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The past year has been challenging for everyone in your team. Some had to adopt a remote work arrangement, and others had to let go of some beloved tasks. There were no gatherings in the break room, no banter in the hallways, and no after-work hangouts for a while. Some team members inevitably feel a bit detached from others. 

Shane Perry, a small business loans consultant at Max Funding, believes in the importance of group activities. He explains, “Team building activities for groups can help restore the sense of camaraderie, trust, and positivity at work. With these, it will be more comfortable for team members to perform and excel together.”

Here’s your go-to list of fun group activities in Melbourne that are easy to organise, plan and execute:

Urban Quest

work team engaged in group activities melbourne

After months of quarantine, everybody’s craving for an outdoor experience. Now that restrictions have been eased, your team can participate in an exhilarating outdoor team event – an adventure around the Melbourne CBD! 

Urban Quest is a fierce outdoor competition that involves solving puzzles, cracking codes, and exploring the city of Melbourne – with each challenge it becomes slightly more challenging as the teams get closer to the trophy. It uses technology to ensure that social distancing will still be observed throughout the game. All participants will be connected through their devices, and the event’s planning is aligned with the government’s health protocols. 

Urban Quest is a top-rated group activity that kickstarts the players with purposefully designed physical and mental challenges. Just imagine it as a personalised version of The Amazing Race but in the beautiful city of Melbourne!

Urban Quest provides a range of activities for large groups and is experienced in team building group activities in Melbourne.

Group size: 10 and above (subject to social restrictions)

Time: 2-2.5 hours (including pre-event instructional session and post-event awards)

Mode: Provided by Urban Quest

Cost: from $40 per person

The Mind Field

group of coworkers blinfolded and having fun

This game can be performed during short breaks or after office hours because it only lasts for 15 to 30 minutes, perfect if you’re after short group activities. Simply find an open space, e.g., a park or an empty parking lot. You can also do this at the beach!

Scatter objects, such as balls and bottles, across space—the more disorganised, the more exciting.

Ask everyone to pair up. If possible, pair people up with members from different departments. One person should blindfold the other, then using verbal instructions only, a person without a blindfold should guide the other from one side of the space to the other. The blindfolded person must avoid the objects and is not allowed to speak.

The Mind Field is a game that focuses on effective communication and trust

Time: 15 to 30 minutes

Number of participants: 4 or more (as long as the numbers are even)

Mode: DIY

The Perfect Square

a group of colleagues is playing charades

This group activity is competitive but in a less exhausting way. Ask your team members to form a circle while holding a piece of rope. Have them put on a blindfold, set the string on the ground, and walk away from the circle. Then, ask them to come back and form a square using the rope while on blindfolds. To make it more competitive, set a time limit.

Perfect Square improves leadership and communication skills. Team members will learn to trust each other when they rely on one another to navigate in the right direction.

Time: 15 to 30 minutes

Number of participants: 5 to 20 people

Tools needed: Blindfold for each participant and a long piece of rope.

Mode: DIY

Game of Possibilities (Charades)

This 5-minute team building activity is an excellent mental warm-up. Instruct your colleagues to form smaller groups. Give an object to one member of each group. That person should go in front and act out the object given to them. The rest of the members must guess what the object is. The actor is not allowed to speak. Choose wacky objects to inspire a bit more creativity.

Time: 5 to 6 minutes

Number of participants: 6 or more

Mode: DIY

The Egg Drop

This is one of the most engaging team building activities for groups that encourage problem-solving abilities and teamwork. Because this game is more fun when there are more participants, it is suitable for corporate team building events. Just make sure you have extra eggs because you’ll probably break a lot.

Split your workmates into teams of 3 to 5 people, and give each group an uncooked egg. Prepare some items in a pile. These may include newspapers, rubber bands, straws, pencils, etc. Each team must build a contraption from the items from that pile to prevent the uncooked egg from breaking when it drops. Drop an egg down each contraption from 6 feet up. The group with the egg that didn’t break wins!

Time: 1 to 2 hours

Number of participants: 4 and above

Tools needed: uncooked eggs and assorted disposable items.

Mode: DIY

Update (3/4/2024): After reviewing this article, and this activity in particular we, here at Urban Quest, unanimously agreed that we do not support unsustainable activities, which this one is. Use it at your own risk. 😀

Scavenger Hunt

team work problem solving at scavenger hunt

This is one of the classic DIY group activities that guarantees fun no matter the group size. In a scavenger hunt, the team will be broken down into two or more groups. Stray away from typical tasks and make a list of silly ones. These may include taking a selfie with an animal, bringing the biggest shoe, etc.

Give the list to each team and set the deadline. Whichever team completes the most tasks, wins! You may also want to set a point system depending on the task difficulty.

Scavenger Hunt can be a great way to make team members work with colleagues from other departments or social circles. It’s a great, cost-effective and creative option when looking for group activities. 

Time: 1-2 hours

Tools needed: pen and paper

Mode: DIY

Update (3/4/2024): we know that creating a truly engaging experience is not an easy feat. That’s why we exist as a business. If you want this activity to be run professionally and leave lasting memories instead of eye-rolls contact us.

Blind Drawing

When looking for group activities or the perfect corporate team building activity, you want to make sure everyone is interacting with each other and using a different part of the brain that they are not used to.

Ask everyone to pair up. Two participants should sit back-to-back. Give one person a picture and the other a pen and paper. One should trace an image of the chosen object on their team member’s back while they in turn will try to recreate it on the back of the person in front of them. The person with the pen and paper should draw based only on the verbal description of the other. Choose quirky pictures to make it more fun.

Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Number of participants: 2 or more people

Tools needed: Pen, paper and pictures.

Mode: DIY

This is Better Than That

Choose four or more different objects or similar objects that look different from each other. Split the team into even numbers. Create a scenario where all the participants must use only the chosen objects to solve the problem. For example, “You’re stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere.” or “An alien species is invading Earth.” Ask each team to rank the objects based on their usefulness in the scenario and explain their reasoning.

This is a light team building game that inspires analysis and creativity. Just remember to make the scenarios challenging enough so that the participants can be truly challenged.

Time: 15 to 20 minutes

Number of participants: 2 or more

Tools needed: Four objects or more

Mode: DIY

Truth and Lies

Sometimes when looking for the perfect group activities, you need to look no further than the classics. Some schoolyard games or corporate icebreakers can be ideal activities for large groups in Melbourne.

Have everyone sit down in a circle. Each participant must share three things about them: two are facts, and one is a lie – in random order. Others have to guess which are the facts. A tip: encourage the participants to tell a lie in the most realistic way possible.

This is a good choice for group activities for small to medium-sized groups. It is recommended for new teams because it eliminates snap judgments about each other. It also gives members who are less sociable a chance to share facts about themselves and learn more about others.

Time: 10 – 15 minutes

Number of Participants: four people or more

Mode: DIY

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is one of the all-favourite team building group activities. In this game, everyone should form a circle with an empty bottle in the middle. One person will spin the bottle and when it stops, the person seated where the tip of the bottle points should choose between truth or dare.

If they choose the truth, the person who spun the bottle should ask a question. If they choose to dare, the person who turned the bottle will ask them to do something. The person choosing will be the next one to spin the bottle.

Before the game, it’s essential to set the limitations for truth or consequence. For example, all questions can be personal but shouldn’t include relationships, financial status, or any other sensitive information. The tasks may be limited to singing or dancing.

This is an effortless team building group game that can easily become hilarious if your team is up for it.

Time: 15 to 30 minutes

Number of participants:  5 or more

Tools: an empty bottle

Mode: DIY

Bottom line:

Team building is one of the most important investments you can make for your people. It may not be instantly apparent, but this activity can have significant benefits to your entire organisation. Group activities, in Melbourne or anywhere, are vital to keeping employees happy and engaged.

First, it loosens up everyone. The bloopers, the quirky challenges, and the physical work get rid of stress.

Second, it eliminates prejudices. The more your members get to know each other, the more comfortable they become working together in the same organisation – which can translate to increased productivity.

Third, it conveys a message that you’re determined to foster healthy relationships in the office. This can result in fewer absences, fewer conflicts, and less turnover.

If you’re unsure how to organise regular team building activities, contact Urban Quest

We offer emotionally charged team building group activities organised professionally.

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    Team Building
    November 25, 2020

    Team Building Activities: Expense or Investment?

    Is team building simply a costly expense or an investment that would be essential to any business relying on human capital?

    While some may view team building activities with scepticism, dismissing them as mere frivolities, the reality is quite different. When executed effectively, team building is one of the most crucial investments any organisation can make for its people.

    Picture this: employees reluctantly don matching t-shirts and brace themselves for yet another mundane team building activity organised by their supervisor. It's a scenario that's all too familiar and often met with groans and eye rolls. However, beneath this uninspiring facade lies the potential for significant benefits that can positively impact an organisation's bottom line.

    Contrary to popular belief, team building activities are not just about fostering camaraderie or boosting morale. They play a pivotal role in building trust, enhancing communication, fostering collaboration, and mitigating conflict within teams. Here's why team building activities are essential investments for corporate professionals:

    1. Building the Best Team

    In today's competitive landscape, success isn't solely determined by individual talent but by cohesive teamwork. Regardless of individual capabilities, a team's dynamics often dictate its performance. Investing in team building ensures that employees can work together effectively, maximising their chances for success.

    2. Socialising Time

    Informal interactions among team members during team building activities can significantly enhance overall team performance. Research indicates that up to 50% of positive changes in team communication patterns result from seemingly casual conversations. Improved communication leads to better sharing of information and decisions, ultimately enhancing team performance.

    3. Boosting Engagement

    A staggering 70% of Australian workers are disengaged in their jobs, resulting in significant productivity losses for companies. Team building activities help combat this disengagement by reducing boredom, sick days, and slacking off, thereby increasing overall productivity.

    4. Creating Psychological Safety

    Psychological safety, as highlighted in Google's research on team performance, is a critical predictor of success. When employees feel safe to take risks and express themselves within a team, they become more creative and innovative, leading to better outcomes.

    5. Strengthening Relationships

    Team building activities provide an opportunity for employees to understand the impact of their work on their lives, customers, and the broader community. This shared understanding strengthens their motivation and fosters positive relationships with their work.

    6. Fostering a Shared Identity

    Humans are inherently social beings, wired to bond with others. Team building activities stimulate the brain's centres associated with belonging to a tribe, fostering a sense of unity and support among team members.

    There Is More To Team Building Activities

    Moreover, team building activities offer a unique opportunity for employees to develop essential skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability in a low-stakes environment. These activities serve as a practical training ground where employees can hone their abilities and learn to collaborate effectively with diverse team members.

    Furthermore, the benefits of team building extend beyond the workplace. Employees who participate in meaningful team building activities often report higher job satisfaction, increased loyalty to their organisation, and improved overall well-being. This positive impact on employee morale and engagement translates into tangible business outcomes, including higher retention rates, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profitability.

    In conclusion

    In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, investing in team building activities isn't just a luxury; it's a strategic imperative. By prioritising the development of strong, cohesive teams, organisations can position themselves for long-term success and sustainability.

    So, whether you're planning an outdoor adventure, a virtual team building workshop, or an interactive problem-solving challenge, Urban Quest has the expertise and creativity to design customised experiences that will inspire, engage, and unite your team.

    Contact us today to explore our range of team building activities and take the first step towards unlocking your team's full potential!

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    Team Building
    February 16, 2021

    Remote Team Building: 10 Virtual Games & Activities for Teams

    The health guidelines introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic have forced most companies to embrace the remote work setup. Because gatherings of many people in the same place at the same time are limited, to engage in team events Melbourne companies have created virtual arrangements.

    Max Funding's Financial Consultant Shane Perry notes, “Remote team building workshops for corporate groups are crucial to encourage collaboration in a team. Virtual games allow them to improve their strengths, identify weaknesses, and provide continuous learning while having fun. Remote team building is a necessary expense because its positive impact can be felt throughout the organisation.”

    1. Virtual Urban Quest

    Typically, Urban Quest would be your best bet for remote team building events in Melbourne. It is an interactive race played in the streets of Melbourne’s Central Business District by teams of 4-6. The event lasts for two hours and is filled with riddles and fun challenges.

    So as a complement to remote work arrangements, the Urban Quest team have come up with the game's virtual setup. It is known as “Mission Impossible”.

    Urban Quest’s “Mission Impossible” is a remote team building challenge! A Virtual Secret Agent Mission where you are challenged to complete a range of increasingly elaborate online problems, virtually navigate to international locations, connect with secret agents in the field and use your wits on the web to propel your team to victory!

    In a race against the clock, teams compete against each other to be the fastest to complete their Mission. Using Zoom and the Urban Quest gaming platform, you are challenged to solve a range of online problems. Teamwork will be the key to success.  All tasks are based on problem-solving and logical thinking. Use your knowledge or any internet resource to help your team race to the finish.

    To start the game, you only need to book with the Urban Quest team. Let them know your preferred date and time, and after receiving the booking confirmation, you can now invite your team and have fun!

    2. Two Truths, One Lie

    Nothing is more exciting than knowing the quirky truths about your colleagues. The “Two Truths One Lie” game is a classic favourite in team events in Melbourne. It is known for its simplicity because it doesn’t require any materials. Though this game might need a few deduction skills, and maybe some wild imagination!

    To play the game, all the team members should write three statements about themselves - wherein two are facts, and one is a lie. The members of the team take turns in reading and guessing the truths and lies.

    The player with the most number of correct guesses wins.

    This activity not only allows your team to get to know each other more, but it can also leave people rolling in laughter!

    3. Pictionary

    Pictionary is a popular activity among remote team building events in Melbourne because it can develop creativity and get the most out of your teammates. Members will draw based on the word provided. No letters, gestures, numbers, or verbal cues should be used in playing this game. Teams only need to guess the word that best corresponds to the picture being drawn by the other player.

    A virtual room like Skribbl or just a pen and paper during a conference video call is all you need for this activity. You could even use a random word generator to come up with the next word to draw.

    4. Favourite Things

    This activity is a great icebreaker for your online team events in Melbourne. The manager or facilitator can decide on a topic, which can either be work-related or personal.

    To make this remote team building more fun, tell your teammates to search for a photo that signifies their favourite thing about the chosen topic. Then, the members of the team take turns sharing their favourite things with the group. Since there is no wrong answer, this activity is more relaxing and isn’t anxiety-inducing. Not only will it eliminate prejudices, but it can also teach you a thing or two about each other. When one member learns that the other shares his/her interest in something, they’d be encouraged to converse - and that’s an excellent start!

    5. Virtual Coffee Breaks

    Working continuously for multiple hours can be quite exhausting for most employees, which is why there is a need for short breaks.

    For this remote team building activity, you can schedule 15 minutes for your team to join a video chat while enjoying a cup of coffee. This activity can allow your team to catch up with each other, the same as when they are in the office. If you want it to be more realistic, why not add a water dispenser in the background?

    You can do this in between meetings or regular working days, depending on your team’s availability. Make a deal not to talk about work during virtual coffee breaks.

    6. Birth Map Game

    To start with the game, share a Google Map link with your group. Then, ask your team members to place a sticker on a map indicating the place of their birth. Next, each of the team members shares a fun fact or story about their birthplace. At the end of the activity, the team votes on who shared the fascinating story. You can offer to give the winner a prize, such as a gift card. It’s an effortless game that can be incorporated into remote team building workshops in Melbourne.

    You can also modify this game and make it into your favourite vacation spot, dream destination, etc.

    7. Team Movie Night

    Movies have always been a source of relaxation because they can be so entertaining they let you forget about all the problems in the world. For team events, movie time can induce relaxation and strengthen levels of camaraderie at work.

    You can send a poll to your team to decide what movie to watch, or your team members can take turns choosing the movie genre. To spice up the movie options, you can check the must-see films your team should not miss and then stream it using a conference video call. It can also be watched using Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party. Ask everyone to bring popcorn and soda or be in their pyjamas - just like a real movie marathon at home.

    After watching, you can take turns in sharing brief reviews about the movie.

    8. Photo Challenge

    The Photo Challenge is ideal for new teams because it allows each member to get a glimpse at each other through certain photos.

    For this activity, the manager creates a challenge at the start of the week. It can be “the cutest pet of the week” or “the quirkiest photo of a child.” The team takes turns in sharing their photo and a brief story about it.

    Not only will you know something about your team, but it can also spark their creativity. Moreover, each image can stir positive emotions and offer a chance for the office jokesters to shine. It’s also an opportunity to get to know the more introverted members of your team.

    9. Virtual Charades

    Charades never go old in team building workshops. When integrated into your team meetings, it can bring a lot of laughter. This game - the same as Pictionary - needs little to no preparation, making it more convenient for teams to play.

    To play the game, form two separate teams that will compete with each other. Upon deciding on a theme, each team member acts out an object or a scene. To make it more fun, choose hilarious topics.  A point will be given to the team of the first person who can guess the correct answer.

    Each player takes turns acting out until the time limit. Each round can be timed for two or three minutes, and the team with the highest number of correct guesses wins the game. As a rule of the game, players assigned to act out are not allowed any verbal cues. You can use an online random word generator or the online platform Pantoparty with this game.

    10. A Peek Into Each Other’s Homes

    This activity can be likened to shows like House Hunters and MTV Cribs, where team members are asked to show their houses to their colleagues and is one of the popular team events in Melbourne.

    For this activity, ask one member each week to take a video of his home and share their favourite things about it. While it can be a hilarious way for a team to get to know each other’s personalities, this can also blur indifferences between team members.

    You can also modify this activity and make it into a peek into each other’s workspace, fridge, or closet.


    The options for remote team building events and activities are endless. You can always be creative and modify the games mentioned above to your liking.

    The relaxation and sense of camaraderie that corporate team building fosters can translate into increased productivity, fewer absences, and less turnover. So, turn your team into a well-oiled high-performance engine now by signing up at Urban Quest.

    Urban Quest is a tested and proven ready-made solution for team events in Melbourne. No matter how big or small your group is, the age, fitness level, or industry you come from, we deliver the maximum engagement level leaving no one behind. Digital technology allows us to track an individual from team performance, generate reports, and provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

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