Enhancing Corporate Teamwork with Urban Quest

Hi, I’m Lane, the Business Development Manager at Urban Quest.

I’ve been with the company for about six months, and my main focus is helping Urban Quest grow. I spend most of my time talking to our clients and potential customers, explaining how Urban Quest can improve team building, problem-solving, and communication skills within their companies.

What is Urban Quest?

Urban Quest is a mental race, rather than a physical one. It’s all about teamwork and effective communication to achieve the best and fastest results possible. The core of Urban Quest is team building in a fun environment, where participants work together to solve problems, much like in a corporate setting. Our games are structured to mirror real-life corporate challenges, encouraging teams to strategise and collaborate effectively.

My Urban Quest Experience

I’ve participated in three Urban Quest events as part of my onboarding process.

The first one was the virtual Urban Quest event. I joined a team I didn’t know, but by the end of the game I felt like I had built strong connections with them. This showcases how Urban Quest can enhance team culture and quickly help people build connections.

The second event was our Docklands-based event. This involved problem-solving challenges around the area that I was surprised to see from the other side and discover a lot of new places. As a competitive person, I loved the thrill and motivation of trying to be in the lead. By the end, we were all having a laugh and bonding over drinks.

The final event was our flagship CBD Route. This event incorporated augmented reality, increasing engagement and adding a tech twist to the experience. The competitiveness and adrenaline rush were fantastic.

Unique Aspects of Urban Quest

Urban Quest stands out for its technology-driven approach and thoughtfully designed games. Each challenge is crafted to engage different personality types, ensuring everyone has a chance to shine. Our games promote teamwork and communication, essential skills for any corporate environment.

Our technology allows us to track all results by the second. As a result we have Leaderboards for each experience that showcase local and international companies with the best scores. It is a really great thing that gets competitive juices flowing. A lot of the participants want to know where their group sits historically. They no longer want to win against their own company, they want to know how do they compare against the best of all time. That is something that really is unique and drives a lot of engagement.

Additional Packages

We offer more than just our standard games. There are several packages that are specifically designed to further enhance team performance:

  • Dull Breaker: Ideal for conferences, providing a fun break from the usual routine.

  • Indoor Events: Perfect for bad weather days, held in popular indoor shopping venues.

Benefits of Urban Quest

Improving Team Culture: Getting out of the office and having fun together boosts morale and improves culture.

Strategic Thinking: Applying game strategies to real-life work situations can enhance your team’s strategic thinking.

New Team Member Integration: Our events help new team members build connections quickly.

Enhancing Communication Skills: Teams that communicate effectively are the ones that win, and these skills translate directly to the workplace.

Who Can Benefit?

Urban Quest is perfect for:

  • Teams with new members needing to build connections.
  • Teams wanting to enhance their teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Groups celebrating a milestone and wanting a fun, rewarding experience.

If you’re interested in what Urban Quest can do for your team, I’d love to chat.

Reach out to me anytime, and we’ll plan an unforgettable team building experience for you!

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