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  • Running a conference and want to avoid death by PowerPoint?
  • Tight schedule with limited time for a fun activity?

Break the monotony of workshops with Urban Quest’s Dull Breaker – a unique blend of light-hearted competition and problem-solving indoor team building activities designed to bond your team and brighten up the learning process.

dull breaker indoor team building activities Melbourne Urban Quest

The Why:

Conferences are a staple in the corporate world, offering a platform for learning and development. However, the routine of workshops and common session topics can sometimes feel… well, routine.

Urban Quest’s Dull Breaker is here to inject an unexpected and exciting element into your conference breakout session, turning your event into a resounding success.

The What:

Finding engaging and interactive indoor team building activities is crucial for creating a dynamic event. No more searching for conference breakout session ideas.

Dull Breaker is your answer!

Think of it as a recess at school, immediately uplifting the mood of your crowd with creative challenges and quick-witted competitions.

Why Dull Breaker?

  • Team challenges that bring everyone together
  • Out-of-the-box thinking and creativity in every activity
  • Quick reaction tasks to keep the energy high
  • Conveniently held at your conference venue, utilising available space
  • Designed to fit tight time frames with a flexible duration of 1-1.5 hours
  • We come to you – no logistical hassle for moving people around!

Forget the Ordinary, Embrace the Extraordinary!

Say goodbye to boring icebreakers, tedious trivia, uninspiring Lego and silly minute-to-win-it… Duh!

Dull Breaker is designed for teams that are better than the mundane.

Make your conference a blast with a unique experience that combines fun and skill-building.


  • 1-1.5 hours duration to fit your timetable
  • We come to you, saving you logistical headaches
  • All materials provided
  • Re-energise your conference with a unique and enjoyable experience
  • Professional hosts to guide the event
  • Prizes for the winners add an extra element of excitement!


  • You provide the space. We bring the fun.
  • The space should have small tables for groups, access to a large A/V projector and a presentation area for your event host.
  • Access to a microphone for full engagement.
  • Hosts arrive 15-30 minutes before to set up.

Your conference attendees not only learn valuable team skills but also have fun, fostering professional growth.

Take the new skills back to the workplace and make your next conference an unforgettable experience with Urban Quest’s newest indoor team building activity – Dull Breaker!


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