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Among other things, the lockdown lifestyle has revealed who was prepared, and who wasn’t. That statement is especially true in the wide world of online team building activities.

Team building companies in Melbourne, much like us here at Urban Quest, have always relied on in-person interaction and engagement to pull off a successful event. But with handshakes and hi-5’s out of the question, you really get an idea of what a team building activity has got under the hood.

With all the smoke and mirrors gone, Melbourne team building companies have only two things to lean on, creativity and technology.

Luckily for us here at Urban Quest creativity and technology are two of the pillars that our company was built on. While most of us can smell unoriginal team building activities a mile away, a company’s use of technology has really dictated their ability to survive in the online team building activities space.

The limitations of the COVID lockdown have forced many team building companies to innovate new technology to bring remote teams together in the digital world whether on conference calls or the like. Unfortunately, a lot of this technology can be flawed and full of bugs as it’s been hastily slapped together in the past few months.

Some companies had been using GPS based tracking technology – which doesn’t have much use in remote team building activities. We’ve even noticed virtual escape rooms popping up, and while it’s a cool concept, the rushed together graphics and game design leave much to the imagination. The latest fad in team building activities for conference calls has been doing funny challenges like finding things around the house and singing silly songs. While this can be a hit for small children’s parties, it doesn’t cut it as an engaging online corporate team building event.

Luckily for us here at Urban Quest our virtual team building activities utilise a unique in-house technology that we’ve been developing and improving upon in our in-person events. We’ve been able to smoothly shift into the completely online world and our game platform has proved to be the perfect base to innovate off and is being looked at by others in the space as the new standard.

Unfortunately, many Melbourne team building companies who have been relying on the pen and paper and have decided not to invest in these new technologies, are struggling to keep up, and may soon seem themselves going out of business.

With the roadmap out of lockdown looking as rocky as ever, and team morale at an all-time low, it’s important to bet on the technology and creativity you can trust for your digital team building activities.

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