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When it comes to dynamic team building events, the Amazing Race concept instantly comes to mind for many. And rightfully so! An Amazing Race involves small teams competing against each other, solving challenges, relying on teammates and building camaraderie while having fun outdoors. By problem solving and letting their hair down together they are getting to know each other better and bonding over the shared experience. It’s a complete package: Amazing Race has all the critical components of an effective team building experience. 

Urban Quest’s digital spin on The Amazing Race

But let’s take this classic concept up a notch and make it catch up with the times: introducing Amazing Race Melbourne from Urban Quest. Imagine an Amazing Race still unfolding in the real world but directed entirely by the touch of your hand – your smartphone. Urban Quest offers a digital adventure where participants use their mobile phones to receive instructions and hints and submit answers.

This modern twist allows for more intricate and engaging digital challenges, integrating cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It allows for precise result tracking and comprehensive analysis of team performance metrics. The result is an unparalleled level of engagement, making it an ideal team building choice.

urban quest digital amazing race melbourne team building

So, what does an Urban Quest Amazing Race experience entail?

Before the event, teams are formed and participants are invited to register on Urban Quest’s game website. On the event day, at your allocated time and venue you are met by your bright and enthusiastic event host. Your registrations are checked and you are provided a full briefing of how the event works. A clever narrative underpins your Quest, tying all challenges together. Your phone is the one tool you need for your event. At the given time your host releases the special starter code and you are off! 

Amplifying challenges: The digital edge in team building

With all participants using their phones, this allows your team to be largely self-sufficient. You are genuinely working with your teammates to determine where to navigate for each challenge, how you choose to get there, and what you need to do to solve each riddle or challenge as quickly and effectively as possible. The Urban Quest team manages the technology behind your experience sharing digital hints throughout the event, ensuring the momentum of the game matches your team’s pace and abilities. 

The digital experience means more complex and varied challenges incorporating sound, images and video can be delivered allowing participants to use whatever digital resources (maps, apps, timers, search engines etc.) to expand their abilities to complete each challenge. But this does not mean you are glued to your phones the entire time. Technology is merely an efficient facilitator that allows us to amplify the challenging experience without overshadowing it. 

digital amazing race melbourne team building

Collaboration is the essence of Urban Quest’s Amazing Race

Every challenge is designed for teams to work together. Multi-logic challenges require multiple team members to carry out various parts of the task and to share ideas finding different elements. Once all parts are achieved, and only then, you are set to progress to the next challenge. No skipping allowed! Team members need to get creative, use their imagination, be observant and confer together. The thrill of succeeding as a team at each task provides a constant buzz that inspires you all to greater success! 

A key difference to the traditional Amazing Race

A significant difference from traditional Amazing Race events is that Urban Quest doesn’t involve physical challenges or transportation. No sporting prowess is required and there is no need to catch public transport. It’s all about foot travel, problem solving, and exploration. You are solving riddles together while working around the course. But it is a purposeful walk through the CBD, Docklands or your chosen location – unless your team ‘ups the ante’ and decides they want to run the route. In this way, your Quest can become as competitive as you make it! 

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Celebrating victory: a triumph of teamwork and bonding

Challenges are completed, new and familiar locations explored and competing teams finally make their way to the finishing location. You are invariably buoyed by the buzz of success, having been challenged and triumphed numerous times, having worked as a team to make it this far, sharing an experience unlike any other, and it is with that spirit that you gather with your remaining colleagues. Some you will have seen along the course, others you may have left in the dust! If enjoying a Melbourne CBD Urban Quest you will likely gather at the Lion Hotel; our designated clubhouse, where your team can gather in comfort and roll into drinks and celebrations post-event.  But all is not over yet!

Unveiling the Quest insights: hilarious recap

Your Host has been meticulously tracking your event; the number of guesses made, the speed with which challenges are completed, the crazy incorrect guesses before wisdom dawns, the time stamps between teams and so on. With this data in hand, your Host can present an accurate summary of your organisation’s Urban Quest. Plenty of laughs and guffaws usually ensue.

This is the engagement that a true team building event should generate: your group bonded over their shared experience, each having completed their own team’s quest but part of the greater whole. This naturally leads to conversations while reserves have been broken and shared storytelling abounds. And there is a winning team – and trophy – which can lead to bragging rights back in the workplace and maintaining the camaraderie that such a day has forged.

winning team amazing race melbourne

Building strong teams: Urban Quest’s digital age Amazing Race

This is how teams are built: through shared experiences, emotional interplay, team reliance, co-work and shared success. Urban Quest provides an Amazing Race for the digital age. Technology has allowed us to amplify the experience, intensify the engagement and drill down into team performance. For an Amazing Race team building ‘on steroids’ sign up for your Urban Quest today.

Urban Quest provides three different settings for its amazing race Melbourne experience: Melbourne’s CBD, The Docklands and King’s Domain parklands. Each provides a very different outdoor team building setting, whilst still providing the same clever quest concept, genuine challenges and carefully crafted fun group interactions. 

amazing race melbourne team building success

Enhance your Urban Quest experience with Team Activator or Strategic Debrief

Some organisations aren’t just looking for a fun and engaging, interactive team building event. They want more. 

If you have a particular challenge or purpose to achieve with your team, Urban Quest can help you get more out of your team building day with tailored options.

Ignite Team Synergy: Introducing Team Activator

For teams who are very new to each other or disconnected our Team Activator package involves a facilitated exercise at the beginning of your Quest. Team members are challenged to share some unlikely personal stories and work creatively on a pre-Quest challenge. In this way, walls are broken down. Your team works directly on getting to know their colleagues and understand each other better.

This is a critical element to happen before heading out on their Quest where they need to work effectively together. With the wheels of familiarity and new understanding oiled, teams who have undertaken a Team Activator experience invariably function better during their Urban Quest. This ensures a more engaging experience for all and will have succeeded in creating new bonds to underpin future workplace interactions. 

Boost Team Performance: Enter Strategic Debrief

If your team is suffering some inertia or needs to be more cognizant of how it works – or doesn’t work – you may need a Strategic Debrief. At the end of a classic Urban Quest team building experience, you typically enjoy a light-hearted de-brief of the performance highlights and celebrate the event. With a Strategic Debrief package, based on the data and observations, your Host can facilitate a reflective session of how your teams worked throughout the Quest and challenge team members to draw parallels with how this translates to their interaction in the workplace. The goal for this exercise is for team members to craft take-aways that can be applied on the return to the workplace. 

By incorporating these packages, you optimize your team’s time and efforts during your Urban Quest, ensuring an unforgettable team building day that extends its impact far beyond the event day.

team building melbourne urban quest amazing race

Ready to experience an Amazing Race like never before?

Join Urban Quest’s digital adventure and amplify your team building efforts in the modern age.

Sign up for an Urban Quest today and unleash the power of shared experiences, teamwork, and digital excitement!

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