School Excursions Melbourne

The most engaging digital Amazing Race for secondary school students

Harness the power of latest technology to ignite students’ enthusiasm pre-event and sustain engagement throughout.

Our expert-led events are affordable and flexible to ensure a seamless experience.

Transform your school excursion into a data-driven adventure with a snapshot of students’ performance, guiding your path to educational success!

Unlimited group size
Total duration is 2-2.5 hours
Suitable for Grades 7-12
Rates start from $15
No teacher supervision required
Start and finish near Melbourne Central station

Urban Quest school excursions Melbourne

students work together at urban quest school excursions melbourne

Designed specifically for secondary school students, Urban Quest is a 2-2.5 hours highly energetic Amazing Race.

This highly engaging school excursion is full of puzzles and challenges based on critical thinking, logic, orienteering, teamwork and lots of fun!

Competing teams of 5-6 set out to solve riddles, find clues and complete challenges as they work their way around Melbourne CBD, and race to the finish to be the victorious team!

school students are engaged during urban quest school excursions melbourne

Aligned to key goals in the curriculum for years 7 to 12, social skills and team spirit are at the core of every challenge.

Each activity promotes decision making, leadership, camaraderie, responsibility and outside-the-box thinking.

Urban Quest excursions for schools in Melbourne always leave participants talking about their exceptional experience and wanting to come back for more!

Supported by our enthusiastic hosts and using the latest mobile phone technologies including Augmented Reality, the dynamic nature of Urban Quest school excursions will engage even the most reluctant students.

This encourages participants to perform at their best and contribute to their team’s strategy.

We’re confident that the exciting school excursion will grab the attention of even the shyest students.

This excitement adds to the competition, which pushes everyone to do their best and help their team succeed.

excursions for schools melbourne performance report

Included in all school excursions is the Performance Report.

This insightful tool is delivered to organising teachers the next day, offering a snapshot of students’ engagement levels, problem-solving skills and the entire group performance.

Transform your Melbourne school excursions into data-driven adventures, guiding educators in shaping the leaders of tomorrow!

“Incorporating the technology really makes Urban Quest stand out…” Kathryn Harink from Williamstown High School

Thank you for running a fantastic program for our Year 12 students…

I look forward to working with you
again next year.

Nathan Godwin Teacher of Humanities & Outdoor Education Officer Secondary College

Our happy students
come from:

Stay closer to home?
Want to run a school incursion?

Urban Quest school incursions in Melbourne and Victoria can be tailored to be run on school campus or at an alternative location.

Students love these and keep asking for more!

Urban Quest Journal

School Excursions Melbourne Simplified: Seamless Planning, Engaged Students!

School Excursions Melbourne Simplified: Seamless Planning, Engaged Students!

Finding engaging excursions for school groups in Melbourne can be challenging, but Urban Quest makes a school teacher’s life a breeze. We address all the key challenges of group activities and provide a solution that will ensure your students have a fabulous fun and educational day out.   
August 18, 2023

School Excursions FAQs

How does Urban Quest work for school excursions?

Urban Quest offers team building activities designed for secondary school students, utilising the latest technology for a unique experience. It combines offline and online engagement, creating the perfect blend for memorable school excursions in Melbourne.

Here’s how it works:

Team Formation: The entire cohort is divided into teams of 5-6 students to foster optimal collaboration and teamwork.

Game Platform: Students access our game platform via their smartphones, where they receive instructions, submit answers, and uncover Augmented Reality clues.

City Orienteering: Teams navigate the city, exploring specific landmarks and hidden lanes where clues are cleverly integrated. This immersive approach adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement.

Challenges and Puzzles: As teams progress, they are tasked with solving puzzles and challenges that require efficient communication and the utilisation of each member’s unique strengths. Creativity, collaboration, and quick thinking are essential for success.

Hosted Events: Each event is facilitated by our dynamic hosts who are there with your group from start to finish, running the pre-start brief, and post-event awards, and assisting along the way by closely supervising and curating the experience.

How do I book an Urban Quest school excursion?

Booking Urban Quest school excursions is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to ensure your students have an unforgettable school team building experience:

1. Visit Our Website: Go to the Urban Quest School Excursions Melbourne page (you are on it right now!).

2. Contact Us: Fill out the inquiry form with your details, including your preferred dates, the number of students, and any specific requirements you have.

3. Receive a Quote: Our team will get back to you promptly with a detailed quote and available dates.

4. Confirm Your Booking: Once you’re satisfied with the details, confirm your booking by responding to our email or giving us a call.

5. Plan Your Event: We’ll work closely with you to finalise the itinerary and any special arrangements to tailor the excursion to your needs.

For any additional questions or to discuss custom options, feel free to contact our friendly team directly through the contact details provided on our website.

We look forward to making your school excursion a memorable adventure!

What group sizes can you accommodate?

Urban Quest is equipped to accommodate school groups of any size seamlessly. Our largest group for one session was 350 students!

Our technology-driven approach allows us to efficiently manage larger groups without requiring additional staff.

Depending on the group size, we may make minor adjustments to the game design to ensure smooth logistics and an enjoyable experience for all participants. 

Whether you have a small class or a large year level, we can tailor the experience to suit your needs and ensure everyone has a fantastic time.

What is the rundown of the day?

It all starts with your group’s arrival at the Victoria State Library, our typical starting location, about 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. Here, you’ll check in your students, arrange them in their pre-assigned teams, and meet your event host, who will guide you through the game instructions and ensure everyone is set up and ready to roll on the game platform.

Once briefed, it’s time to hit the streets! Teams will embark on an exhilarating journey to uncover clues, solve riddles, and conquer challenges together. It’s a test of teamwork, strategy, and problem-solving skills.

After completing their Urban Quest, all teams return to the meeting point where the host will announce the scores, highlight achievements, and award the winners. 

The Urban Quest school excursion event typically takes up half of your day, making it easy to plan other activities around it.

Is the teachers’ involvement or supervision required during Urban Quest school excursions?

Urban Quest school excursions are designed so that teams of students are self-sufficient, with no direct teacher help or supervision required (either accompanied by a school staff member or not)

it is up to the school to decide how to manage safety supervision and manage the student/teacher ratio, dependent on the students’ age and your understanding of their competence/comfort in the CBD setting.

Urban Quest can advise best game locations or good coffee shops (!) where you can see the students pass by on their route.

For schools having concerns about their students’ engagement through the entire experience we can offer to include a ‘Check-In’ task.

Our game platform also provides the ability to see in real-time whether teams are active and which task they are on.

What are the requirements for participating in an Urban Quest?

Over the years of our experience, we’ve streamlined the process to ensure teachers have as little to do as possible. However, some pre-event organisation is still required. As the organising teacher, you would be responsible for:

Creating lists of students in teams and assigning team numbers.

Designating team leaders among the students.

All students participating in the event will need to have fully charged smartphones with mobile data (minor usage required).

Your only other responsibility would be ensuring your group arrives on time on the day of the event to ensure a smooth start. 

We will take care of the rest!

What if the weather is bad?

Urban Quest aren’t quitters, so, unless, in the case of extreme weather, we will run the event regardless – after all, a little rain won’t make us melt! (….will it?)

In the unlikely case of extreme weather, we will work with you to find another suitable date and time. 

Alternatively, if the weather conditions are particularly bad, we can switch your group to the indoor experience at the start of your event.

Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, your Urban Quest event will never get cancelled.

Is it suitable for students with disabilities?

Urban Quest’s CBD experience is designed to be as accessible as possible, making use of existing infrastructure to ensure wheelchair users can participate comfortably.

While some challenges may require mobility, the majority of the experience is accessible to people in wheelchairs, allowing them to fully engage and enjoy the activities alongside their teammates.

We recommend teaming such students strategically so that they can always rely on their teammates during the event.


How is Urban Quest different from other school excursions?

Urban Quest stands out as a unique school excursion experience for secondary school students offering:

Engaging Activities: Our excursions are packed with puzzles and challenges that promote critical thinking, logic, orienteering, teamwork, and above all, fun. Unlike traditional city or museum tours, Urban Quest provides an interactive and dynamic learning environment.

Curriculum Alignment: Tailored to meet key curriculum goals for years 7 to 12, our excursions blend educational content with hands-on activities that resonate with students’ learning objectives.

Innovative Technology: Utilising the latest mobile phone technologies, including Augmented Reality, Urban Quest enhances the learning experience by integrating digital elements into real-world challenges.

Performance Report: Following each excursion, organising teachers receive a detailed Performance Report the next day. This insightful tool evaluates students’ engagement levels, problem-solving skills, and overall group performance, providing valuable feedback for educators.

Leaderboard and Results Tracking: Thanks to our advanced technology, we track and maintain records of all event results and scores. Schools can compare their performance against others on our Leaderboard, showcasing achievements across Victoria and interstate.

Discover the Urban Quest difference and challenge your students to excel in teamwork, problem-solving, and engagement. 

Can your school top the Leaderboard?

How does Urban Quest use digital technology in school excursions Melbourne?

Urban Quest school excursions Melbourne are team building activities for secondary school students taking full advantage of today’s technology.

Our digital platform directs students around the City providing guidance via their phones. An Urban Quest is facilitated by riddles delivered on players’ phones where all players input their answers or found clues.

However, students need to work together to solve the riddles and interact with each other to complete the various challenges. They navigate their way around the City to each location to carry out the next activity.

It is the perfect blend of offline and online engagement.

How will my students benefit from Urban Quest?

Urban Quest offers students a transformative journey that goes beyond a typical excursion:

Effective School Team Building: Urban Quest fosters teamwork and social skills through purposeful challenges, ensuring students collaborate and communicate effectively.

Use of Technology: Engage students with cutting-edge technology like Augmented Reality on their smartphones, enhancing their excitement and participation.

Curriculum Alignment: Seamlessly integrates with curriculum requirements, providing a meaningful extension of classroom learning through practical application.

Regularly Chosen: Trusted by multiple Victorian schools for its consistent excellence and impactful experiences, Urban Quest is a preferred choice that delivers both enjoyment and educational value.

Join educational professionals like Kathryn from Williamstown High in trusting Urban Quest for a unique blend of enjoyment and purposeful learning.

Will an Urban Quest engage my more reluctant students?

Urban Quest school excursions in Melbourne CBD are specifically designed to captivate and involve even the most reluctant students. Here’s how:

Inclusive Game Concept: Our unique game concept ensures that every team member is actively involved. Each participant plays a crucial role in solving puzzles and completing challenges, fostering a sense of contribution and teamwork.

Digital Engagement: Using advanced digital technology, Urban Quest allows all team members to simultaneously receive challenge information on their smartphones. This interactive approach encourages direct participation and engagement throughout the quest.

Proven Success: With years of experience, Urban Quest has a track record of successfully engaging students of varying interests and levels of enthusiasm. Our dynamic activities promote critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive setting.

Engage your students in a memorable and educational adventure with Urban Quest. Our excursions are designed to inspire participation and collaboration among all participants, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Does Urban Quest offer other activities for school students besides CBD school excursions?

Urban Quest offers more than just CBD-based activities. Here’s a look at our other exciting setups:

Park-Based Setup: We have two established park-based setups:

1. Kings Domain Park: This setup can also operate as a paper-based event if electronic devices are unavailable. It provides a versatile and engaging outdoor experience.

2. Fitzroy Gardens: Located behind Parliament, this setup is designed to accommodate large groups of more than 250-300 students, but can also cater to smaller groups.

On-Campus Setup: Ideal for situations where transport or scheduling complexities arise, our on-campus setup brings the Urban Quest experience directly to your school. This option is highly popular and is always tailored to your school grounds, requirements and objectives.

Explore these alternative setups to tailor your Urban Quest experience to best fit your school group’s requirements. 

Whether in a park or on your school campus, Urban Quest ensures engaging and educational excursions for secondary school students.

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