School Excursions Melbourne

Energetic excursions for school students to enhance logical reasoning,
communication skills and teamwork

Discover the city. Discover themselves.

Looking for a city-based excursion?
Need a team building event for senior students?

Challenge your students to Urban Quest school excursions Melbourne CBD!

Expand students’ independence.
Develop their responsibility.
Watch them work as a team.

Urban Quest excursions for secondary schools

Designed specifically for school students, a CBD Urban Quest is a 1.5-2 hour highly energetic team competition full of puzzles and challenges based on critical thinking, logic, orienteering, teamwork and lots of fun!
Competing teams of 5-6 set out to solve riddles, find clues and complete challenges on an amazing race-style experience as they work their way around the city, and race to the finish to be the victorious team!

Aligned to key goals in the curriculum for years 5 to 12, social skills and team spirit are at the core of every challenge.

Each activity promotes decision making, leadership, camaraderie, responsibility and outside-the-box thinking.

Urban Quest school excursions Melbourne always leave participants talking about their exceptional experience and wanting to come back for more!

Supported by our enthusiastic hosts and using mobile phone technology, the dynamic nature of an Urban Quest will engage even the most reluctant students, encouraging participants to perform at their best and contribute to their team’s strategy.

We’re confident that the exciting experience will grab the attention of even the shyest students. This excitement adds to the competition, which pushes everyone to do their best and help their team succeed.

Included with every excursion is the Performance Report. This insightful tool is delivered to organising teacher the next day, offering a snapshot of students’ engagement levels, problem-solving skills and the entire group performance.

Transform your Melbourne school excursion into a data-driven adventure, guiding educators in shaping the leaders of tomorrow!

Each event is tailored to the students’ ages, abilities and any specific requirements
Ideal for start of term events, end of term celebrations, student leadership groups & city excursions with a twist
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Urban Quests always leave students talking about their exceptional experience and wanting to come back for more
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All events are run by qualified and enthusiastic facilitators with extensive experience working with young people and requiring minimal extra work from teachers

Thank you for running a fantastic program for our Year 12 students…

I look forward to working with you
again next year.

Nathan Godwin Teacher of Humanities & Outdoor Education Officer Secondary College

Our happy kids
come from:

Stay closer to home?
Want to run a school incursion?

Campus-based Urban Quest school incursions Melbourne and state-wide in Victoria can be tailored to be run on school campus or at an alternative location.

Students love these and keep asking for more!

Urban Quest Journal

School Excursions Melbourne Simplified: Seamless Planning, Engaged Students!

School Excursions Melbourne Simplified: Seamless Planning, Engaged Students!

Finding engaging excursions for school groups in Melbourne can be challenging, but Urban Quest makes a school teacher’s life a breeze. We address all the key challenges of group activities and provide a solution that will ensure your students have a fabulous fun and educational day out.   
August 18, 2023

School Excursion FAQs

How does an Urban Quest use digital technology in school excursions Melbourne?

Urban Quest school excursions Melbourne are school team building activities taking a full advantage of today’s technology. Our digital platform directs students around the City providing guidance via their phones. An Urban Quest is facilitated by riddles delivered on players’ phones and all players input their answers or found clues on their phones, but players absolutely need to work together to solve the riddles, interact with each other to complete the various challenges, and make their way around the City to each location to carry out each activity. It is the perfect blend of offline and online engagement.

Is the teachers’ involvement or supervision required during Urban Quest school excursions Melbourne?

No teachers’ supervision or assistance is typically required on the day as we have a great team of reliable, qualified hosts to ensure students are safe, supervised and having fun. However, if you would particularly like to be involved or it is a requirement in your school excursion checklist, we can find a role for you!

Will Urban Quest school excursions Melbourne engage my more reluctant students?

We are confident that the dynamic nature of our school excursions Melbourne in the CBD will engage even the most reluctant students. Urban Quest’s unique and proven game concept is developed to ensure all members of the group can be involved. All team members are required to successfully complete tasks. Using our digital technology to quest around the city all team members receive challenge information simultaneously and have the opportunity to direct and be involved in the required action.

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