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Just LOVED it!!! Well organised, interesting characters. Can't wait to do it again. A must for everybody!!!! Thank you guys we had HEAPS of fun.

Bree Tang, Medical Staff

We had the best fun on Friday night. Great idea, great organisation and lots of fun! We will be back to improve on number 7!

Matthew Farrugia, Startup CEO

Thank you for a fantastic night! A couple of the guys from my team just called to say (after playing skirmish and go-karting today!) they are still thinking about what a great time they had! We'll be back for sure!

Phil Moir, Business Owner

I found myself getting swept up in the competition and enjoying every minute. The night was a blast. Let yourself try this, it’s worth it. Not too hard for beginners, and not too easy for Pros. 🙂 thanks for a great night. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Erin Jurgens, Full Time Mum
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Corporate Team Building Activities for Work Productivity in Melbourne

As the work year progresses it is important to heed the maxim ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Workers get tired of the routine and so rather than announce another table quiz, or paintball outing, maybe it’s time to look beyond the normal team building activities for work and see if there isn’t another option that combines fun with a little something extra that your staff can bring back to the workplace. What you’re looking for is facilitated by Urban Quest who offer ‘Amazing Race’ inspired team building events that are completely unique to Melbourne and offered nowhere else in Australia.
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The concept is simple, teams of 4-6 people are pitted against each other across an assigned set of Melbourne’s Central Business District to complete tasks, unravel clever riddles and race from one location to the next. However, while this sounds like fun and nothing more, each of the games is designed with the workplace in mind and so the challenges that are set focus the participants and challenge them to work together, promoting teamwork, but also communication, leadership and collaboration. Urban Quest’s smart tech captures everything they do, in terms of shortcuts that incur penalties, bonuses earned, tasks completed and this all feeds into the final result, making competition fierce and adrenaline-fuelled.

The Benefits of Team Building

It goes without saying that if you have a workforce who does not engage with one another this can lead to a toxic work environment that typically sees a high turnover of staff. Team building is a proven method of improving communication. Workers learn to share workloads and complete tasks together all in a relatively controlled setting which teaches them the values and limitations each possesses and that they can rely on each other. It can also identify those who are natural leaders within the group and where strengths lie in terms of who the mediators are when disagreements arise among many other things.

On return to the office, most businesses will hope that the efficiency of the team, as well as its morale, improves. Team members are now more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues and begin to involve themselves in the process of teaching, facilitating much more effective work processes. The presence of more open communication can also remove barriers where they once existed, giving staff the confidence to approach their peers and engage with them directly on finding solutions to problems as they arise.

There are some who will cite the cost of hiring a company like Urban Quest not to mention the time lost in terms of absence from the workplace while the activities are underway. However, while this is a valid point in financial terms, ignoring the limitations or blocks that are in place among your workforce may be more damaging, and the overall benefit of engaging your workforce in positive activities that lead to a more open, confident organisation should be taken into account.

Team building activities for work may seem like a disruption to the work day, but when your average working week is compared to a week, month or even year that follows an Urban Quest event the benefits far outweigh the lost time. So, if you want to energise, engage and get your staff collaborating, give us a call and we’ll turn those frowns upside down!

Urban Quest offer Melbourne’s best team building activities, games and events for kids, students and adults

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