successful school incursion event for students and staff

A school incursion is a fantastic way to reward students who have put in hard work throughout the school term. However, as a teacher, organising an incursion can often feel like an additional burden.

Your priority is to ensure that arranging an incursion is straightforward and stress-free. Moreover, it’s crucial to select an incursion activity that students will genuinely enjoy and that staff will love too!

A successful school incursion typically consists of 3 key ingredients:

1. Educational Value

The incursion provides students with valuable learning experiences that contribute to their growth and development.

2. Fun and Enjoyment

Students should have a blast during the incursion and leave the event feeling excited and energised.

3. Alignment with Learning Outcomes

The incursion should align with the school’s key learning outcomes and themes, ensuring that it complements the curriculum.

What Teachers Say

Let’s hear from Callum Urquhart, a Grade 4 teacher from Canterbury Primary School, as he shares his insights into their recent school incursion organised by Urban Quest.

Discover how:

  • Canterbury Primary School integrated the incursion event with their term’s key themes.

  • Students at Canterbury Primary School benefited from a team-building-focused incursion.

  • Easy it was to organise this exciting incursion event.

If your primary school is looking for fun and engaging school incursions, consider partnering with Urban Quest.

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