Strengthening Kaplan Business School’s Team Collaboration Across States

In today’s globalised world, many businesses operate across multiple locations, often resulting in teams spread across different states or even countries. While technological advancements have made remote collaboration easier, fostering effective teamwork and maintaining team cohesion can still be challenging.

Here we explore how Urban Quest helped a group of educational professionals from Kaplan Business School bridge the gap between their geographically dispersed team members.

The Challenge of Remote Team Collaboration

A team of 23 colleagues from Kaplan Business School found themselves facing the common challenge of coordinating tasks and building strong relationships despite being spread across different states – Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

Communication barriers, limited opportunities for face-to-face interaction, and a lack of familiarity with each other’s strengths and abilities posed significant obstacles to effective teamwork.

The Solution: Urban Quest’s Team Building Activities

Seeking to overcome these challenges, Ben Bagshaw, General Manager of Kaplan Business School turned to Urban Quest for a solution. Urban Quest specialises in providing immersive and technology-based team building experiences designed to foster collaboration, communication, and camaraderie among team members. By participating in Urban Quest’s activities, the team hoped to improve their communication, leverage each other’s strengths, and build stronger connections.

Feedback and Results

Hear for yourself, why team members, Marissa, Niraj, and Marcela, found Urban Quest’s team building activities to be highly effective in achieving their goals. They emphasised the importance of communication and role delegation, highlighting how Urban Quest’s activities facilitated open communication and helped them identify and utilise each other’s strengths.

Through a combination of problem-solving challenges, strategic planning exercises, and team-based games, the team bonded over shared experiences and developed a deeper understanding of each other’s capabilities.

Urban Quest’s team building activities offer tangible benefits for remote teams, helping them overcome communication barriers, leverage each other’s strengths, and build stronger connections. As demonstrated by Kaplan Business School’s experience, investing in team building can lead to improved collaboration, enhanced team dynamics, and ultimately, greater success for businesses operating in a remote or distributed environment.

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