Team Activities Melbourne: TRAIN TEAMS IN TEAMS

How do you train your employees? Do you just identify what the gaps in their skills and knowledge are and provide targeted training to address these? Sound familiar? Now if I were to ask you how you train your teams, how many of you will answer “well, we don’t train our teams, we just train our employees on an individual basis.” Sound familiar? Now I hear you ask “why would we train our teams because people come as individuals with their own individual training needs and areas for development.” Think Team Activities Melbourne.

 If you expect people to work in teams then it is best to train them in teams. Doing so ensures that the whole team learns together and receives the same consistent message at the same time. The Team that Trains together is the Team that Stays together! Think Team Activities Melbourne.  Here at Urban Quest we recommend that teamwork is better trained in teams with the perfect team size being four (4) to six (6) people, which helps to ensure that everyone is engaged and gets the opportunity to contribute. Of course, you may have teams that are quite large and that’s okay because we shall just break them down into the perfect size for the training. Think Team Activities Melbourne.

Our team building activities focus on one particular value at a time therefore regardless of how many people you have in your team, they will all focus on learning about the same value at the same time. Training teamwork within a team is better because it more closely replicates the work place and the different challenges that will come up that need addressed. It also encourages the individuals within the team to be more authentic and real with each other and feel safe and comfortable to do so. Think Team Activities Melbourne.

Here at Urban Quest, we train teams on what we believe to be the four core values of teamwork, those being communication, trust, conflict resolution and leadership. In order to gain benefit from team building activities, we recommend a long term development plan that is part of your company’s strategic plan. A long-term development plan includes four team building activities throughout the year, which would focus on a different value on each occasion. This helps to ensure that your team building development plan is consistent and regular. This type of development model also helps to ensure that your team is regularly and consistently being trained in a team, regardless of the number of employees you may have working in that team. Think Team Activities Melbourne.

Team Activities Melbourne has to provide benefit to the company and the team as a whole, not one or the other. Team Activities and teamwork are better trained in teams and are most effective when together, individuals can partake in a competition, have fun and be part of it. Anything is possible with a little help from your friends here at Urban Quest, who are well versed in Team Activities Melbourne.

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