quest for school incursions and excursions in melbourne

In the aftermath of two challenging years of lockdowns, fostering connections and enhancing social skills has never been more crucial for our youth. That’s why Urban Quest offers thrilling school incursions and school excursions, immersing students in Amazing Race-type scavenger hunt experiences.

Picture small teams collaborating, solving riddles, navigating destinations, and conquering team challenges within tight timeframes.

Highly Immersive, Cleverly Designed, Deeply Engaging: Urban Quest School Incursions and Excursions

Urban Quest accommodates both school incursions and school excursions, whether on campus, in a park, or in Melbourne’s bustling CBD. Digital or no-tech options are available.

Digital events utilise the latest technology, incorporating QR codes, snippets of popular music, and apps, offering a fresh perspective of the physical environment.

No-tech options provide an equally engaging experience, challenging students with paper-based quests and real-world challenges (school incursions only).

Tailored for Every Year Level: From Preps to Year 12

Urban Quest adapts events for all year levels, aligning with the Victorian Schools Curriculum. Particularly popular for Transition programs in years 7, 9, and 12, these experiences create opportunities for students to collaborate, communicate, and form lasting bonds.

Even the youngest students enjoy quests tapping into their knowledge of literature, TV, movies and pop culture. The thrill of the hunt and the need to take turns and look out for their teammates, with clues and challenges tailored to their reading and numeracy level and abilities, will keep them buzzing for a long time after their quest.

Special Occasion Excellence: Beyond School Excursions

Urban Quest shines as a Special Occasion Event, whether for a Year 12 “Leadership Alignment”, Grade 6’s “Big Day Out” or a “More for Four” Middle School gathering.

Undertaking a CBD event allows students to explore Melbourne’s fabulous city while challenging students to take responsibility and make decisions as they complete their school excursions Quest.

If based at school, students will see their environment through fresh eyes when challenged to think about their surroundings differently and approach it as a landscape of new challenges.

On-campus events can be customised, like Strathcona Girls Grammar‘s underwater clue release in the school pool! (see the photos below)

Aligned with Values: The Urban Quest Advantage

Aligned with key aspects of the Victorian Schools Curriculum, Urban Quest has become a firm favourite, with many schools integrating Urban Quest into their annual Activities Programs. Pinewood Primary School, for instance, runs full-day Urban Quests for all year levels to reinforce their core school values (see the photos below).  

Urban Quest is also a highly safe option; conducted entirely outdoors, with teams working in small groups and little need for shared use of items.  

Life Lessons Through Fun: Teamwork, Resilience, Cooperation

Beyond being a safe and educational choice, Urban Quest imparts crucial life lessons in a fun way. As Henry Ford wisely said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”

Discover the Urban Quest difference today: where fun meets life lessons!

Enquire about school incursions or school excursions for your students now!

school incursions strathcona grammar
The pool clue challenge: Strathcona Girls Grammar on-campus incursion
urban quest strathcona girls grammar winners
Winning team: Strathcona Girls Grammar on-campus incursion
pinewood primary school all year levels incursion
Winning team: Pinewood Primary School all year levels from Prep to Y6 all day Urban Quest incursions
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    6 Ways to Celebrate Your Team’s Success with Team Bonding Activities

    The most effective way to bolster your team's success is by acknowledging and commemorating it through regular but non-obligatory team bonding activities. These activities not only help team members recognise their value within the organisation but also demonstrate the company's appreciation for their individual and collective contributions.

    Team bonding should be an ongoing process, even after achievements have been realised. By fostering a culture of recognition and providing appropriate incentives, you can sustain and amplify the positive energy that accompanies success.

    To inspire and motivate your team, we've curated 6 ideas for team bonding activities that honour individual and team accomplishments. Whether you choose to implement all of them or a combination, offering recognition in various ways is essential, especially when team efforts have significantly enhanced the organisation's value, efficiency, or resilience during challenging times.

    Please note that these ideas do not involve formal monetary incentives such as bonuses or fringe benefit schemes but provide rather an intrinsic value.

    1. Awards and Gifts

    Recognising team or individual achievements through awards and gifts is a meaningful gesture that leaves a lasting impact. By presenting an award or certificate of appreciation, team members receive tangible evidence of their contributions, enhancing their professional profile within the organisation. Whether it's a beautifully printed certificate, a stylish plaque, or an elegant trophy, each award symbolises an outstanding accomplishment that is highly valued.

    However, it's essential to strike a balance and avoid over-awarding, as this could diminish the significance of the recognition. Instead, consider innovative approaches such as awarding temporary trophies to teams with shared Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), fostering healthy competition and motivation, especially among multiple sales teams.

    While awards serve as symbolic celebrations of success, gifts offer tangible rewards for exceptional performance. Gift cards, vouchers, or personalised gifts are thoughtful ways to acknowledge team members who go the extra mile. When implementing an awards and gifting system, ensure it is based on positive incentives, fostering team morale and motivation.

    2. Present an Accomplishment Timeline

    Creating an accomplishment timeline showcasing your team's journey to success is an excellent way to reinforce ongoing achievements. By outlining each significant event that has contributed to your organisation's current position, you provide valuable perspective on the collective efforts and their broader impact. This approach encourages team members to appreciate the interconnectedness of their work beyond their roles or departments.

    Moreover, if your team's projects have made positive contributions to the wider community, include tangible statistics to illustrate their impact. An accomplishment timeline serves as a platform to celebrate the heroes of your organisation, past and present, highlighting their significant contributions and professional growth over time.

    Consider incorporating an award presentation into the set of your team bonding activities to further emphasise the value of collective success and collaboration within your organisation.

    3. Company-Wide Email Announcements

    While it may seem simplistic and lacking inspiration, sending a team-wide or organisation-wide email to express gratitude and recognise team members' contributions is a powerful gesture. Taking the time to craft a thoughtful message acknowledging their efforts and skills not only boosts morale but also helps offset any previous negative feedback they may have received.

    Managers often prioritise addressing mistakes and correcting errors, but positive reinforcement through team-wide or company-wide acknowledgment of excellent work is equally important. This simple yet effective gesture can significantly impact morale and productivity, fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition within the organisation.

    4. Initiate an “Achievements” Chat Channel

    Harness the power of digital communication platforms like Slack or similar business chat tools by creating an exclusive "Achievements" chat channel. This designated space allows team members to publicly recognise and celebrate each other's successes in real time, fostering a culture of appreciation and camaraderie.

    Whether it's hitting sales targets, completing a challenging project, or receiving positive feedback from clients, team members can share their achievements, offer congratulations, and inspire others to strive for excellence.

    However, it's crucial to strike a balance and avoid overwhelming the channel with excessive updates, as this could diminish the impact and effectiveness of the recognition efforts.

    5. Take Them Out to a Nice Pub or Restaurant

    Treat your team to an unforgettable experience by taking them out to a stylish pub or restaurant to celebrate their successes. Though we would classify these event types more as team outings rather than team bonding activities, indulging in a delicious meal and refreshing drinks is always a crowd-pleaser and a fantastic way to show appreciation.

    To make the occasion truly special, opt for a venue that is upscale or offers a unique dining experience beyond the ordinary. Consider pre-booking a private section of the restaurant to have more control over the event, allowing for speeches, award ceremonies, and engaging activities like games and quizzes. This exclusive setting also enables you and your team to showcase the unique culture of your organisation without any concerns about onlookers or interruptions.

    A pub or restaurant outing provides a delightful backdrop for commemorating organisational milestones, while a generous drinks tab adds to the enjoyment. Celebrate your team's achievements in style and create lasting memories in a setting that reflects the appreciation and camaraderie within your organisation.

    6. Take Them To The Ultimate Urban Quest Challenge in Melbourne’s CBD

    This one of the most dynamic team bonding activities promises non-stop fun as your group divides into teams to tackle puzzles, riddles, and clues scattered throughout the city's iconic landmarks. Using a cutting-edge interactive phone app, teams race against the clock, fostering teamwork and cooperation in a thrilling outdoor setting.

    Opting for the Urban Quest challenge not only facilitates practical team bonding but also offers a refreshing outdoor experience unlike any other. With each team striving to outperform the others, participants are motivated to collaborate effectively, reinforcing the value of teamwork in achieving common goals. All that adds up to shared memories and water-cooler talks long after the experience.

    Whether you prefer to explore the bustling streets of Melbourne or opt for a virtual team building activities our customisable options ensure a memorable event tailored to your specific needs.

    Completing the Urban Quest challenge typically takes around 2.5 hours, making it a seamless addition to any workday itinerary. Additionally, we offer comprehensive debriefing presentations to analyse team member performance, including levels of engagement, contribution, and leadership, ensuring maximum impact and lasting benefits for your team.

    Team Bonding Activities To Sustain the Momentum of Achievement

    As you're reading this, your team may be operating at peak performance, driven by the satisfaction of accomplishment. Merit and achievement inherently foster a sense of purpose and belonging among team members.

    While the intrinsic rewards of success are significant, offering additional benefits, including all sorts of financial rewards for employees, represents the best example of team bonding activities. Recognising individual and collective accomplishments goes beyond mere acknowledgment - it ranges from a simple pat on the back to elaborate celebrations of impressive milestones achieved by your company.

    Why not capitalise on the energy sparked by success by treating your team to Urban Quest team bonding activities?

    This celebratory event not only nurtures camaraderie and collaboration but also harnesses the high-energy dynamics of a team-oriented activity. Engaging both the body and the brain, such events provide the perfect platform to build upon past successes and drive your team even further.

    Contact us today to elevate your team of exceptional individuals to new heights with Urban Quest team bonding activities!

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