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Highly engaging school incursions that enhance teamwork, resilience and collaboration!

Urban Quest is a 1.5-hour highly dynamic Amazing Race school incursion full of puzzles and challenges based on critical thinking, logicorienteeringteamwork and lots of fun!

Duration is 1.5 hours
Suitable for Grades P-12
Tech- or paper-based
Fits your bell times
Rates start from $15
Set up on campus or park

Primary and Secondary School Incursions

students display teamwork during Urban Quest school incursions melbourne

Excite your students with thrilling Urban Quest school incursions!

Students are grouped in teams of 5-6 to solve riddles, conquer challenges, and discover clues in an electrifying Amazing Race set up on your school grounds.

Who will seize the victory at the finish line?

secondary school students are engaged in problem-solving school incursions melbourne

Urban Quest offers you the flexibility to choose either a paper-based event or a tech-savvy experience, utilising readily available smart devices like phones or tablets.

Each task is a blend of logic (crack riddles for destinations), navigation (orienteering to locations), and action (solve puzzles, uncover clues, engage with game agents, and more).

This unique approach fosters dynamic teamwork and enhances communication among students of any age, making every moment a learning and bonding opportunity.

students display teamwork at school incursions melbourne

The highly interactive and experiential activities, in the form of puzzles and challenges, provide the ideal opportunity to build resilience and communication skills as well as trust.

Aligned to key goals in the curriculum for years P – 12, social skills and team spirit are at the core of every challenge.

Each activity promotes decision making, leadership, camaraderie, responsibility and outside-the-box thinking.

It always leaves students talking about their exceptional experience and wanting to come back for more.

students engaged in problem solving school incursions melbourne

The best part of Urban Quest school incursions is our proven game concept, which works well even at paper-based events (when the access to devices is not available).

We are confident that the dynamic nature of the game will engage even the most reluctant students, and simply enhances the heat of the competition.

This in turn encourages participants to perform at their best in contributing to their team’s strategy.

winning team school incursions melbourne

Once at the finish line, we will present the results and participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences.

Everyone will be acknowledged and there is a prize for winning team!

“It’s an opportunity for students to achieve little goals and problem-solve together without teachers’ support.”

Callum Urquhart, Canterbury Primary School

Thank you!!! Today was ace. The kids loved it and so did I!

Jayne Wise Senior School Wellbeing Coordinator The King David School

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Challenge your students to Urban Quest school excursions in Melbourne!

Urban Quest Journal

School Excursions Melbourne Simplified: Seamless Planning, Engaged Students!

School Excursions Melbourne Simplified: Seamless Planning, Engaged Students!

Finding engaging excursions for school groups in Melbourne can be challenging, but Urban Quest makes a school teacher’s life a breeze. We address all the key challenges of group activities and provide a solution that will ensure your students have a fabulous fun and educational day out.   
August 18, 2023

School Incursions Melbourne FAQs

Will Urban Quest school incursions work as a team building event for school students?

Absolutely! Teamwork is hugely important to many of life’s successes and Urban Quest school incursions are the ideal opportunity for students to work together, rely on each other, exercise leadership and listening skills and experience success.

The tasks are specifically structured to foster communication and lateral thinking, and the competitive atmosphere of the race naturally creates a bonding experience for students.

Urban Quest school incursions can be set up on-campus, in a park or any other suitable area and is tailored to the students’ ages, abilities and any specific requirements.

Is the teachers’ involvement or supervision required during the event?

No teachers’ supervision or assistance is typically required on the day as we have a great team of reliable, qualified hosts to ensure students are safe, supervised and having fun.

However, if you would particularly like to be involved in your school incursions, we can find a role for you!

Will Urban Quest school incursions engage my more reluctant students?

We are confident that the dynamic nature of the Quest will engage even the most reluctant students. Urban Quest’s unique and proven game concept is developed to ensure all members of the group can be involved.

All team members are required to successfully complete tasks. When the option of our digital technology is used, this ensures even more so that all team members receive challenge information simultaneously and have the opportunity to direct and be involved in the required action.

Will Urban Quest school incursions work for lower primary students?

Finding a genuine, challenging and engaging school incursions in the form of team building activities for lower primary students is not easy, but Urban Quest primary school incursions Melbourne is your answer.

All activities are tailored to the students’ ages, abilities and any specific requirements. We know what works for the younger students still grappling with literacy and basic team concepts and our challenges meet them at their level and extend them further.

How will On-Campus Urban Quest school incursions genuinely challenge my senior students?

Just look at the smiling faces of our past participants! All activities are tailored to the students’ ages, abilities and any specific requirements. We know from vast experience what works and what doesn’t, and have designed our Quests to ensure the highest level of engagement.

When we use our digital technology, that further enhances the experience for students. Urban Quest has incursions for secondary schools in Melbourne that will have your students raving about it for weeks afterwards.

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