforms, each giving you an idea of what you can come to expect should you choose to work with us. We are particularly proud that many of the reviews specifically mention the lasting results that were achieved, and how the teams in question approached their tasks with a renewed sense of cooperation and vigour.

An Event Driven by Technology

Many team building events are, unfortunately, poor affairs that are outdated and a little awkward. Rather than truly bringing your team together, many of these events will unfortunately just provide an awkward experience that fails to offer quality moments.

Our events have been built specifically to offer you a quality experience that is driven by technology. Our team building event seamlessly integrates a range of tech in order to give your attendees a slick and memorable experience. This technology means that our experience stands out from antiquated paper-based events, ensuring that everyone is involved and that nobody at all gets left behind!

Contact Us Today

If you are ready to start planning your stunning event, then be sure to get in touch with us today. You will find a huge range of information available on our website, and our helpful representatives will be delighted to answer any of the questions that you might have. We look forward to receiving your message today via the platform that you prefer!

So, why not look to the future and take a leaf from those who have chosen Urban Quest already and are reaping the rewards. Our reviews have been nothing but positive and so you can have confidence that in our hands the potential for your organisation is limitless.

Urban Quest offer Melbourne’s best team building activities, games and events for kids, students and adults

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