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With Christmas coming around the corner, every workplace will start getting geared up to celebrate this fun festival! What’s more is that this is the first time after the entire spread of Covid, that the possibility of having a Christmas get-together and indulging in team building games has even become possible (with social distancing). 

While this is awesome, indulging in social distancing and playing workplace team building activities may seem tough. But don’t worry, this is very possible provided you take a few steps of caution. 

So, let’s dive right in to know what are the top 10 Christmas team building activities you can do this Christmas while maintaining social distancing

The Good Old Scavenger Hunt Game

This game has been around for decades and it almost seems like whoever made it knew it would always really come in handy. The beauty of a scavenger hunt is that there is more than enough distance maintained.

Everyone needs to put on their thinking cap, but teams are small, and clues are always quite far away from one another. This game will not only help you maintain social distancing but also make your team brainstorm. Working together to plan strategies, share ideas and decipher clues is perhaps one of the best and fun team building activities for a workplace

Considering how this applies to real-time work, this activity is one of the most ideal to indulge in. 

Step Up Your Fashion Sense

Fashion and critical thinking can go hand in hand. Believe it or not, creating a great outfit can take as much thinking and figuring out an entire commercial campaign. How? By asking your employees to put on their fashion caps. In this game, the instructions are simple. 

Dress up as your favourite Christmas character. Big fan of Santa? The Grinch? Rudolf? The very helpful elves? Whatever they choose, the objective is to create the best costume possible that suits the character. But hold on! There is one super catch. You can’t just order a ready-made costume from Amazon. 

You can only create this costume with possessions that you already own. Which is typical making the best of what you have in a situation. The beauty of this game is that your employees will be forced to think long and hard as to how to make the best of a situation. This in turn will help them learn how to indulge in creative thinking and come up with the best possible solution with already available resources. 

Therefore, this activity falls under the most fun team building activities and game ideas for work.

Christmas Sweets Cannot Be Ignored

Christmas is never complete without some good old cookies and milk. So why not get everyone to share what their versions of sweets and cookies look and taste like? In this activity, you set up tables and stations where participants can work individually or with a maximum of up to one more partner. 

All tables must be sufficiently apart so that social distancing is maintained at all times. Now we understand that a full-fledged baking situation can become a money-consuming activity, which is why the catch here will be that these sweets must be no-bake items. Let your employee’s minds go wild and allow them to unleash creativity and come up with quirky and maybe even new sweet ideas. 

This encourages your employees to tap into the creative and impulsive side of their minds to come up with a great and tasty idea that will work. Let’s just say that this falls under a very sweet category of team building activities.

Criminal Detectives

All of us have always had a detective fantasy where we get to play the cop or an FBI agent who is quick to catch the culprit. So why not bring that to life? There can be teams of 5 wherein every member plays a role. 

The cop, the criminal, the witness, the partner in crime, and the victim. Brainstorm a couple of fun themes and stories behind every death and you can get the teams to decipher clues and hints that can help them get to the bottom of the story. This activity is excellent and comes under the category of team building games. 

This makes your employees learn how to be team players and how to work well with a crowd. Understanding how to solve differences and find solutions with people having different working styles is always a bonus.

Be A Quiz Master

One of the best things that happened during the pandemic and the lockdown is that people discovered a lot of new movies and shows that they became huge fans of. This in turn has given us a chance to put their minds to the test and find out who could be the king/queen of knowing all about these shows. 

Pick up some popular movie franchises or sitcoms such as Harry Potter, Friends, Money Heist, How I Met Your Mother, James Bond, Brooklyn 99, and more. Then segregate teams as per their likings and become a quiz master and get teams to work in pairs. 

There can be three teams, consisting of two players each who work towards winning the quiz. This game is great as part of fun team building activities for the workplace.

Stand Up Shows

There are two types of people. Those who ooze humour even if they don’t want to and those who try their level best to be humorous but just don’t hit the right mark. Why not bring out the best in both? Creating teams of two, get your employees to come up with a humorous skit or stand up to entertain the crowd. 

The beauty of this is that in most cases, people will get paired up with one person who is not as funny. This creates opportunities for two people to bond and bounce ideas off each other and come halfway towards what the final product would be. 

This promotes inclusiveness and understanding and can teach your employees valuable lessons on how to get along with people who are completely different from them which is why this is a great team building activity.

Dub It Out

This exercise can prove to be one hell of a funny event or you may discover some amazing talent on your team. In this game, people can either choose to pair up or do this alone. The task is simple, pick out a 5-minute scene from one of your favourite movies or shows and then go ahead and dub them. 

Your employees can either make it very funny or recreate the same scene and dub the actor/actress’s voice to make it as real as possible. Finally, on the d day, all these scenes are played out to everyone and a winner gets decided. 

This game is part of team building activities to bring out the talent and learn how to work together to get a project done.

Create Your Own Christmas Story

This is perhaps one of the best office group activities that are guaranteed to be highly memorable. In this game, your entire group can participate to create one big story that will always be their own to remember. 

The game is simple. A theme is given to the entire team. For example, Santa’s last visit, Rudolf’s adventure, The day all the elves went missing, etc. It could be anything as long as it is Christmas-specific. Once the topic is shared with the team, all members need to write two sentences to help build a story. The boss will be the one to create the introductory two lines while the others need to continue the story. 

Assign numbers to your teammates and once they are done writing both their lines, you call out these numbers and start joining all sentences. This will finally create one beautiful story that can then be printed into books and shared with all your employees. You can title it ‘Our Christmas Story 2021’. 

This can become a tradition and can be done every year. This will bring about a sense of unity and bonding between all which is why this is one of the best team building games.

Create Your Own Shark Tank Show

Based on the actual Shark Tank show, get your team members to come up with ideas that can help make the workplace better. It could be buying something or incorporating something to help make work life better, but they need to sell the idea to panels or as we call it “the dragons”. A team of 5 will act as judges to help determine which of the ideas presented by the teams will finally be accepted. 

However, be sure to incorporate the winning idea or else everyone will feel like it was only just a game. This activity is guaranteed to bring out the best of ideas and improve your team members’ sales skills. 

Since everyone will bring to the table different selling styles, this is the perfect game to include in team building activities and game ideas for work.

A Talent Show

Simple, yet effective. As a leader, there is nothing better than this idea to help understand your teammates. Through this activity, your employees will get a chance to display their talents and a leader gets the chance to get to know how well these talents can be used to make work more fun. 

Many may even realize that their teammates could work in another department if they show the talent for it. However, this is a sure-shot activity that will bring out the best in everyone. Compliments will be shared; confidence is built and happiness is sure to spread around. Be sure that the winner gets a fabulous prize.

So, get geared up to indulge in all of these activities while maintaining social distancing. The beauty about all these group activities is that all of these can be done virtually, or they can be done one-on-one too. In both cases, social distancing can be maintained, and the safety of your employees is assured!

Happy Christmas! 

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    Outdoor Team Building Activities For Work and Social Groups in Melbourne

    In the bustling world of corporate life and social gatherings, finding ways to foster strong relationships and teamwork among colleagues and friends is paramount. While traditional office settings offer opportunities for collaboration, nothing beats the excitement and camaraderie that comes with outdoor team building activities.

    From problem-solving challenges to adrenaline-pumping adventures, these activities offer a refreshing break from the norm and create lasting memories for participants. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of outdoor team building activities and delve into some exciting options for both work and social groups.

    Why Choose Outdoor Team Building Activities?

    Outdoor team building activities offer a myriad of benefits for participants, making them a popular choice for companies and social groups alike. Here are some reasons why you should consider incorporating outdoor activities into your team building strategy:

    1. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

    Outdoor activities provide a relaxed and informal environment for participants to communicate and collaborate effectively. Whether it is navigating through obstacle courses or solving puzzles together, these activities encourage teamwork and foster better relationships among team members.

    2. Improved Problem-Solving Skills

    Many outdoor team building activities involve solving complex challenges and overcoming obstacles. These experiences help participants develop or maintain critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and resilience, which are essential for success in both professional and personal life.

    3. Boosted Morale and Motivation

    Engaging in outdoor activities promotes a sense of accomplishment and boosts morale among participants. The shared experience of overcoming challenges and achieving goals together strengthens team spirit and motivates individuals to perform at their best.

    4. Strengthened Bonds

    Outdoor team building activities provide opportunities for participants to bond with their colleagues or friends on a deeper level. Whether it is cheering each other on during a ropes course or celebrating a shared victory in an amazing race, these experiences create lasting memories and strengthen relationships.

    5. Health and Wellness Benefits

    Spending time outdoors has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reduced stress levels, improved mood, and increased physical fitness. This point becomes in particular important now, in the day and age of hybrid work, where workers still spend the majority of their time indoors. Engaging in outdoor team building activities allows participants to reap these benefits while having fun and building connections with others.

    Exciting Outdoor Team Building Activities to Consider

    Urban Quest

    Urban Quest offers an exciting and immersive outdoor team building experience that combines adventure, exploration, and teamwork. Participants embark on a thrilling quest through the city, solving puzzles, completing challenges, and uncovering clues along the way. With a range of game routes available throughout Melbourne CBD and around, Urban Quest is the perfect choice for work and social groups looking to strengthen bonds or simply have fun together. 

    Adventure Races

    Adventure races are high-energy, adrenaline-pumping events that challenge participants both physically and mentally. Teams navigate through rugged terrain, conquer obstacles, and compete against each other to reach the finish line. These races require teamwork, strategy, and determination, making them ideal for fostering camaraderie among participants. The limitations to pay attention to are these types of activities might not suit everyone in your group or all age groups as they are physically demanding.

    Scavenger Hunts

    Scavenger hunts are classic outdoor team building activities that never fail to delight participants when organised and conducted professionally. Teams are given a list of clues and tasks to complete, leading them on a thrilling adventure through parks, neighbourhoods, or city streets. Scavenger hunts promote collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity, making them a popular choice for corporate team building events.

    The general recommendation is to avoid DIY variants and let the professionals plan and organise that for your group. Again, the activity design and conduct would be the most crucial parts to the success of these types of outdoor team building activities. Urban Quest would be the closest match to that. Learn more below or reach out to explore the range of readily available options.


    Geocaching is a great way to spend time outdoors with colleagues, hunting up clues with the excitement and thrill of an adventure. It’s a treasure hunt played by adventurers around the world, armed with GPS devices. Have each team (or pairs of participants) get the Geocaching app or set up an account on

    There are geocaches hidden around the world, in urban and non-urban locations, as part of the world’s largest treasure hunt. In return for finding a cache, team members must leave some trinkets behind. Finding the geocache treasures involves solving puzzles and it's a great bonding experience, even though it's better suited to very small groups or pairs of participants. Follow up the activities with prizes such as lunch or several rounds of drinks at a pub. 

    Wilderness Retreats

    For those seeking a more immersive outdoor experience, wilderness retreats offer a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature. Participants engage in activities such as hiking, camping, and team building exercises in scenic outdoor settings. These retreats provide opportunities for reflection, relaxation, and personal growth, fostering a sense of unity and wellbeing among participants.

    Outdoor Sports and Games

    From soccer and volleyball to frisbee golf and tug-of-war, outdoor sports and games offer a fun and active way to bond with colleagues or friends. Organising a friendly competition or tournament can bring teams together and promote teamwork, communication, and friendly rivalry. They have the broadest range of suitability too.

    Environment-Friendly Outdoor Team Building Activities 

    Plant A Tree 

    With Australia remaining one of the developed world’s hotspots for deforestation, a day of tree planting can help everyone feel good about a day well-spent. You can organise a corporate tree planting event with a reforestation organisation like Ecologi, and ask your teams to bring their boots and get planting. You may need to check your local office for regulations on tree planting. 

    Clean A Beach 

    A beach clean-up is always fun in a group. Head to a local beach and spend the day picking up debris and garbage from the shoreline. Make sure you have plans for disposal as well. Take the recyclables with you to a recycling depot near you. You can find out more about organising a beach clean-up on the websites of Cleanup and Beach Patrol

    Charity And Other Work Group Outdoor Team Building Activities

    Prepare Care Packages 

    Doing something for others helps to build positive feelings. Doing so as a team can help to foster stronger bonding among members. Prepare care packages filled with sandwiches, fruit and other items to head out to the local community and distribute to those in need. 

    Charity Walk Or Charity Run

    Sign up for a run or a walk with a specific cause with an organisation. If you can collect any donations, you can contribute them to the organisation that’s supporting the run. You can find charity races at ACRF.

    Good Samaritan Race

    You can organise philanthropic-themed scavenger hunts with teams racing to do as many good deeds as possible within the time limit. Your team can come up with a list of good deeds or use these Be-Kind cards to pay it forward. 

    As Outdoor Team Building Activities As They Come


    Find a local trail, gather your team, and enjoy a day out in nature. A hiking club that organises monthly hikes is bound to be a great hit with many in your team. Depending on your team, you may want to find trails of easier or more challenging difficulties. Trail Hiking Australia is the loving work of one guy documenting the country’s walking trails. You can find graded hikes, with durations and distances in your state and region. 

    Sports Days and Simply Fun Outdoor Activities

    Every team will have fun with a day of sports. Split the group up into teams and host events like sack races, long jump, relay races, tug-of-war and more throughout the day. 

    Why Choose Urban Quest for Your Outdoor Team Building Activities?

    While there are many outdoor team building activities to choose from, Urban Quest stands out as the premier option for corporate teams and social groups alike. Here's why:

    1. Immersive Experience

    Urban Quest offers a unique and immersive experience that takes participants on a thrilling journey through the city. With interactive challenges, puzzles, and clues to solve, participants are fully engaged from start to finish. Any Urban Quest experience is guaranteed to keep the participants on their toes with no idle time whatsoever.

    2. Professional Facilitation

    Urban Quest's team of experienced facilitators ensures that each event runs smoothly and efficiently. From coordinating logistics to providing guidance and support, our team is dedicated to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for all participants. Each event's success starts from the experience design stage and follows through to the delivery on the day as well as post-event reporting.

    3. Convenient Locations

    With Urban Quest events held in the most attractive parts of Melbourne, it's easy to find a location that's convenient for your team. With the recent introduction of the newest indoor offering Urban Quest covers not only the geographical locations but the convenience factor too. Whether you're based in the city or the suburbs, Urban Quest can bring the adventure to you.

     4. Positive Feedback

    Urban Quest has received rave reviews from past participants, who praise the unique and exciting nature of the experience. Many corporate companies and educational organisations have reported improved team cohesion, communication, and morale as a result of participating in Urban Quest events, and keep bringing their work and social groups for more!

    In conclusion

    Outdoor team building activities offer a fun and effective way to strengthen bonds, enhance communication, and foster teamwork among colleagues and friends. Whether you're looking for a high-energy adventure or a leisurely retreat in nature, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

    With Urban Quest, you can take your team building or fun experience to the next level and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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