About over a year ago, COVID-19 constrained many businesses to allow work-from-home employees. Now with COVID cases declining and vaccination rates on the rise, the possibility of going back to old office regimens appears to be more realistic.

Given the situation, the City of Melbourne is increasing its commitment to having employees return to work safely as a significant leap in supporting businesses.

According to Lord Mayor Sally Capp, Melbourne City employs 1602 people. So their physical move back to work will become a vote of confidence for the city’s economy.

The Lord Mayor says, “The City of Melbourne is ready to return 100% of our working population to on-site work whenever it’s reasonably safe to do so. Nevertheless, while health and wellbeing will always come first, we want to send a message to our central business district business owners that we recognise the importance of city workers in keeping our heads above water.

Rapid Biz CEO Audrey Bergen takes the Lord Mayor’s announcement as a silver lining. She seconded the motion saying, “We’ve looked into a variety of options to help our employees feel more secure when they come back to work. For example, we searched for team building activities in Melbourne to help with our employee’s physical and mental health. Also, in open workspaces, we installed partitions, and directional signs were placed on the floor to regulate traffic. In addition, our air filtration systems are upgraded, and sanitisation facilities with hands-free sanitisers to maintain cleanliness and sanitary conditions are in place.”

Under these circumstances, plus the uncertainties facing employees, the challenge is high for employers to spread positivity, incorporate fun team building activities for the workplace, and encourage and support their staff as they report back to the office. 

If you’re like a cat on hot bricks wondering how to do that, be at peace, for Urban Quest will show you how. The key is engaging, positivity-filled, safe, and, more importantly, fun workplace team building activities.

But Why Workplace Team Building Activities?

According to the State of the Australian Workplace report, businesses with highly engaged employees are more successful. In essence, the upper 25% of successful companies around Australia have substantially higher production efficiency, profitability, client satisfaction ratings, and lower employee absenteeism and turnover. 

Yet, how will you boost employee engagement if 70% of the Australian workforce says they’re feeling “actively disengaged”?

Worthwhile activities for team building in Melbourne provide opportunities for your employees to be engaged, optimistic, and trust each other. In addition, it can remove the cold air and foster strong bonds between employees.

Besides, the State of the Australian Workplace report further emphasised that having a supportive colleague at work increases engagement by 50%. On top of that, someone with best friends as workmates is seven times extra engaged in what they’re doing.

Furthermore, suitable office group activities can also help:

  • Improve your employees’ communication skills.
  • Encourage collaboration.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team.
  • Boost employees creativity
  • Instil trust and a sense of belongingness in your employees.

We’ve compiled some of the best and most effective DIY team building activities you can try to spread positivity and encourage and support your employees as they get back to the office post-COVID.

If DIYing is not your thing then reach out to us to learn about how Urban Quest can assist and run one of its established experiences for your team.

DIY Team Building Activities And Game Ideas For Work

Office Makeover

Since the office has been left empty for quite a long time. Why not let your employees give their workspace a make-over but with a team-building spirit?  Allow team members to work on the office makeover in groups. Ask each team to think about how they’ll accomplish the project, but don’t expect everyone to spend a lot of money. Remind them to maintain a budget-friendly office revamp. Team members should include small items such as greenery, wall art, photographs, or anything creative and positive. The group with the most innovative, work-conducive, and safe workspace will be declared the winner.  

Office Makeover played as team building games is very much about collaboration and creative thinking. The team became optimistic, more decisive, and motivated as a result of this activity. Plus, the staff will ideally adapt to the workplace environment and have a more positive vibe.

Office Trivia Game

Interesting trivia games aren’t limited to students at school.  These fun team-building activities and game ideas for work will put your team’s workplace knowledge into action and help to clear the fog for employees when they get back to the office. 

Start by making a list of workplace trivia questions and see which group gets the most answers correct. Next, try typing the questions into a document but leave an area blank for the participants to fill. It would also be fun if you also push a live quiz in which you read the specific question aloud, and the one who gives the correct answer earns the point. The game is won by the group (or employee) that makes the most points.

This team building activity improves problem-solving skills, and understanding of your company’s culture, and is just downright fun!

Blind Drawing

Blind drawing involves two players sitting back to back. One player is given the word or an image on a piece of paper described to the other player. The other player has no idea what the word or image is but will draw the word or image based on the other player’s description. The team with the best guesswork will be hailed the winner.

The goal of blind drawing is to assess how well two people can communicate, interact, imagine, and encourage innovation.

Scavenger Hunt

Take your team on a Scavenger Hunt, if possible, at a nearby location such as a park, zoo, or theme park. Provide each group with clues that will eventually lead them to the reward at the end. Scavenger hunts as team building activities and game ideas for work will help you lift everyone’s spirits and find more intelligent use of the available time. In addition, it will encourage the participants to get to know one another and have a great time together!

The goal of a Scavenger Hunt will be to assess your team’s problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

Or better yet hire professionals to do that for your team.

Barter Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles aren’t just about entertainment; they also help with problem-solving, alertness, and brainpower. By completing the jigsaw barter puzzle, your employees will be allowed to make intelligent decisions and learn to work together.

Splitting your team into equal-sized groups is the first step. Each team then receives a unique jigsaw puzzle of comparable difficulty. The extra twist is that some of the puzzle pieces are in the pile of another team’s puzzle set.

Each team’s goal is to finish their puzzle before any of the other teams. Moreover, they must persuade the other teams to surrender the missing bits through barter, deal-making, group member exchanges, or donating time to another team.

Because teamwork is required to complete the task, the barter puzzle encourages discussion and engagement. Furthermore, team building games such as the barter puzzle bring out your employees’ best negotiators and strategists. 

Category Line up

To get started with one of the best team building games, participants in each team will line up and arrange themselves according to the category given. For example, on birthdays, considering their birth months, members will line up according to whose birthday comes first, then so on and so forth. 

The twist is that the members of the team should not talk with one another. That means they’ll have to figure out each other’s birthdays using sign language. Think about fun categories to spice up the activity. Doing this team-building activity will aid in problem-solving, interactions, and teamwork.

Mannequin Challenge

If you want something that exudes positivity, the mannequin challenge fits very well into the list of fun team building activities for the workplace. It allows you to include everyone and be creative. 

Start the challenge by forming groups of 6-7 people. Then, invite each team to create a Mannequin-styled clip telling a story and publishing it on your business’s social media sites using the hashtags #Freezeit. or #Mannequinchallenge. The entries that count the most engagements on social media win the contest.

The significant goals of these team building games, such as the Mannequin challenge, are encouraging positive vibes,  communication, creativity, and team spirit.


Did you happen to know that singing is perhaps the best team-building activity available? Karaoke, when done as one fun office group activity allows employees to bond more quickly and more effectively than traditional ice-breakers. So, let your hair down and show the world who you are— a Rock And roll fan!

To sprite up these fun office group activities, your team should go to a karaoke bar or use karaoke apps to sing in the office. Though there are no hard and fast rules for karaoke, it’s highly recommended to choose songs that challenge all age groups. Also, though you should showcase your abilities, try not to brag too much.

This fun team building activity makes it possible for coworkers to understand and bond with one another.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

A typical murder mystery game starts with one of the guests secretly playing a murderer, and the other guests must figure out who is the perpetrator.

Have your employees dress up in theme and prepare a dish for the mystery dinner party venue (which could be the company’s office).

Following the directions on your preferred murder mystery scenario,  name tags, waypoints, and suspect case files will be distributed. Allow the staff to collaborate to figure out who the whodunnit criminal is.

These utterly immersive office group activities improve critical thinking abilities, foster teamwork, and are fun.

Video Game Tournament

if you believe video games are only there for fun., I hate to tell you, but you got it wrong. Video games as workplace team building activities are demonstrated to enhance cognitive function, concentration, and efficiency. Even if you aren’t a gamer, you can listen to the games’ soundtracks, which have been shown to stimulate the brain and keep people fired up at work.

To get started, get a video game system for the office to show that you’re into gaming. Then, make your video game selection, keeping the focus on tasks that require player collaboration, such as Halo,  Just Dance, or Rock Band, for an additional physical exercise bonus.

Next, try implementing a weekly video gaming break or arranging a video gaming contest after office hours.

When treated as workplace team building activities, video games have been shown to improve employee morale in adults because they are engaging and stimulating.

Photo Finish

Use chalk, sticky tape, or rope to draw a finish line. Group your employees into teams and for the photo finish, have each team arrive at the finish line. They’ll plan out what would be the perfect pose to showcase the most picturesque finish line photo.  The challenge will need team members to work together for this activity to be a positive experience.

Photo finish is one example of pretty good workplace team building activities for improving team planning, collaboration, and positive team spirit.

The Ultimate Egg Drop

Another one at the top of the list of team building activities and game ideas for work is The Ultimate Egg Drop. Start playing the game by giving each team raw eggs and a stack of office supplies. Allow each group around 15-30 minutes to use the materials provided to create a contraption that would hold the egg from crashing or breaking. 

Do you need some supply suggestions? Tape, marker pens, straws, disposable cups, packing material, papers, paper clips, and other items come to mind. When the timer goes off, have the teams drop their egg contraptions off from a height to see which one survives. Workplace team building activities such as The Ultimate Egg Drop’s goal is to understand the importance of effective collaboration.

Follow The Leader

These are the kind of fun team building activities for the workplace that requires your complete team to function as one. The game works by following a hidden leader who will make basic gestures for the whole group to imitate. Of course, someone else, the guesser, will have to figure out who the hidden leader is.

The guesser is picked from the group and leaves the scene for a short time. The gang chooses a leader when the guesser is away. This individual will create moves that the followers will imitate  (pat their head, sway their hips, pinch their nose, etc.). Once the guesser returns to the room, he or she will observe the group’s actions to determine who the leader is.

Follow the Leader as one of the fun team building activities for the workplace improves nonverbal communication, collaboration, trust, team cohesiveness, and leadership.

Fun Team Building Activities To Kick-Start Your Back To Office Day With A Bang

Mind-blowing fact: The more engaged your staff are, the more successful your business will be.

Positivity is effective because it improves overall coping skills and strengthens resilience. Sure, there are days when encouraging positivism and a positive outlook seem unattainable, but understand that you can recognise the good in every circumstance. For example, spreading positivity through fun team building activities for the workplace will boost your thinking and help others develop theirs. Remember, employees who are happy and always positive are more creative, imaginative, and devoted than disenchanted. They’re also expected to stay around in the long run

Urban Quest made it a mission to help companies, businesses, and organisations create the happiest and most positive working environment possible for you and your team to flourish in.

We believe you can improve your team’s optimism, engagement, and happiness with a bit of love and a little elbow grease. So contact us, and let’s bounce back together. Better days are coming. 

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    Importance Of Group Activities To Maximise Teams Performance

    Empowered employees are the key differentiator for organisations seeking strategies to make their business increasingly lucrative and profitable. But how can you keep your employees motivated?

    Novalease CEO Hayes Thomas suggests group activities such as corporate team building for the workplace to maximise your team's performance. According to him, "Fun team building activities are an effective approach to help your employees to collaborate and perform at their best. Unfortunately, many organisations ignore great bonding activities given the cost or time commitment. Only the most successful organisations appreciate the value of it and love the long benefits."

    Any company or organisation will thrive if it values its employees and encourages the development of competence and teamwork. Here are some of the advantages of team building group activities for the workplace and the ways they can maximise teams' performance.

    Improve Physical Health

    Offering your employees a day away from their desks is a fantastic way to promote their physical wellbeing. Engaging in team building group activities provides a refreshing break from the monotony of computer screens and phone calls.

    Encouraging physical health among employees is vital for business success. By participating in energising team activities, employees can improve their overall health and reduce the risk of illness-related absences.

    Improve Mental Health

    Problem-solving activities and recreational activities are both beneficial to people's mental wellbeing. You will earn a marked improvement in self-esteem and confidence by showing that you are responsible and accountable for accomplishing tasks.

    Getting out and participating in fun team building group activities is also an excellent way to clear one's mind and feel much happier, both of which positively affect one's mental health.

    Outdoor team building group activities are also helpful in relieving stress and anxiety, which will help employees perform better at work.

    Assist In Assembling The Ideal Team

    Building a successful team starts with having the best employees onboard. Competent team members excel when working together, adapt to different work styles, and collaborate effectively.

    Team building activities further enhance employees' competency in their roles and foster positive relationships among team members, minimising conflicts that can hinder productivity.

    Creating a friendly work environment through team building group activities not only strengthens camaraderie but also boosts overall work performance. When colleagues get along well, they're more motivated to work together towards common goals, leading to greater productivity and success.

    Provide Positive Reinforcement 

    Boost morale and acknowledge employees through engaging in group activities at work. Celebrate teamwork by playing games that highlight collective efforts and positive behaviours. These activities also provide an opportunity to reinforce your company's values and recognise individuals for their contributions to the organisation's success.

    Encourage Better Communication

    Enhanced communication among employees is a key benefit of effective group activities. These activities enable workers to build stronger relationships, gain deeper insights into their colleagues, and overcome barriers of distrust.

    By focusing on shared experiences rather than differences, team building fosters better communication and collaboration among team members, leading to a more cohesive and productive work environment.

    Aid In Delivering Appropriate Guidance

    For a workgroup to thrive and achieve peak performance, effective project guidance from managers and supervisors is essential. Team building activities in the workplace provide an opportunity for leaders to hone and apply these crucial skills.

    A skilled manager demonstrates precise instruction during team activities, outlining clear objectives, measurable metrics, and deadlines. Similarly, team leaders may delegate specific tasks to individual team members as part of a team building game, considering each member's unique strengths and performance.

    By practising project guidance skills in the context of team building group activities, managers and supervisors can cultivate a collaborative and high-performing work environment.

    Buck Up Productivity Improvements

    Employee engagement in fun group activities improves communication and teamwork, which has a favourable impact on production. Moreover, collaborating on a shared purpose reduces duplication of effort, reduces friction and pushback, and enhances employee productivity.

    This is among the most sought-after objectives when companies invest in team building activities.

    Boost Employees' Morale

    Improved workplace morale is also one of the foremost advantages of group activities for the workplace. A motivated and upbeat staff that feels cared for will spread that vibe across the company, making it an enjoyable place to work.

    Morale-boosting team activities and games may help workers break through barriers and provide supervisors with ideas on developing and maintaining a positive work environment.

    Accelerate Workflow

    Cohesion within a company is vital for successful collaboration among team members. Engaging in challenging tasks as a group helps foster enhanced chemistry and trust among coworkers, leading to improved cohesiveness within the team.

    Additionally, when employees participate in enjoyable group activities together, they are less likely to exhibit aggressive behaviour and become more open to each other's perspectives. As a result, fostering teamwork through regular fun group activities can significantly enhance a company's workflow speed by strengthening cohesiveness among its employees.

    Encourage Learning From Team Members

    When employees interact as a team within a company, they have the opportunity to learn from each other. This learning extends beyond personal experiences and includes sharing insights about different departments' constraints and opportunities.

    For example, if the marketing team consistently makes unrealistic demands, colleagues from other departments may help them understand why these expectations are unreasonable through teamwork and collaboration. This exchange of knowledge and perspectives among coworkers from diverse backgrounds contributes to a more informed and cohesive work environment.

    Drives Motivation

    Participating in anything new and exciting, such as an amazing race with a twist in Melbourne, boosts employee motivation since they know they are valued and rewarded accordingly.

    This boost in motivation should enable boost production, morale, and trust in one another's abilities.

    Identify And Intensify Leadership Qualities

    Engaging in team building group activities allows executives and managers to identify leaders within the workplace. These leaders demonstrate effective problem-solving skills and provide support to their teammates when tackling assigned tasks.

    During team games like the "Blindfold Shape Game," leaders showcase their ability to communicate effectively with team members and strategize to find the right solutions. Through such activities, executives and managers can recognise individuals who possess natural leadership qualities and may be suitable for future leadership roles within the organization.

    Ensure Individual Accountability

    Implementing a strategy where each individual is accountable for the group's success is among the most effective ways to enhance work performance. Similar to the structure seen in professionally organised group team building activities, establishing internal guidelines ensures that every team member fulfils their responsibilities, contributes equitably to the task, and meets all deadlines.

    Moreover, engaging employees in enjoyable group activities fosters a sense of accountability and reduces instances of under-contribution or failure to complete tasks on time. This proactive approach helps maintain high levels of productivity and ensures that the entire team can effectively meet its objectives.

    Two Together Beats One

    Certainly, when two individuals collaborate on a task, it typically requires more labour hours compared to when it's tackled solo. However, the virtues and skills cultivated during team building group activities prepare employees for such scenarios.

    Interestingly, studies have revealed that individual performance often improves when working alongside others. Research indicates that the productivity of a less efficient worker can increase by an average of 10% when collaborating with a partner or working in a group setting.

    Encourage Creativity

    Participating in group team building activities like Urban Quest in Melbourne can inspire employees to tap into their creativity through several activities that are part of each Urban Quest experience. During such activities, teams face a variety of imaginative and artistic challenges, pushing them to think innovatively and express their creative talents.

    Encouraging employees to embrace creativity can have a profound impact on a company. When employees feel empowered to think outside the box and tackle challenges creatively, they bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the table.

    This not only fosters a culture of innovation within the organisation but also enhances problem-solving capabilities and promotes collaboration among team members. Ultimately, fostering creativity among employees can lead to greater productivity, increased morale, and overall success for the company.

    Innovative ideas may keep a business ahead of the competition and offer endless possibilities.

    Increase Employees’ Confidence Levels

    Engaging in fun team building activities can have a significant impact on employees' self-confidence and their trust in their colleagues' abilities. When employees participate in enjoyable group activities, they gain a sense of accomplishment and develop trust in their teammates' skills and capabilities.

    As employees build confidence through these activities, they become more willing to share their innovative ideas and collaborate with their team members. This increased confidence enables them to take on new challenges and responsibilities, knowing that they have the support of their colleagues to help them succeed.

    Ultimately, boosting employees' self-confidence and trust in their coworkers fosters a positive work environment where individuals feel empowered to contribute their ideas and work collaboratively towards shared goals. This not only enhances teamwork and productivity but also contributes to the overall success of the business.

    Amplify Sense Of Responsibility 

    Participating in fun group activities during team building sessions can significantly amplify a sense of responsibility among employees. In these activities, every member of the team plays a crucial role, and their contributions directly impact the team's success. This dynamic emphasises the importance of individual responsibility and accountability within a group setting.

    As employees engage in team building games and activities, they become more aware of their role in achieving common objectives and understand the consequences of not fulfilling their responsibilities. This heightened sense of responsibility is valuable in the workplace, where individuals are expected to contribute effectively to team projects and initiatives.

    By experiencing the importance of responsibility firsthand in a fun and interactive setting, employees are more likely to carry this mindset into their work environment. They become more proactive, reliable, and committed to their tasks, knowing that their contributions are essential for the team's success.

    Overall, fostering a sense of responsibility through engaging group activities can lead to improved teamwork, productivity, and overall organisational success.

    Open Doors For Trust

    Establishing trust among coworkers is crucial for effective teamwork and collaboration. Fun group activities play a vital role in fostering this trust by providing employees with opportunities to understand each other on a more personal level.

    During these activities, employees engage in various challenges and tasks that require teamwork and communication. As they work together to overcome obstacles, they learn about each other's strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This deeper understanding helps build trust among team members, as they develop a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect.

    When employees trust their coworkers, they are more likely to collaborate effectively on tasks and projects. They feel comfortable sharing ideas, seeking help when needed, and working towards common goals. This trust also leads to increased job satisfaction and higher levels of performance, as employees feel supported and valued by their team.

    Overall, fun team building group activities provide an ideal platform for employees to bond, build trust, and strengthen their relationships. By fostering a positive and supportive work environment, these activities contribute to improved teamwork, productivity, and overall success within the organisation.

    Cheer Up Respect

    Participating in problem-solving activities and fun team building exercises can significantly enhance the level of respect among employees. Through these activities, team members witness firsthand the support and capabilities of their colleagues, which fosters a greater sense of mutual respect.

    When employees collaborate on tasks and challenges, they come to appreciate the unique skills and qualities that each team member brings to the table. This recognition leads to a deeper respect for their coworkers' abilities and contributions. Additionally, when individuals rely on one another to overcome obstacles and achieve shared goals, they develop a sense of trust and admiration for each other's capabilities.

    Lots Of Fun!

    Creating an enjoyable atmosphere among coworkers and teammates can benefit employees in various ways, from reducing employee turnover and sick leave to increasing efficiency and performance. Team building is a great deal of fun, and it's an incredible opportunity for employees to see a different side of their coworkers than they would see at work.

    However, team building group activities are more than just a fun day out of the office - they're an essential aspect of the business and are effective strategies to motivate your employees.

    More Ways to Improve Team Performance With The Help Of Urban Quest

    Boosting a team's performance and productivity is akin to baking a cake - each ingredient (team member) must be carefully selected and blended. Just like a well-mixed batter, a diverse mix of components is necessary to empower your employees to excel.

    While there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to enhancing productivity, creating a fun and creative work environment can lay the groundwork for success. By offering consistent support, and constructive feedback, as well as engaging your staff in enjoyable yet meaningful activities, you can cultivate a culture of productivity and collaboration.

    Urban Quest, renowned for its expertise in team building group activities in Melbourne, has helped numerous companies and organisations create happier, more cohesive, and highly productive workplaces through its innovative programs.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to reap the benefits of team building activities - invest in your team's success today!

    Talk to our representative, and let's plan your next team building session! 

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