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In a modern world where engaging students during excursions for schools can be a challenging task, Urban Quest emerges as the game-changer, unveiling a revolutionary new feature – the Performance Report.

Teens are a tricky age to navigate, so teachers often find themselves grappling with students’ disengagement. Recognising this issue, Urban Quest steps in with a solution that maintains the excitement of team building excursions for schools while equipping teachers with invaluable insights. Imagine turning a thrilling school excursion into a comprehensive learning experience with tangible takeaways!

Traditionally, teachers have been the front-line soldiers battling the engagement war, armed with a deep understanding of their students. Urban Quest bridges the gap by introducing the Performance Report, an invaluable tool for educators. This report delves into the core of students’ experiences, quantifying problem-solving skills, and gauging their level of engagement throughout the activity.

We believe that team building should go beyond the fun at excursions for schools, and our Performance Report does just that,” says Serge Zubaryev, Founder of Urban Quest. “We’re transforming adventures into actionable insights for teachers, empowering them to connect with their students on a whole new level.

Urban Quest team building excursions for school students have always been a tool to foster essential personal and social skills like communication, collaboration, resilience, and critical thinking. However, understanding that teachers hold a unique position to shape these skills, Urban Quest developed the Performance Report to assist in assessing disengagement levels and skill gaps in students.

After each Urban Quest school excursion, where students tackle problem-solving activities and work in teams under time pressure, the Performance Report becomes the hero. Utilising the game platform as a technology hub, it collects interaction and game data, translating it into specific metrics that offer a snapshot of individual teams and overall group performance.

As can be seen from the example of this report below, it not only helps you to ‘put a number’ on a particular group’s engagement levels and their problem-solving skills but also the ability to compare it with the performance from the past and future events for the same year level to gauge the difference and set a direction in your curriculum.

excursions for schools melbourne performance report

This report is especially beneficial for large school groups, where tracking group dynamics becomes challenging due to big numbers.

The Performance Report goes beyond just the school walls; it features an overall Leaderboard with results from hundreds of Victorian schools, allowing teachers to see how their students stack rank against others.

excursions for schools melbourne students performance leaderboard.jpg

So to sum it up, you can’t change students’ minds and fix their disengagement overnight, but now you can put a finger on it and with a high level of certainty direct your time and resources onto a group or individuals that need special attention.

Besides that, Urban Quest is a highly engaging and fun excursion for schools in itself, but now it comes supercharged with the power of data and provides priceless insights for teachers about their students.

For students, it’s a continued super-fun team building experience, but for teachers, it’s a game-changer. Urban Quest’s Performance Report is not just about excursions for schools; it’s about enhancing education through immersive experiences.

Urban Quest invites schools to dive into the future of team building, where fun meets data-driven insights. The School Excursion Performance Report is not just a feature; it’s a tool for shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

The Performance Report now comes as a standard and is included in Urban Quest’s excursions for schools – Melbourne CBD team building experience.

Urban Quest is a leading provider of team building activities for school students, offering immersive excursions for schools that blend fun and learning.

For more information, visit the School Excursions webpage or Contact Us to book the next excursion for your school in Melbourne!

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