Dear educators, we understand the pivotal role school incursions play in enhancing your curriculum and fostering a love for learning in your primary school students. The right program, among a multitude of school incursions on offer, can leave a lasting impact and ignite a sense of wonder in young minds.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 11 programs for school incursions for primary schools across Victoria, with a diverse range of experiences that align with the curriculum and cater to various age groups and learning objectives.

In the list below we’ve provided activities that we think are the most engaging for students and useful as well as for teachers planning their school incursions. Each activity also contains keywords, that you can use to search for local providers of the program that picked your interest.

1. Science Spectacles

Description: Interactive science shows that are designed to make science fun and engaging. Expect mind-boggling experiments, fiery demonstrations, and even some explosions (the safe kind, of course).

These captivating science shows are not just about creating sparks (although there might be a few). They often cover a wide range of scientific concepts, from chemistry to physics. Expect mesmerizing experiments, colourful chemical reactions, and even the chance for students to become junior scientists themselves.

Learning Focus: Inspire a love for STEM subjects, encourage scientific thinking, and introduce students to the wonders of the natural world.

Keywords: school incursions, primary school science programs, STEM education.

science school incursions melbourne

2. Indigenous Cultural Workshops

Description: Immerse your students in the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Workshops often include traditional dance, art, storytelling, and hands-on activities.

These immersive experiences often start with a Welcome to Country ceremony, followed by hands-on activities. Students may create traditional art, learn Indigenous dance, or listen to Dreamtime stories, all while gaining a deeper understanding of Australia’s rich Aboriginal cultures.

Learning Focus: Promote cultural understanding, respect, and appreciation while exploring history and art.

Keywords: Indigenous cultural incursions, primary school cultural programs, Australian Indigenous history.

indigenous school incursions melbourne

3. Animal Adventures School Incursions

Description: Invite a mobile zoo to your school, complete with reptiles, birds, or mammals. Students can get up close and personal with fascinating creatures.

Mobile zoos bring a menagerie of fascinating creatures to your school, including snakes, lizards, marsupials, and more. Students can touch, hold, and ask questions about these incredible animals, promoting both scientific curiosity and animal conservation awareness.

Learning Focus: Encourage an interest in biology, ecosystems, and the importance of biodiversity.

Keywords: animal incursions, primary school biology programs, wildlife education.

animal adventures school incursions melbourne

4. Astronomy Nights

Description: Turn your school into an observatory for a night, complete with telescopes and astronomy experts. Students can explore the night sky and learn about celestial objects.

Stargazing sessions are more than just telescopes. Astronomers guide students through the night sky, pointing out constellations, planets, and even galaxies. It’s a cosmic journey that can spark a lifelong fascination with space

Learning Focus: Foster an interest in astronomy, space exploration, and scientific observation.

Keywords: astronomy incursions, primary school space programs, stargazing for kids.

astronomy school incursions melbourne

5. Coding and Robotics

Description: Equip your students with valuable coding skills through hands-on workshops with robots and coding tools.

These workshops introduce young learners to coding languages like Scratch or Blockly, allowing them to program robots to perform specific tasks. The focus is on problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

Learning Focus: Enhance digital literacy, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Keywords: coding incursions, primary school robotics programs, digital literacy for kids.

coding robotics school incursions melbourne

6. Time Travel Adventures

Description: Historical reenactments can transport your students to different eras, from ancient civilizations to colonial Australia.

Historical reenactments are a step back in time. Students dress in period-appropriate costumes, participate in daily activities, and immerse themselves in historical narratives. It’s a fantastic way to make history come alive.

Learning Focus: Explore history, culture, and the evolution of society through engaging storytelling.

Keywords: history incursions, primary school history programs, educational reenactments.

costume party school incursions melbourne

7. Environmental Explorations

Description: Dive into environmental education with programs focusing on sustainability, conservation, and local ecosystems.

These programs often involve outdoor adventures like nature walks, plant identification, or even planting trees. Students learn about local ecosystems and the importance of environmental conservation firsthand.

Learning Focus: Instill environmental awareness, ecological responsibility, and a love for nature.

Keywords: environmental incursions, primary school environmental programs, ecology education.

sustainability school incursions melbourne

8. Creative Arts Extravaganza

Description: Bring the arts to life with live performances in music, drama, and dance, inspiring creativity and self-expression.

Live performances, workshops, and interactive demonstrations bring the arts to your school. Students might have the opportunity to learn a dance routine, try out a musical instrument, or participate in a mini-theatre production.

Learning Focus: Encourage artistic exploration, self-confidence, and cultural appreciation.

Keywords: arts incursions, primary school arts programs, creative expression for kids.

creative arts school incursions melbourne

9. Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Description: Promote physical and mental health through activities like yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition sessions.

These sessions go beyond the basics of nutrition and exercise. They often include mindfulness exercises, yoga sessions, or discussions about emotional intelligence and mental health, empowering students to lead healthy lives.

Learning Focus: Cultivate healthy habits, emotional intelligence, and overall wellbeing.

Keywords: health incursions, primary school wellbeing programs, mental health education.

Health and Wellbeing school incursions melbourne

10. Author Adventures

Description: Spark a passion for reading and writing with visits from renowned children’s authors who share their stories and writing tips.

Renowned children’s authors don’t just read their books; they share their journey as writers, conduct storytelling sessions, and even encourage students to create their stories. It’s an excellent way to inspire future authors and avid readers.

Learning Focus: Foster a love for literature, storytelling, and literacy skills.

Keywords: author incursions, primary school literacy programs, children’s literature.

author visit school incursions melbourne

11. Amazing Race School Incursions

Description: During an amazing race adventure, students get swept into the competition, solving riddles, cracking codes, and completing challenges. They work in teams to uncover hidden clues and navigate to the next challenge. The amazing races can be customized to suit specific learning objectives such as social skills or teamwork, and aligned to key goals in the curriculum for years P – 12.

Even though not all your students may be familiar with the amazing race concept (though they absolutely will with the scavenger hunt one!), every single one will get super excited as soon as you explain what’s involved in such type of activity.

While it looks pretty straightforward and easy, an amazing race is not a small feat to organise. Our strong recommendation is to leave it up to those who specialise in these types of school incursions, like Urban Quest.

The Urban Quest experience is a thrilling and educational adventure designed for students to enhance team building and learning in an interactive and engaging way. This incursion combines elements of a scavenger hunt, problem-solving, and teamwork, making it an ideal choice for primary school students.

Urban Quest’s school incursions program provides an innovative and engaging way for students to learn how to work in a team while honing essential skills. It’s an adventure that combines education with excitement, leaving a lasting impression on young minds.

Learning Focus: The Urban Quest adventure offers a multifaceted learning experience. Students enhance their problem-solving skills as they decipher clues and puzzles. They also develop effective communication and collaboration skills while working in teams. Additionally, the quest can be tailored to align with curriculum objectives, making it a valuable educational tool.

Keywords: school incursions, interactive learning, problem-solving, teamwork, educational adventure, scavenger hunt, primary school curriculum.

amazing race adventure school incursions

crucial role of team building activities for primary school students

amazing race school incursions melbourne

Incorporating these diverse programs as school incursions into your curriculum allows you to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that caters to various interests and learning styles. Whether you’re looking to boost STEM education, explore culture and history, or promote health and wellbeing, these school incursions offer exciting opportunities for your primary school students. Explore these options, align them with your curriculum goals, and watch your students’ enthusiasm for learning soar.

Contact Urban Quest for more details about amazing race school incursions.

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    April 29, 2021

    Team Building Activities For School Students: How to Teach the Value of Teamwork, Leadership and Resilience

    Teachers wield immense power to shape the lives of their students, instilling values of teamwork, leadership, resilience, and joy that can alter the course of their educational journey and beyond. While it may seem daunting to impart these principles to children and teenagers, it is indeed essential for their holistic development.

    According to Harry Nevin, a distinguished chartered social counsellor and parenting expert at Balloons Sydney, interpersonal skills form the bedrock of all human interactions. Nevin emphasises the importance of teaching children how to collaborate, communicate, and contribute effectively from an early age. These skills, he believes, are fundamental to navigating the complexities of life.

    However, teaching teamwork, leadership, and resilience requires more than traditional educational methods. It demands active engagement, participation, and, most importantly, fun! Here are some exciting ways to impart these valuable lessons to school students through the medium of team building activities for school students:

    Address them as teams and not groups

    While a group consists of individuals coordinating separate actions, a team shares a common goal and a collective responsibility for achieving success. Though it may seem cliché, choosing a team name marks the initial stride towards effective teamwork.

    Build Strong Team Bonds From The Outset

    Creating a team name serves as a team building activity in its own right. When students decide on a name together, they forge a shared identity and sense of belonging. This initial establishment of strong team bonds paves the way for greater participation and collaboration. Encourage teams to engage in discussions about themselves and their goals, allowing them autonomy in decision-making and progression.

    Let Teams Set Their Expectations

    When organising team building activities for school students, it's important to let them set their own expectations rather than dictating anticipated actions. This allows students to explore the key elements of successful teamwork, like constructive interdependence, individual responsibility, and leadership skills.

    By establishing their own ground rules and expectations, students learn to collaborate effectively and treat each other with respect. These rules not only ensure that tasks are completed but also emphasise how tasks are accomplished. They empower students to hold each other accountable, as everyone has committed to following these guidelines.

    Play A Walk of Trust

    Building trust and establishing a support system is essential for overcoming challenges. Team building activities for school students offer enjoyable opportunities to teach them about resilience and building confidence.

    One such activity is the Walk of Trust, where students are blindfolded and paired up to navigate an obstacle course together. Relying on their partner's guidance and support, blindfolded students must trust their teammates to complete the course safely. After the activity, teachers should facilitate a discussion to reflect on the experience and insights gained by students.

    Make A Circle Of Compliments

    Promoting kindness is a crucial aspect of nurturing resilience in children, even if it may not be immediately obvious. One highly recommended group activity for students is the Circle of Compliments, designed to cultivate resilience in a fun and engaging way.

    To play, gather at least six children and form a circle with their legs spread out in front of them. Select one child to start the game by giving compliments to others within the circle. As each child receives a compliment, they draw their legs closer until everyone has been praised.

    The key to this activity is encouraging students to compliment attributes beyond physical appearance. By steering them away from appearance-related topics, compliments become more meaningful and impactful.

    While this game may pose a challenge for younger children, proper preparation can ensure its success and effectiveness in fostering resilience.

    Have Fun And Be Resilient Playing Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs remains a classic and beloved group activity for students, serving as an effective tool for teaching an important lesson in resilience. It emphasises that winning isn't everything, and accepting outcomes gracefully is part of the game.

    To play, start with the same number of seats as there are players, ensuring everyone has a spot in the first round. Then, as the music plays, remove one chair at a time. When the music stops, students scramble to find a seat, but there will always be one less chair than there are players, resulting in one child being left without a seat. This moment allows them to experience the emotions associated with not winning, teaching them to accept setbacks with resilience.

    After the game, engage the students in a discussion to reflect on what they've learned from the experience, encouraging them to share their insights and feelings. This reflection reinforces the valuable lesson of resilience taught through the game of Musical Chairs.

    Let Students Take The Hula-Hoop Challenge

    Another effective method to bolster students' resilience is by honing their conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. While individual activities like image puzzles can help develop these skills, learning to collaborate with others is equally important. Engaging in team-based challenges fosters cooperation and teaches students how to work together towards a common goal.

    One of such engaging team building activities for school students is the hula-hoop challenge. This activity requires children to collaborate as a team to achieve a shared objective.

    To play, form a circle with the students holding hands, and place a hula-hoop over one arm of the circle. The objective is to pass the hula-hoop around the circle without letting go of each other's hands. To keep the hoop moving, students must work together, providing support and assistance as needed to prevent the hoop from falling.

    After completing the challenge, facilitate a discussion where students can reflect on the experience. Encourage them to identify the complexities they encountered during the activity and brainstorm solutions as a group.

    This debriefing session allows students to analyze their teamwork skills and learn from the collaborative process.

    Make Students Do The Perfect Square

    This is among the most enjoyable team building activities for school students that require strong teamwork and effective verbal communication skills. All you'll need is a long rope with both ends tied together and bandanas or cloth strips to serve as blindfolds. Here's how to set it up:

    1. Have the students form a circle and place the rope in front of them.
    2. Instruct each student to put on a blindfold.
    3. Slowly guide the students as they turn and move away from the circle while holding onto the rope.
    4. Once everyone is in position, instruct them to work together to return to the rope and form a perfect square without removing their blindfolds.
    5. To add an extra challenge, set a time limit for completing the task.

    This activity encourages students to communicate effectively, rely on one another, and problem-solve as a team to achieve a common goal. It's a fun and engaging way to develop teamwork skills while promoting cooperation and collaboration among students.

    Tug of War in Four Directions

    Tug of War In Four Directions is one of the highly recommended team building activities for school students, offering twice the excitement of traditional tug-of-war. Here's how to set it up:

    1. Create an X shape by tying two long ropes together at their centre points.
    2. Place a bandana or marker at the centre of the X to indicate the starting point.
    3. Use cones to mark a circular boundary around the X.
    4. Divide the students into four teams, with each team positioned at one end of the ropes.
    5. When ready, signal for each team to start pulling in their respective directions.
    6. The objective is for each team to pull the others in their direction until the bandana reaches outside the circle of cones.

    This outdoor activity promotes teamwork, coordination, and strategy as students work together to achieve victory. It's a fun and engaging way to build camaraderie and foster collaboration among students.

    Learn From The Spider Web

    If you're seeking additional enjoyable team building activities for school students, consider adding Spider Web to your repertoire. This captivating game highlights the interconnectedness of students despite their differences.

    To play, form a circle with students either standing or seated. The game commences with the first player sharing an amusing or embarrassing story about themselves while holding a ball of twine. After sharing their story, the player holds onto one end of the twine and tosses the ball to another student in the circle. The student who catches the ball then shares their own story before passing the twine to another student. This process continues until every student has shared a story and held onto the twine, creating a "spider web" that symbolizes their connection to each other.

    Spider Web is a delightful and inclusive activity that fosters empathy, communication, and teamwork in a playful atmosphere.

    Take On The Marshmallows and Toothpicks Challenge

    Another engaging addition to your collection of group activities for school students is the Marshmallows and Toothpicks Challenge.

    In this game, students are divided into teams of equal size and provided with an equal quantity of wooden toothpicks and marshmallows. For younger age groups, it's advisable to use safer alternatives like drinking straws or sticks instead of toothpicks. The objective is for each team to construct the tallest, most expansive, or most innovative structure within a set time frame.

    Following the challenge, have each team present and explain their creation, fostering creativity, collaboration, and communication skills among students.

    Integrate Teamwork, Leadership, and Resilience In Your Lessons

    Incorporate discussions on leadership effectiveness, the rewards of resilience, and the advantages of teamwork into your teaching regimen beyond just organising team building activities for school students.

    Conduct thorough analyses on how successful leaders have thrived, or delve into conversations about the resilience of students' parents or mentors. Encourage students to identify signs of positive or negative resilience, teamwork, or leadership in their favourite musicians, actors, or athletes.

    Assigning tasks to students to research and present on these topics can further deepen their understanding and appreciation of these valuable skills.

    Will You Take Up The Challenge To Change Your Students Lives? 

    From a young age, it's crucial to instil vital emotional and social skills in children. These skills are shaped by the positive reinforcement and interactions they experience, especially within their families and communities.

    Fortunately, educators have the power to teach essential qualities like leadership, teamwork, and resilience - the keys to success - in enjoyable and engaging ways through team building activities for school students.

    Urban Quest leads the way in teaching the value of teamwork, leadership and resilience by way of offering team building activities for school students in Melbourne in the form of the Urban Quest experience.

    Reach out if you want your students to learn while having an absolute blast!

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    Team Building
    June 15, 2021

    Bringing The Workforce Back To CBD: How To Spread Positivity With Team Building Activities

    About over a year ago, COVID-19 constrained many businesses to allow work-from-home employees. Now with COVID cases declining and vaccination rates on the rise, the possibility of going back to old office regimens appears to be more realistic.

    Given the situation, the City of Melbourne is increasing its commitment to having employees return to work safely as a significant leap in supporting businesses.

    According to Lord Mayor Sally Capp, Melbourne City employs 1602 people. So their physical move back to work will become a vote of confidence for the city's economy.

    The Lord Mayor says, "The City of Melbourne is ready to return 100% of our working population to on-site work whenever it's reasonably safe to do so. Nevertheless, while health and wellbeing will always come first, we want to send a message to our central business district business owners that we recognise the importance of city workers in keeping our heads above water."

    Rapid Biz CEO Audrey Bergen takes the Lord Mayor's announcement as a silver lining. She seconded the motion saying, "We've looked into a variety of options to help our employees feel more secure when they come back to work. For example, we searched for team building activities in Melbourne to help with our employee's physical and mental health. Also, in open workspaces, we installed partitions, and directional signs were placed on the floor to regulate traffic. In addition, our air filtration systems are upgraded, and sanitisation facilities with hands-free sanitisers to maintain cleanliness and sanitary conditions are in place."

    Under these circumstances, plus the uncertainties facing employees, the challenge is high for employers to spread positivity, incorporate fun team building activities for the workplace, and encourage and support their staff as they report back to the office. 

    If you're like a cat on hot bricks wondering how to do that, be at peace, for Urban Quest will show you how. The key is engaging, positivity-filled, safe, and, more importantly, fun workplace team building activities.

    But Why Workplace Team Building Activities?

    According to the State of the Australian Workplace report, businesses with highly engaged employees are more successful. In essence, the upper 25% of successful companies around Australia have substantially higher production efficiency, profitability, client satisfaction ratings, and lower employee absenteeism and turnover. 

    Yet, how will you boost employee engagement if 70% of the Australian workforce says they're feeling "actively disengaged"?

    Worthwhile activities for team building in Melbourne provide opportunities for your employees to be engaged, optimistic, and trust each other. In addition, it can remove the cold air and foster strong bonds between employees.

    Besides, the State of the Australian Workplace report further emphasised that having a supportive colleague at work increases engagement by 50%. On top of that, someone with best friends as workmates is seven times extra engaged in what they're doing.

    Furthermore, suitable office group activities can also help:

    • Improve your employees' communication skills.
    • Encourage collaboration.
    • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team.
    • Boost employees creativity
    • Instil trust and a sense of belongingness in your employees.

    We've compiled some of the best and most effective DIY team building activities you can try to spread positivity and encourage and support your employees as they get back to the office post-COVID.

    If DIYing is not your thing then reach out to us to learn about how Urban Quest can assist and run one of its established experiences for your team.

    DIY Team Building Activities And Game Ideas For Work

    Office Makeover

    Since the office has been left empty for quite a long time. Why not let your employees give their workspace a make-over but with a team-building spirit?  Allow team members to work on the office makeover in groups. Ask each team to think about how they'll accomplish the project, but don't expect everyone to spend a lot of money. Remind them to maintain a budget-friendly office revamp. Team members should include small items such as greenery, wall art, photographs, or anything creative and positive. The group with the most innovative, work-conducive, and safe workspace will be declared the winner.  

    Office Makeover played as team building games is very much about collaboration and creative thinking. The team became optimistic, more decisive, and motivated as a result of this activity. Plus, the staff will ideally adapt to the workplace environment and have a more positive vibe.

    Office Trivia Game

    Interesting trivia games aren't limited to students at school.  These fun team-building activities and game ideas for work will put your team's workplace knowledge into action and help to clear the fog for employees when they get back to the office. 

    Start by making a list of workplace trivia questions and see which group gets the most answers correct. Next, try typing the questions into a document but leave an area blank for the participants to fill. It would also be fun if you also push a live quiz in which you read the specific question aloud, and the one who gives the correct answer earns the point. The game is won by the group (or employee) that makes the most points.

    This team building activity improves problem-solving skills, and understanding of your company's culture, and is just downright fun!

    Blind Drawing

    Blind drawing involves two players sitting back to back. One player is given the word or an image on a piece of paper described to the other player. The other player has no idea what the word or image is but will draw the word or image based on the other player's description. The team with the best guesswork will be hailed the winner.

    The goal of blind drawing is to assess how well two people can communicate, interact, imagine, and encourage innovation.

    Scavenger Hunt

    Take your team on a Scavenger Hunt, if possible, at a nearby location such as a park, zoo, or theme park. Provide each group with clues that will eventually lead them to the reward at the end. Scavenger hunts as team building activities and game ideas for work will help you lift everyone's spirits and find more intelligent use of the available time. In addition, it will encourage the participants to get to know one another and have a great time together!

    The goal of a Scavenger Hunt will be to assess your team's problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

    Or better yet hire professionals to do that for your team.

    Barter Puzzle

    Jigsaw puzzles aren't just about entertainment; they also help with problem-solving, alertness, and brainpower. By completing the jigsaw barter puzzle, your employees will be allowed to make intelligent decisions and learn to work together.

    Splitting your team into equal-sized groups is the first step. Each team then receives a unique jigsaw puzzle of comparable difficulty. The extra twist is that some of the puzzle pieces are in the pile of another team's puzzle set.

    Each team's goal is to finish their puzzle before any of the other teams. Moreover, they must persuade the other teams to surrender the missing bits through barter, deal-making, group member exchanges, or donating time to another team.

    Because teamwork is required to complete the task, the barter puzzle encourages discussion and engagement. Furthermore, team building games such as the barter puzzle bring out your employees' best negotiators and strategists. 

    Category Line up

    To get started with one of the best team building games, participants in each team will line up and arrange themselves according to the category given. For example, on birthdays, considering their birth months, members will line up according to whose birthday comes first, then so on and so forth. 

    The twist is that the members of the team should not talk with one another. That means they'll have to figure out each other's birthdays using sign language. Think about fun categories to spice up the activity. Doing this team-building activity will aid in problem-solving, interactions, and teamwork.

    Mannequin Challenge

    If you want something that exudes positivity, the mannequin challenge fits very well into the list of fun team building activities for the workplace. It allows you to include everyone and be creative. 

    Start the challenge by forming groups of 6-7 people. Then, invite each team to create a Mannequin-styled clip telling a story and publishing it on your business's social media sites using the hashtags #Freezeit. or #Mannequinchallenge. The entries that count the most engagements on social media win the contest.

    The significant goals of these team building games, such as the Mannequin challenge, are encouraging positive vibes,  communication, creativity, and team spirit.


    Did you happen to know that singing is perhaps the best team-building activity available? Karaoke, when done as one fun office group activity allows employees to bond more quickly and more effectively than traditional ice-breakers. So, let your hair down and show the world who you are— a Rock And roll fan!

    To sprite up these fun office group activities, your team should go to a karaoke bar or use karaoke apps to sing in the office. Though there are no hard and fast rules for karaoke, it's highly recommended to choose songs that challenge all age groups. Also, though you should showcase your abilities, try not to brag too much.

    This fun team building activity makes it possible for coworkers to understand and bond with one another.

    Murder Mystery Dinner Party

    A typical murder mystery game starts with one of the guests secretly playing a murderer, and the other guests must figure out who is the perpetrator.

    Have your employees dress up in theme and prepare a dish for the mystery dinner party venue (which could be the company's office).

    Following the directions on your preferred murder mystery scenario,  name tags, waypoints, and suspect case files will be distributed. Allow the staff to collaborate to figure out who the whodunnit criminal is.

    These utterly immersive office group activities improve critical thinking abilities, foster teamwork, and are fun.

    Video Game Tournament

    if you believe video games are only there for fun., I hate to tell you, but you got it wrong. Video games as workplace team building activities are demonstrated to enhance cognitive function, concentration, and efficiency. Even if you aren't a gamer, you can listen to the games' soundtracks, which have been shown to stimulate the brain and keep people fired up at work.

    To get started, get a video game system for the office to show that you're into gaming. Then, make your video game selection, keeping the focus on tasks that require player collaboration, such as Halo,  Just Dance, or Rock Band, for an additional physical exercise bonus.

    Next, try implementing a weekly video gaming break or arranging a video gaming contest after office hours.

    When treated as workplace team building activities, video games have been shown to improve employee morale in adults because they are engaging and stimulating.

    Photo Finish

    Use chalk, sticky tape, or rope to draw a finish line. Group your employees into teams and for the photo finish, have each team arrive at the finish line. They'll plan out what would be the perfect pose to showcase the most picturesque finish line photo.  The challenge will need team members to work together for this activity to be a positive experience.

    Photo finish is one example of pretty good workplace team building activities for improving team planning, collaboration, and positive team spirit.

    The Ultimate Egg Drop

    Another one at the top of the list of team building activities and game ideas for work is The Ultimate Egg Drop. Start playing the game by giving each team raw eggs and a stack of office supplies. Allow each group around 15-30 minutes to use the materials provided to create a contraption that would hold the egg from crashing or breaking. 

    Do you need some supply suggestions? Tape, marker pens, straws, disposable cups, packing material, papers, paper clips, and other items come to mind. When the timer goes off, have the teams drop their egg contraptions off from a height to see which one survives. Workplace team building activities such as The Ultimate Egg Drop's goal is to understand the importance of effective collaboration.

    Follow The Leader

    These are the kind of fun team building activities for the workplace that requires your complete team to function as one. The game works by following a hidden leader who will make basic gestures for the whole group to imitate. Of course, someone else, the guesser, will have to figure out who the hidden leader is.

    The guesser is picked from the group and leaves the scene for a short time. The gang chooses a leader when the guesser is away. This individual will create moves that the followers will imitate  (pat their head, sway their hips, pinch their nose, etc.). Once the guesser returns to the room, he or she will observe the group's actions to determine who the leader is.

    Follow the Leader as one of the fun team building activities for the workplace improves nonverbal communication, collaboration, trust, team cohesiveness, and leadership.

    Fun Team Building Activities To Kick-Start Your Back To Office Day With A Bang

    Mind-blowing fact: The more engaged your staff are, the more successful your business will be.

    Positivity is effective because it improves overall coping skills and strengthens resilience. Sure, there are days when encouraging positivism and a positive outlook seem unattainable, but understand that you can recognise the good in every circumstance. For example, spreading positivity through fun team building activities for the workplace will boost your thinking and help others develop theirs. Remember, employees who are happy and always positive are more creative, imaginative, and devoted than disenchanted. They're also expected to stay around in the long run

    Urban Quest made it a mission to help companies, businesses, and organisations create the happiest and most positive working environment possible for you and your team to flourish in.

    We believe you can improve your team's optimism, engagement, and happiness with a bit of love and a little elbow grease. So contact us, and let's bounce back together. Better days are coming. 

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