Remote Team Building: 10 Virtual Games & Activities for Teams

The health guidelines introduced due to COVID-19 pandemic have forced most companies to embrace the remote work setup. Because gatherings of many people in the same place at the same time are limited, to engage in team events Melbourne companies have created virtual arrangements.

Max Funding Financial Consultant Shane Perry notes, “Corporate team building workshops are crucial to encourage collaboration in a team. Virtual games allow them to improve their strengths, identify weaknesses, and provide continuous learning while having fun. Team building is a necessary expense because its positive impact can be felt throughout the organisation.”


Group Activities to Spread Fun and Positivity at Work

The past year has been challenging for everyone in your team. Some had to adopt a remote work arrangement, and others had to let go of some beloved tasks. There were no gatherings in the break room, no banter in the hallways, and no after-work hangouts for a while. Some team members inevitably feel a bit detached from others. 

Shane Perry, a small business loans consultant at Max Funding, believes in the importance of team-building events. He explains, “Team building activities Melbourne can help restore the sense of camaraderie, trust, and positivity at work. With these, it will be more comfortable for team members to perform and excel together.”


Team Building Activities: Expense or Investment?

Is team building simply a costly expense or an investment that would be essential to any business relying on human capital?

Team building has sometimes been viewed in an unappealing light. Most often, when a supervisor or manager organizes a corporate team building Melbourne, employees imagine themselves being forced to again one of those waste-of-time activities while wearing matching t-shirts.


7 Ways to Improve Your Talent Management

So you have a team of talented staff, but are you REALLY making the most of their potential?

Talent management is pivotal to the success of any organisation. You may have the most talented workforce on earth, but if you can’t manage it successfully, then your organisation may suffer. There a number of tools that you can help you manage talent within your organisation, but you also need to know the basics.

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