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Is team building simply a costly expense or an investment that would be essential to any business relying on human capital?

Team building activities have sometimes been viewed in an unappealing light. Most often, when a supervisor or manager organizes a corporate team building Melbourne, employees imagine themselves being forced to again one of those waste-of-time activities while wearing matching t-shirts.

Despite its bad rap, team building is one of the most important investments of any organization for its people. Its true essence may be hard to grasp, especially if the activities are not engaging. But when done right, it can build trust, encourage communication, increase collaboration, and mitigate conflict. Here’s why:

You need the best team, not the best people.

It’s unlikely that your employees are going to deliver the best results if they don’t have teamwork no matter how individually or talented they are. In terms of performance, team dynamics are more important. The chances of success are higher for organisations if all members work together effectively, despite the variances in competitiveness.

It provides them with time to socialize.

Social time can improve a team’s overall performance. A recent study found that seemingly casual conversations are responsible for up to 50% of positive changes within the patterns of team communication.

And when team communication improves, so does team performance. This is because each member becomes more comfortable with each other, allowing them to share important information and decisions better.

It boosts engagement.

Research shows that almost 70% of Australian workers are not engaged in their jobs and this disengagement costs companies around $400-$500 billion each year.

Higher engagement reduces boredom, sick days, and slacking off, which results to increase in productivity. Based on this data, we can say that team building activities Melbourne are rational investments.

It creates psychological safety.

According to Google’s extensive research on team performance, one of the major predictors of performance is psychological safety. 

Alistair Clare, a Credit Capital business advisor, states that “Psychological safety refers to the sense in the team that the team environment is comfortable, trustworthy, respectful, and isn’t exposed to unnecessary risks. When employees feel that their team is a safe place to take risks, they can be more creative. This eventually leads to better results.”

It allows employees to build a positive relationship with their work.

One of the most effective ways to motivate workers is to show them the impact of their work. Team building activities offer a chance to share each member’s interpretation of their work’s impact on their own life, to the customers, and to the larger community. When they learn of other members’ interpretations, their motivation will be strengthened.

When the purpose is clear, the resolve to achieve it is strong. For teams working remotely, there are online team building activities that can instil and preserve positive relationships among team members.

It creates a shared identity.

The human brain is programmed to bond with other people. And when we do, specific centres in the brain that are associated with the sense of belonging to a “tribe” are excited. Back in ancient times, a person who didn’t have a tribe is unlikely to survive. Therefore, team building helps members feel that they shouldn’t be afraid because their tribe has their back.

So, when asked to justify the value of team building, take note of these things.

Do you bring back the energy in the office?

Do you want to improve the team’s productivity through fun experiences?

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