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The Basics Of Team Building

Team building activities strive to forge cohesive teams, which trust one another and can easily focus on reaching a common target, with the help of their diverse skills and capabilities. We distinguish four types of team building activities:

  • Communication Activities
  • Planning And Adaptability Activities
  • Trust-Building And Team Bonding Activities
  • Problem-Solving (And Decision Making) Activities

The latter two types of team building activities are probably the most important of the lot.

The aim of all team building activities and game ideas for work is to enhance trust and the ability to work together by building bonds between the members of the team. The creation of these strong teams is beneficial for the enterprise as it increases productivity, makes communication more efficient, boosts work motivation, enhances collaboration and yes, … brings smiles to the faces of the employees. Team bonding and collective problem-solving contribute the most to achieving the above benefits.

Such activities in turn are very different to team outings. The difference between both we outlined in detail in this article.

Top 13 Team Building Activities Melbourne

Bonding And Problem-Solving Team Building As An Investment

Although normally prices for any team building activities are not high, still they may be challenging, say for a start-up. However, the expenses of organising a team building event should not be considered a “cost”, but rather an “investment”.

An investment is a cost that enterprises will expect to pay itself back and render a profit in the process. Team building activities are just such. Here is why (read on till the end and note the returns):

Better Communication

If a team is to work together, fluent communication is key. Team building activities normally put team members in out-of-work experiences and games. These help lower some of the normal barriers that some people erect. With fewer barriers, the communication flow becomes a flow. And who does not want that – an environment where everyone can freely communicate with anyone else? This is beneficial both to the work environment and to the mental health of employees.  

Getting To Know One Another And Bonding

If teams are going to be spending more time together, than with their spouses, it would be wise to get team members to know one another. Team building activities move past the standard acquaintance and help members of the team appreciate the various viewpoints that each of them will bring to a single event. 

If team members get to know each other, friendship is just a step away. Now this will truly count for boosting morale in the office and making it a fun place to be. Further, when the team is fully formed and bonded, remote or hybrid work is no longer an issue. Friends will remain just as functional and productive, even if they do not sit in the same room. 

Boost Teamwork

Bonding team building activities aim to facilitate trust and teamwork. If the members of the team know each other well, and know their strengths (and of course – some weaknesses) the team will be much more functional. 

Teamwork will be easier and will produce better results. If everyone can bring the best in them, while helping the team, the positive corporate culture will flourish. And while each of the team members is happy to bring the best of them to the work at hand, the results of the team will excel. 

team building activities melbourne

Cradling Creativity And Innovation

When team members are among friends and can bring the best of themselves, they are more inclined to be creative. This naturally brings innovation to the workplace. With creativity and innovation on steroids, team building activities increase the competitiveness of the enterprise.

No More Problems, Just Challenges

If you notice employees are running away from responsibility, looking away from problems or shrugging them off as in “it’s not my job” in your enterprise, good advice is to organise some team building problem-solving events. The whole concept of team building facilitates teams to tackle any problem that is thrown their way. After all – the team members know each other, know their strengths and weaknesses, trust each other, have strong creative capacity, and have the culture and the will to conjure up solutions. 

Now add to that some special techniques for problem-solving and decision making and you will have the recipe for a problem-tackling team. They will be dismissive of the risks, dangers and setbacks which each problem may create. They will just focus on the challenge of getting the best solution.

Teams, that have been forged in the mock battles of team building events cannot be easily scared from problems. After all, each problem is yet another game. We just have to find the best solution. They will take responsibility. These teams will always get the problem solved and the job is done. They will just keep coming for more.     

Building Cathedrals, Not Making Bricks

You have all heard the story. Although the business of the enterprise may be actually to make bricks, it is the culture of the enterprise that builds the belief of all team members that they are truly contributing to the creation of Cathedrals. 

Team building activities help forge this corporate culture. Now just imagine what a team of cathedral builders can do! To say the least – the quality of the bricks will be outstanding and all of the team members will have a true reason to get up in the morning. Work is no longer a chore, it is a source of inspiration.

Team Development: Don't Waste Precious $ On Team Building

A Place Where Leaders Are Created

Normally managers are hired as such. Team building games, however, may help unravel true leadership abilities where they are least expected. During the challenges and the competition, amidst problem-solving and decision-making, leaders tend to show the true themselves. These are not necessarily the managers or senior staff. But after all – what is better, than growing your leaders? 

Leadership is a talent with which people are born sometimes. Employers just need to take note and facilitate the growth of a new leader after the team building activities. The enterprise will only benefit.

Building Bridges

In more seasoned enterprises, where teams are already well established, they sometimes tend to silo themselves from all others. Team building exercises are not about breaking down established teams, but rather about making bridges between different teams. 

Can the marketing department benefit from better communication, trust and bonding with the production department? All teams can benefit from getting to know other teams, their strengths, weaknesses, wants and fears.

Stimulate the creation of ties between the different working teams. Sometimes we cannot even fathom the benefits that will follow.  

Appreciation And Celebration

Team building games normally have winners and naturally, there are some prizes. These do two things. On the one side – a reason for a team or a team member to be proud of winning the game. But also, a blueprint for setting corporate goals, competing to achieve and praising the winning team.

Last, but not least, each win is a reason for celebration. This bonds the team even stronger and then we go back up to the top of the present list and start the whole process over again. Boosting all the benefits in the process.

virtual team building

A True Reason

Now let’s recap. Team building helps start the communication flowing. Team building activities help your employees bond. Team building activities facilitate the creation of bridges between the different teams within your organisation. Team members use their strengths and depend on their peers for support. 

Teams become more creative and innovation flows. The organisation celebrates success and problem-solving has become a fun challenge. Employees are motivated to bring forth the best in them. New leaders emerge. Corporate culture prospers. People are smiling as they go to work and continue smiling when they are done. 

The bottom line of what team building can do for your enterprise in just a couple of words is to boost morale and employee engagement. No longer will you find division lines between “us” and “them”. After all – we are all Cathedral Builders!

The financial results from these investments will strongly outstrip the cost. The productivity of the company will be increased. The competitiveness of the enterprise will strengthen. Innovation will be ever-present. Risks will be diminished or mitigated. Employee turnover will decrease and with that the costs of training new employees. In-house leaders will be growing around the organisation ready to take up new positions. Considering all of these true financial results, the team building endeavour is truly worth the investment.   

Keep The Good Vibes Coming

Team building activities are considered sometimes lame as they only last a day. Then all is over and forgotten. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Employers must strive to create an ongoing team bonding and problem-solving atmosphere at the office. Use every achieved goal, every upcoming (or passed) holiday to organise corporate events

Continue organising more team building activities in and out of the office. Either way, the aim of employers should be to keep those teams bonded and trustful and maintain the smiles on the faces of the employees.

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    Team Building
    December 30, 2021

    9 Team Building Activities to Boost Your Team's Morale After the Holiday Break

    Returning to work after the holiday break can be challenging for employees as they transition from relaxation mode back to the daily grind. However, it's crucial for employers to prioritise recharging their team's morale and motivation to kickstart the new year on a positive note.

    In this article, we'll explore 9 creative and effective team building activities designed to re-energise your team and foster a sense of camaraderie after the holiday break.

    1. Outdoor Adventure Retreat

    Escape the confines of the office and immerse your team in nature with an outdoor adventure retreat. Whether it's a camping trip, hiking expedition, or day at the beach, outdoor activities provide a refreshing change of scenery and encourage team bonding. Engage in team challenges, outdoor games, and campfire storytelling to strengthen relationships and boost morale.

    2. Volunteer Day

    Give back to the community while fostering team spirit by organising a volunteer day. Choose a cause that resonates with your team and spend the day volunteering together. Whether it's cleaning up a local beach, serving meals at a homeless shelter, or participating in a charity run, contributing to a meaningful cause can instil a sense of pride and purpose among team members.

    3. Wellness Workshops

    Prioritise employee wellbeing by hosting wellness workshops focused on physical and mental health. Offer yoga or meditation sessions, nutrition workshops, or stress management seminars to help employees recharge and refocus. Investing in employee wellness not only boosts morale but also enhances productivity and reduces absenteeism.

    4. Creative Team Building Exercises

    Inject creativity and fun into your team building efforts with engaging activities such as Urban Quest. These types of activities challenge employees to think outside the box, work collaboratively, and problem-solve in a dynamic setting. Additionally, they provide a welcome break from routine tasks and foster a sense of excitement and camaraderie among team members.

    5. Team Building Retreat

    Plan a team building retreat at a scenic location where employees can disconnect from work and focus on personal and professional development. Design a program that includes on-site team building exercises, workshops, and motivational speakers to inspire and motivate your team. A retreat provides an opportunity for employees to recharge, gain new insights, and return to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

    6. Virtual Team Building Activities

    For remote or distributed teams, virtual team building activities offer a convenient and effective way to boost morale and foster team cohesion. Organise virtual team games, online workshops, or virtual coffee breaks to keep team members connected and engaged. Leverage technology to create interactive and immersive experiences that bring remote teams closer together.

    7. Appreciation Day

    Show your team how much you value their hard work and dedication by hosting an appreciation day. Treat employees to a catered lunch, award ceremony, or team outing to express gratitude for their contributions. Additionally, provide personalised tokens of appreciation, such as handwritten notes or small gifts, to make each team member feel valued and recognised.

    8. Communication Workshops

    Enhance communication and collaboration within your team by hosting communication workshops. These workshops can include activities such as role-playing exercises, active listening exercises, and indoor team building games focused on improving communication skills. Effective communication is essential for fostering trust, resolving conflicts, and achieving common goals.

    9. Goal-Setting Sessions

    Start the new year on the right foot by facilitating goal-setting sessions with your team. Encourage employees to set personal and professional goals for the year ahead and create action plans to achieve them. By aligning individual goals with team objectives, you can foster a sense of purpose and accountability among team members, driving motivation and productivity.


    Recharging your team's morale after the holiday break is essential for setting the tone for a successful and productive year ahead. By incorporating these engaging team building activities into your post-holiday strategy, you can inspire camaraderie, foster collaboration, and create a positive work environment that fuels employee motivation and engagement. Invest in your team's wellbeing and watch as their morale and productivity soar to new heights in the year ahead.

    Contact us to learn more about options Urban Quest has to offer to cover many of the suggested activities.

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    February 11, 2022

    10 Ways to Improve Diversity and Inclusion at Workplace With the Help of Team Activities

    In today's corporate landscape, fostering diversity and inclusion isn't just a moral imperative; it's also a strategic advantage. Companies that prioritise diversity and inclusion tend to outperform their competitors, attract top talent, and foster innovation.

    One effective way to promote diversity and inclusion within your organisation is through team activities. These activities not only bring employees together but also help break down barriers, foster empathy, and celebrate differences.

    In this article, we'll explore 10 impactful ways to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace through diversity and inclusion team activities.

    10 Team Activities To Boost Diversity And Inclusion At Work

    1. Cultural Potluck Lunches

    Host regular cultural potluck lunches where employees are encouraged to bring dishes that represent their cultural backgrounds. This not only introduces colleagues to different cuisines but also sparks conversations about traditions, customs, and experiences. This will work particularly well in Melbourne with its melting pot of cultures from all over the world.

    2. Diversity Training Workshops

    Organise diversity training workshops facilitated by experts in the field. These workshops can cover topics such as unconscious bias, inclusive language, and cultural competence, providing employees with valuable insights and tools to foster a more inclusive work environment. You may want to check these guys out.

    3. Employee Resource Groups

    Establish employee resource groups (ERGs) or affinity groups based on shared identities or interests, such as race, gender, or sexual orientation. These groups provide a supportive space for employees to connect, share experiences, and advocate for inclusivity within the organisation.

    4. Cross-Cultural Competency Games

    Organise interactive games or quizzes that test employees' knowledge of different cultures, traditions, and customs. These games not only educate employees but also encourage empathy and understanding across cultural divides.

    5. Mentorship Programs

    Implement mentorship programs where employees from diverse backgrounds are paired with mentors who can offer guidance, support, and career development opportunities. Mentorship fosters inclusivity by providing underrepresented employees with access to valuable resources and networks.

    6. Inclusive Team Building Activities

    Organise team activities that promote collaboration, communication, and trust among employees from diverse backgrounds. Make sure there is a team building element to them rather than just fun times out. Whether it's a scavenger hunt, escape room challenge, or outdoor adventure, inclusive team building activities create opportunities for employees to work together towards common goals. All while letting their guard down and seeing each other for who they truly are.

    7. Diversity Film Screenings

    Host screenings of documentaries or films that explore themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion. After the screening, facilitate discussions where employees can share their thoughts, perspectives, and insights inspired by the film.

    8. Inclusive Meeting Practices

    Ensure that meetings are conducted in a way that amplifies diverse voices and perspectives. Encourage active participation from all attendees, use inclusive language, and provide opportunities for quieter or marginalised voices to be heard.

    9. Volunteer Opportunities

    Engage employees in volunteer activities that support diverse communities or causes. Whether it's participating in a community clean-up, volunteering at a local shelter, or mentoring students from underprivileged backgrounds, volunteering fosters empathy, compassion, and solidarity.

    10. Celebrate Diversity Milestones

    Recognise and celebrate diversity milestones within the organisation, such as cultural Heritage months, Pride month, or International Women's Day. Host events, workshops, or speaker panels that highlight the contributions and experiences of diverse employees.

    In conclusion, promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace requires a concerted effort from both leadership and employees. By implementing these 10 ways to improve diversity and inclusion through team activities, organisations can create a more welcoming, inclusive, and innovative work environment where every employee feels valued, respected, and empowered to succeed.

    Urban Quest runs highly organised team building activities in Melbourne where every team activity and challenge is designed to deliver a genuine, engaging experience that promotes unity and inclusivity.

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