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Icebreakers: over-used cliche or a key to successful team building?

Corporate team building activities have become essential in fostering collaboration, enhancing communication, and promoting a positive workplace culture. However, when it comes to teams with new members or existing teams struggling to connect, there is more you can do to ensure ultimate success. In this article, we invite corporate professionals, HR managers, people leaders, and team leaders to explore the benefits of icebreaker activities as an essential part of corporate team building experiences in Melbourne, focusing on the Team Activator offered by Urban Quest. 

At Urban Quest, we genuinely care about fostering teamwork, improving workplace dynamics, and creating a positive corporate culture. That’s why we put our heart and soul into researching the significant impact of icebreakers on corporate team building experiences. Our mission is to help you unlock the potential of your teams, especially when new members join or connections are struggling to form. 

As team building professionals, we know a well-crafted icebreaker activity is a must for teams with a significant percentage of new members or a noticeable disconnect. It’s a necessary precursor to your corporate team building experience as it sets the foundation for stronger team dynamics. For this reason, we crafted the Team Activator experience to accompany our traditional team building event to directly address the need of new and struggling teams finding their way. 

1. Icebreakers: The Human Connection That Transforms Teams

Icebreakers serve as powerful tools to break down barriers, encourage interaction, and establish rapport among team members. By creating a relaxed and open environment, icebreakers pave the way for effective communication and team collaboration. They play a crucial role in building trust and breaking the ice between team members who may be unfamiliar with each other, allowing them to feel comfortable and engaged before delving into more complex team building activities.

According to research by Harvard Business Review icebreaker activities can lead to higher levels of trust among team members, improved communication, and increased team performance. (“The Surprising Science Behind Successful Icebreakers,” Harvard Business Review)   

2. The Benefits of the Team Activator: Turning Strangers into Friends in 15 Minutes

Urban Quest’s Team Activator, offered as a kick-off to our corporate team building event, is tailor-made for those needing to connect. This unique icebreaker activity has numerous benefits that set the stage for a successful corporate team building experience:

Rapid Relationship Building

  • In just 15 minutes, the Team Activator transforms strangers into friends. The carefully crafted interactive activities facilitate swift connections among team members, creating a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

Improved Communication

  • Effective communication is the foundation of any successful team so the Team Activator encourages open dialogue, active listening, and understanding among participants, fostering a healthy communication culture that carries forward to the subsequent team building activities.

Enhanced Team Dynamics

  • As team members build bonds and rapport through the icebreaker, they gain insight into each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and working styles. This newfound understanding sets the stage for more cohesive and productive team dynamics.

Increased Trust and Collaboration

  • Trust is crucial in any team environment, especially in corporate settings. The Team Activator cultivates trust among team members, encouraging them to rely on each other’s expertise and work together to achieve common goals.

3. Linking the Team Activator to the Urban Quest Corporate Team Building Experience

The inclusion of the Team Activator elevates Urban Quest’s Melbourne corporate team building experience. This icebreaker activity acts as a catalyst for the subsequent team building challenges, making the overall experience more impactful and rewarding. Curious to see Team Activator in action? Check out this video from one of our recent events, where a team from Origin Energy experienced the power of bonding and collaboration firsthand. Witness the positive impact on their teamwork and camaraderie. We do this by:

Boosting Efficiency

By establishing a strong foundation of camaraderie and trust, the Team Activator sets the tone for efficient collaboration during the rest of the team building activities. Teams that begin with a successful icebreaker tend to be more focused, cooperative, and eager to participate in the following challenges.

Creating a Connected Culture

The Team Activator fosters a sense of belonging and unity among team members. As they embark on the corporate team building journey together, the shared experience of the icebreaker strengthens their connection and establishes a positive team culture that endures beyond the event.

Nurturing Lasting Relationships

The connections formed during the Team Activator have a lasting impact on team dynamics. Participants develop a genuine appreciation for each other’s contributions, which leads to better collaboration, reduced conflicts, and stronger professional relationships.

Corporate Team Building team success

4. Research-Based Evidence: The Science Behind Our Approach

Our dedication to research ensures that our icebreaker activities are based on proven principles.

As well as the Harvard Business Review, studies published in the Journal of Business and Psychology and the Journal of Management Education support the positive impact of icebreakers on team cohesion, group dynamics, and trust-building.  (“The Effects of Icebreakers on Cohesion and Communication in a Virtual Team,” Journal of Business and Psychology) (“The Effects of Icebreakers on Group Dynamics and Group Support Systems in an Undergraduate Management Course,” Journal of Management Education).*


At Urban Quest, we care deeply about your team’s success. Our commitment to crafting powerful icebreaker activities like the Team Activator stems from our desire to make a genuine difference in the way your team collaborates, communicates, and connects. We invite you to embrace the power of icebreakers and witness the transformative impact on your corporate team building experience. Trust us to lead your team on a journey of camaraderie, understanding, and growth. Let’s build stronger teams together.

Find out more about Team Activator and how it can help your team become a better team by contacting Urban Quest. Submit your inquiry via the website or give us a call at 1300 656 378.

*While there are certainly research-based articles on the relevance of icebreakers in corporate team building activities, it’s important to understand that not all research articles are available in open access for the public. Many scholarly journals and publications are published by academic publishers that require a subscription or purchase to access the full content. This is known as the “paywall” model, where the publisher charges for access to the research articles to cover their costs and maintain the quality of their publications.

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