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Fantastic experience - level of difficulty was perfect - not too easy but difficult enough to create teamwork - input from everyone to solve the clues and also bringing some humour too. I highly recommend this for a work team activity. We are looking forward to doing another quest soon.

Bernadette Notting, City of Greater Geelong Planning Division

We have completed multiple events with Urban Quest (both physical and digital) and they are a delight every time. Cannot recommend Serge and the Urban Quest team highly enough.
Experiences were a good length, really well designed and enjoyable. If you’ve read this far just book one!

James Murdey, OFSystems

Our team loved our event with Urban Quest! It was such a unique experience and everyone ended the day with smiles on their faces and memories which will stay with us forever. Joanna and Serge at Urban Quest made the organisation so easy and everything went off without a hitch on the day. Thanks so much, Urban Quest, we'll be back!

Emma Zeeno, Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co

The Amazing Race Team Building Activities in Melbourne

You’ve got the right product, hired the right staff and experienced a couple of years of growth that made you believe your company was bulletproof. Then, something changed, service levels slipped and your year-end figures weren’t quite as great as you expected. Worse still, you’ve heard rumours that key staff are looking for opportunities elsewhere. Read More

You realise that while the business focused on growth, the teams who got you where you became complacent and fragmented, with leadership and communication taking a back seat.

Lucky for you Urban Quest offer a solution that encourages team building Melbourne companies are increasingly turning to when they want to re-energise their staff and strengthen bonds all while having a ton of fun!

Urban Quest was inspired by the popular international TV show ‘Amazing Race’ and since our inception, we have facilitated team events and experiential activities for almost 5,000 participants, including over 900 teams. Our goal is to offer your organisation much more than the standard, boring team-building exercises that typically result in short-term fun with no knock-on positives once your staff returns to the workplace.

Instead, we host a modern, adrenaline-fuelled, emotionally charged, interactive experience over the course of 2-3 hours where teams of 4-6 people try to outsmart each other on Melbourne’s CBD streets in a race that involves action, riddles, hysterical challenges and lots of fun.

Why choose Urban Quest?

It is a fact that employees value a collaborative work environment twice as much as financial incentives. What’s a fat pay cheque worth if you have to endure a toxic atmosphere every day? The reality is that people want to spend their working day in an environment they can tolerate, and where their stress levels are pushed in a negative atmosphere the likelihood is that they will leave.

A company will struggle to grow when it continually allows those with experience and knowledge to leave. A study by the Society for Human Resource Management indicated that replacing good talent could cost up to nine months of that person’s salary.

High staff turnover caused by a lack of team spirit can be addressed and employees can learn to work together again, it’s all about fostering a culture of togetherness, which can be achieved with Urban Quest.

Team activities Melbourne companies try out usually lead to a fun day out that has no lasting impact. With Urban Quest, our experiential activities are designed to ensure that your team has a fun day that strengthens bonds in a way that addresses real-world issues common to the workplace.

We are a completely unique experience in the Australian team-building landscape and while most team building activities are structured to deliver the same experience to their clients we can customise our games to address challenges specific to your workplace so that your staff gain a fresh perspective and work together to resolve issues. Key to our approach is the use of digital technology.

All participants navigate the experience entirely on their smartphones and with our “agents” in character throughout the race; this ensures that teams are fully immersed throughout.

When you believe your staff could use a day out that will simultaneously prove to be fun and foster a culture of teamwork, the amazing race Melbourne businesses, charities, sports and government agencies have turned to should be at the top of your agenda.

Urban Quest caters to groups of any size and is ready and waiting to motivate and recharge your team. So, don’t hesitate, book now and watch your organisation soar!

That’s because we plan everything down to the smallest detail to ensure you only have one focus: your team. We spend months carefully researching and testing every experience. If you think using your smartphones to navigate is high-tech, you should see what it takes for us to set the race!

And we have absolutely no doubt that you and your team will love the experience. You see, testing is one of our favourite parts of what we do. We go on every adventure before they’re presented to our clients. That’s how we know they’re fun!

Amazing Race Ideas Aren’t Just for Work!

We mentioned earlier that relationships tend to stagnate without new experiences. This is true for your professional relationships, and it’s also true for every other kind of relationship in life. Family, friends and even romantic relationships can suffer without bonding opportunities. It’s an age-old activity that has held communities together for as long as history can remember.

So, if you’re looking for something to do with those old college buddies you only get to see every couple of years, try one of our team activities. Melbourne is the perfect setting because it has establishments of every kind. We’ll work with you to structure something that reminds you of all your old inside jokes. By the end of the night, you’ll feel just as close as you did when you first bonded at college.

Gather Some Friends for Fun Team Building Activities by Urban Quest

We just can’t get enough of the quest. So, throughout the year, we hold public events that are open to anyone with a team. Gather your friends and family and embark on a journey where you’ll compete against other teams in a race to the finish line. Strengthen old friendships, make new friends and enjoy every single moment!

While our public games can’t be personalised for obvious reasons, they’re a great way to have a totally new experience. And you’ll never know what to expect because we have far too much fun surprising you.

Team Building Games That Never Been So Much Fun

Everyone loves a good birthday celebration. We’re no different at Urban Quest, but we think the surprise party has always been a bit lacking. One surprise? Come on; we can do better than that! How about an entire day filled with exciting things to discover with your closest friends?

Give the gift they’ll remember forever: an Urban Quest amazing race. Melbourne will become your own personal sandbox, and we’ve packed this game with NPCs just waiting to delight and surprise.

Take your School on an Epic Amazing Race Adventure

We cater to school students of all ages at Urban Quest! If you want to give your class a thought-provoking day of fun or gift your year level with the best outing ever, you have to give our services a try! Students will work on their soft skills such as communication, resilience and leadership. We also add a lot of navigating, orienteering, technology and fun to make your team building event for school students the talk of the schoolyard.  And hey, your teenagers might still be glued to their phones, but at least they’ll be outside for a change!

Get Ready To Bond With The Best Team Building Activities

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, contact us today. Our professional staff (who works together incredibly well–imagine that!) will answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re looking for fun team building activities or the best night out with the gals that you’ve ever experienced, we’ve got you covered.

Take Part In Our Amazing Race In Melbourne

If you absolutely love the Amazing Race and are looking for something similar in Melbourne, then get in touch with us here at Urban Quest! We love to bring groups of people together by organising exciting team building activities across Melbourne and can provide you with a range of thrilling Amazing Race ideas that are tailored just to you. Learn more about the great benefits of taking part in one of our activity days below.

Virtual Team Building Activities Melbourne

Most people have been overexposed to the online team building activities and are keen for something different. If so, look no further than Urban Quest’s brand new Mission Impossible digital team building activity! If you’re not up to run around the real world you’ll be tasked to explore every corner of the internet, searching for clues and using your experience on the web to save the day. The perfect replication of the real-life Urban Quest experience. The remote team building activity Melbourne at your fingertips. It is an ideal team building activity for conference calls too!

The Benefits To Taking Part In Our Amazing Race

We know that it can be difficult to find fun team building activities in Melbourne that will bring your employees together and be both enjoyable and educational. That’s where Urban Quest come in! Our range of activities are a very effective way to motivate employees and encourage productivity in the office.

What we find people love about our Amazing Race style of team building days is that it allows them to discover the strengths, and weaknesses, of other members of their team. It is important for members of your team to know this in an office setting, as it helps to prevent clashes and achieve successful results by working together. The added pressure of this team day makes it all the more fun when finding out everyone’s skills!

Our Amazing Race team days also allow for better relationships between management and employees to be built on. Everyone can find out lots more about each other, without the confinements of the office setting, and this always leads to a more efficient and harmonious professional relationship.

Finally, the third great benefit that you will experience when taking part in our Amazing Race fun team building activities is a big boost to team morale! When employees are happy and content, this is when any business will be running at its most efficient level and this is absolutely vital. Unhappy staff will not be as productive and are far more likely to go elsewhere on the search for a good office culture. On this activity day, you will all be able to work as a team and it will involve the full participation of every member in order to successfully achieve the end goal. Exactly in the same way as a work setting! As employees accomplish goals, they will feel even more enthusiastic about their work and carry on this momentum.

Organise Your Team Building Amazing Race Today

If you like the idea of taking part in a fun team building activity in Melbourne, speak to our team today. We offer a huge range of terrific team activities in Melbourne, so no matter what type of event day you are looking to plan, we are able to help you set up the perfect event tailored to you. We offer guaranteed fun that will definitely help to bring the buzz back into your office. Send an email to today for more information, or you can learn more about what we have to offer through our various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube.

Events typically last for between 2 and 3 hours and we can cater to groups of any size. Participants can expect to encounter obstacles and roadblocks as they navigate the game using only their smartphones and interacting with in-character Urban Quest “agents” and are also challenged to make decisions, solve clever riddles and complete tasks that will unlock the clues to their next locations. They also get the benefit of physical activity while cooperating to win as a team. Our team has over 10 years of combined experience working in the industry and to date, Urban Quest has welcomed almost 5,000 participants and catered to over 900 teams and been featured in The Age and Mojo News. Those who have previously taken part left energised and bonded to their work colleagues and found the events an inspiring, effective way to cut relieve stress and engage in a meaningful way with their peers. We have received nothing but glowing reviews, many of which can be read in the testimonials on our website.

We’ve tried on multiple occasions but nothing worked

“We tried paintball before and while everyone had fun they were just as disengaged once they got back to their desks.” This is a common complaint and one that Urban Quest directly addressed by tailoring our games to address challenges that are specific to your workplace. Where the amazing race team building challenge ideas are built to engage staff in areas you believe would benefit them, then isn’t that a more effective way to effect a result that has a real impact in the workplace? We believe so, and we know that it works. One roadblock that usually pops up is the cost of taking your workforce off the floor for a few hours, both in terms of time lost on completing jobs and the financial expense incurred by hiring a company in hope that it will work. However, our view on this is that a team building experience should not be seen as an expense but an investment. It pays to invest in the culture of your company and in your employees’ happiness and welfare. As such, Urban Quest is here as a one-stop-shop for amazing race team building Melbourne employers can rely on to give their employees an experience unlike any other, and one that will have a positive and lasting effect on the future of their organisation.

How Our Amazing Race Challenges For Team Building Can Improve Your Office

At Urban Quest, we provide exciting Amazing Race team building events that will be the talk of your office for years to come. You only have to take a look at our reviews to see how popular our amazing race team building challenge ideas are and the impact that they have on building stronger working relationships that carry on in the office and not just for one day! We know that not everyone believes in the idea of team building days, but what we have found is that this usually comes down to offices planning their own events that do not turn out the way that they would like them too. Here we are talking about some common team building day mistakes and how we personally avoid these to provide you with a great experience.

Mistakes We Avoid With Your Team Building Days

A common mistake that we find many offices do when planning their own team building events is that there becomes too big of a learning gap between the team building activities and then the office work. While many events can be a lot of fun, your team may not be learning a whole lot. That is why when we plan our Amazing Race team building days in Melbourne, we always strive to ensure that they are tailored to your company’s goals and will encourage transferable skills that can be used back in the office. Our tasks are designed in such a way to encourage collaboration and improved working relationships that will not leave your team as soon as the excitement is over. Our team days are not only fun, but they are a learning experience too! Another key mistake that we find many managers make when organising team days is that they do not take into consideration the different personality traits of their team members. While some staff do not mind being the centre of attention, others definitely do not and will not appreciate the feeling of embarrassment if they are forced into the limelight. This can even do more harm than good when it comes to building better working relationships. Instead, we make sure that all activities are based on working as a team and striving for a common goal. Even when each person takes their turn to contribute to the team’s success, they will be doing so in a way that plays to their strengths and will not leave them feeling humiliated.

Fun Team Building Activities for Kids in Melbourne

We all have memories of our school days and when we think back we usually associate a person with the group they hung out with. Generally, kids find their tribe and gravitate in and out of others as they grow, and in some cases, others will choose to keep a distance, never really gaining the benefit of interacting closely with their peers.

But what if there were school team building activities specifically geared toward bonding classmates through the process of working together in a positive and interactive way that allowed them to reveal the innate skills and traits they possess?

Fortunately, at Urban Quest, we believe in engaging young minds by giving them a chance to shine while having the best fun possible in an engaging, entertaining and adrenaline-fuelled game that will keep them for weeks on end.

Urban Quest offers an exclusive kind of event based on the TV show ‘Amazing Race’ that is only available in Melbourne. Our games are educational, high energy and can be run for groups of 10 up to 300, with each game developed with the age group participating in mind so that the challenges are appropriate to their level of learning.

As such, we offer this event to school groups from grades 1 to 12 and to students of all fitness levels. The event is based around teamwork and a friendly competition in which those participating will have to complete fun challenges, figure out puzzles and work together to navigate their way throughout the course on their smart devices.

The objective is to both engage minds and promote effective communication and trust within the group, which the students can take back to the classroom. Urban Quest staff are all highly experienced professionals who have been working in the industry for over 10 years and have worked with young people countless times, ensuring that the event is fun-filled and well organised in terms of delivering the objective set by the teacher.

Avoid the hassle of planning an excursion

Planning activities for a class can be very challenging and time-consuming for teachers. It usually demands a significant investment of time on top of the regular schedule and requires many considerations including risk assessments, transportation and supervision.

Urban Quest wants to remove as many of these hassles for the teachers. As such, we require the following:

• A time and date for the event that is blocked out of the normal timetable
• An objective the teacher might like the event to achieve
• Approximate numbers
• Whether it will take place on campus or at a chosen site
• Information in terms of access to mobile devices
• Games can be designed without necessitating mobile devices but we do need to know in advance

Previous events have proven incredibly popular with both students and teachers. Our specially developed software enables us to track the game from start to finish and generate statistics specific to each student, which highlights their performance and gives teachers invaluable insights.

Team building activities for kids are a great way to build confidence, enhance communication skills and also learn more about the abilities each student in a class possesses. Students end the game bonded to their classmates and with something they will be talking about for weeks to come.

So, don’t just settle for a trip to the zoo or something predictable for your students, seek out Urban Quest for a hassle-free surefire, experience and a smart way to engage and educate young minds.

Why Team Building Activities For Kids Are Important

At Urban Quest, we provide a huge range of thrilling team building activities for kids. We work closely with schools to develop an activity day that is a fun learning experience for students but won’t put teachers or parents under too much pressure. There are lots of great benefits to school team building activities and below we are taking you through just a few of these benefits that your children will experience with Urban Quest.

The Importance Of Team Building For Children

Here at Urban Quest, we love to see the amazing benefits that children experience after completing our team building activities. We receive amazing feedback from parents and teachers about the benefits school children receive after completing one of our activity days.

Firstly, the perfect age to start team building exercises is with young children. It is during these early school years that kids are inquisitive, eager to learn and can pick up new skills easily. During our team days, children will develop skills including not only team building, but also cooperation and creativity as they work together to try and solve problems as a group.

Team building is also very important for children as it massively helps to improve their self-esteem. Children are able to learn more about what they are really capable of and extend their abilities in a controlled environment, allowing them to achieve goals that they may once have believed to be unattainable. This new found self-confidence can then transfer over to many other areas of their lives including family, extra-curricular activities and school.

Finally, a massive benefit that is often overlooked with team building activities is the improvement to children’s social skills. Social skills are needed in every aspect of life, and even the most academic of children will need good social skills to achieve success and go far. When kids work closely together to achieve the desired result, they will learn how to communicate with each other, put forward their ideas, and also how to compromise to keep the team moving forward.

At Urban Quest, we know that providing team days for children is a particularly challenging task. However, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your team day goes to plan, both the children and adults have fun, and most importantly, everyone is safe whilst completing any team building challenges. We always keep our activities light and fun to reinforce learning and achieve a successful outcome.

Get Your School Involved With Urban Quest

If you are thinking of getting your pupils involved in a team building day with Urban Quest, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We offer tailored activity days to suit you and your pupils’ needs, so every team day with us will be a complete success. For more information about the activities we can offer you, give us a call today or use the on-site email form and we will be in touch to answer your query.

Corporate Team Building Activities for Work Productivity in Melbourne

As the work year progresses it is important to heed the maxim ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Workers get tired of the routine and so rather than announce another table quiz, or paintball outing, maybe it’s time to look beyond the normal team building activities for work and see if there isn’t another option that combines fun with a little something extra that your staff can bring back to the workplace. What you’re looking for is facilitated by Urban Quest who offer ‘Amazing Race’ inspired team building events that are completely unique to Melbourne and offered nowhere else in Australia.

The concept is simple, teams of 4-6 people are pitted against each other across an assigned set of Melbourne’s Central Business District to complete tasks, unravel clever riddles and race from one location to the next. However, while this sounds like fun and nothing more, each of the games is designed with the workplace in mind and so the challenges that are set focus the participants and challenge them to work together, promoting teamwork, but also communication, leadership and collaboration. Urban Quest’s smart tech captures everything they do, in terms of shortcuts that incur penalties, bonuses earned, tasks completed and this all feeds into the final result, making competition fierce and adrenaline-fuelled.

The Benefits of Team Building

It goes without saying that if you have a workforce who does not engage with one another this can lead to a toxic work environment that typically sees a high turnover of staff. Team building is a proven method of improving communication. Workers learn to share workloads and complete tasks together all in a relatively controlled setting which teaches them the values and limitations each possesses and that they can rely on each other. It can also identify those who are natural leaders within the group and where strengths lie in terms of who the mediators are when disagreements arise among many other things.

On return to the office, most businesses will hope that the efficiency of the team, as well as its morale, improves. Team members are now more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues and begin to involve themselves in the process of teaching, facilitating much more effective work processes. The presence of more open communication can also remove barriers where they once existed, giving staff the confidence to approach their peers and engage with them directly on finding solutions to problems as they arise.

There are some who will cite the cost of hiring a company like Urban Quest not to mention the time lost in terms of absence from the workplace while the activities are underway. However, while this is a valid point in financial terms, ignoring the limitations or blocks that are in place among your workforce may be more damaging, and the overall benefit of engaging your workforce in positive activities that lead to a more open, confident organisation should be taken into account.

Team building activities for work may seem like a disruption to the work day, but when your average working week is compared to a week, month or even year that follows an Urban Quest event the benefits far outweigh the lost time. So, if you want to energise, engage and get your staff collaborating, give us a call and we’ll turn those frowns upside down!

The Importance of Team Building Activities For Work

At Urban Quest, we believe that it is your employees who make up the heart of your business and it is important to value them for everyone’s overall success. The statistics show that when you have a happy team of staff, you are able to not only meet your targets but smash them! Our team building activities for work involve an exciting interactive race where there are lots of fun challenges over a three hour period. There will be competing teams of 4 to 6 employees and each team will take to the streets of Melbourne for some friendly competition. So, what exactly will you gain from undergoing a team building task with Urban Quest? Carry on reading to find out more.

What You And Your Employees Will Gain

As we mentioned before, your employees are the most valuable asset of your business and if you want to retain them and grow your business, then you need to ensure that your company has great team relations. Investing in team building exercises enhances employee roles and connections and can have a huge impact on your business, as well as being a lot of fun too.

One of the biggest benefits of a team building day is that your employees can get to know each other outside of the office. Whilst your employees may be comfortable sitting in the office talking about all things work-related, can they have a causal chat outside of this setting? If you look at any study, the one thing that people always say is the best thing about their job is their co-workers and so even during rough patches with their job role, it is the people around them that will keep them focused and on the right track. Having supportive colleagues around you really can make all the difference. Some connections just won’t be discovered in the office and so an activity day can really help with this.

What you and your employees will also gain from this sort of activity day with Urban Quest is building better relationships across different departments. We’re all guilty of sticking to those in our work departments and not making a whole lot of effort to get to know the people who make up other factions of the business. A team day allows you to interact with colleagues and everyone from interns to long-term employees can mingle together to build new friendships which can only help in communications between working departments and it is also a great way for employees to network with different people.

Get In Touch With Urban Quest Today

Are you ready to get started on your corporate team building day in Melbourne? Then get in touch with the team here at Urban Quest today. You can send us a message using the website form, send an email, or we are available to call too. We can provide you with all the information you need and a quote for your team day.

Students Team Building Activities in Melbourne

School isn’t something most kids look forward to. Most of the learning happens in the classroom and occasionally they get to do something that brings them into a museum, or a zoo with the purpose of enhancing the book-based knowledge they have been taught.

However, what is often overlooked are the innate skills and abilities unique to each student that cannot be taught and unless looked for, in some case, remain unseen and never catered to. Urban Quest offers team building activities for students that take the form of an experiential game which engages young minds and can offer a unique insight into where their true abilities may lie.

Urban Quest took its inspiration from the hit TV show ‘Amazing Race’, the globetrotting thriller that pitted teams against each other in a race around the world. The idea was adapted initially to provide team building events for businesses and organisations, however, it has since been expanded to cater toward students and educational bodies, offering a one of a kind event that can only be found in Melbourne!

Almost 5,000 participants have taken part in an Urban Quest event to date, including over 900 teams, 93 private events and 65 public games, all of which inspired five-star reviews across the board. As such, it goes without saying that Urban Quest hires professionals of the highest calibre with over 10 years experience in the business, guaranteeing high-octane fun that is talked about for weeks after each event.

Our goal is to offer your school something different that completely takes the hassle out of planning and executing from the teachers and simultaneously is catered toward whatever agenda teachers wish to set. All grades can be accommodated from 1-12 and students of all levels of fitness can participate. Group sizes can be from as few as 10 up to as many as 300 and the event can take place at the site recommended by the school. As such, on campus or in a park, or on the streets of the Central Business District are all options. We find that on campus is better for grades 1-9, whereas in the city or any other location typically works best for grades 10-12.

Why choose Urban Quest for your students?

If taking the hassle out of the day wasn’t enough, Urban Quest will run a game over the course of 1.5 hours, or whatever available time is allotted by the school, during which your students will work together solving puzzles, completing orienteering tasks and learning vital communication skills that will not only give them an incredibly rewarding and positive emotional response but will also bond the group together. While it all seems like fun, the reality is that our games are tailored to each grade, so that what they are experiencing is specific to their level of learning and education but engages them in a way that promotes learning and trust.

Urban Quest has also developed software specifically for their games which monitors the performance of each individual student from which statistical reports can be generated that give valuable insights to the teachers at the end of the event. Using software in this manner differentiates Urban Quest from the majority of other team building activities for students and this ensures that our approach provides significantly higher levels of interaction and engagement.

Students of all ages love the Urban Quest experience so when the time comes to plan your next event or excursion, Melbourne really has only one option that is hassle-free and guarantees the best possible customer experience for both students and teachers alike! Give us a call with what you hope to achieve then sit back and leave the rest to us.

How Team Building Activities For Students Help Them Succeed In Life

Many people make the mistake of thinking that team building days are solely reserved for adults and those in the workplace, however, this could not be further from the truth! Here at Urban Quest, we provide exciting team challenges not just for corporate events, but also for students too. Our student events set youngsters up with great skills that they will carry with them throughout their life. You can learn more about how our team days help this age group below.

Why Our Team Building Activities Help Students

One of the most important skills that children and teenagers can learn is how to work as part of a team, as few of us will go through life without being in a job that requires us to work and collaborate with others. These communication skills will benefit them in every situation.

A great skill that children will learn from team building days is how to properly listen. Teamwork will instantly be lost when those working together are not listening to what the other is saying and taking it on board. As a team, they will need to learn how to listen to each other to work as a cohesive unit, they will learn how to listen to whoever is in charge, and they will learn how to listen to their opponents. The latter is particularly important as it teaches them to pick up on social cues that they can use in all walks of life. These listening skills will also show them how to respect people and give validity to what others are saying.

Team building activities are great as it develops the speaking skills of young people. When speaking, you need to be able to show respect and understanding to others; otherwise, your team is likely to fall apart. They can learn how to express their own ideas and opinions in an effective way that engages with others without being overpowering.

A massive part of team building for young people is improving their self-confidence. When students know they are being heard, they are far more likely to speak up during team participation and have a sense of worth. This confidence allows them to let go of their insecurities and focus more on effective communication, resulting in amazing teamwork.

Lastly, what is fantastic about these team building activities is that it helps to reduce bullying amongst young people. Young people who are part of a team are more likely to care about its individual members and gives them the confidence to stay together during situations where one person might be being bullied. Team members learn to support each other and find ways to get through any situation.

Discover More About Our Exciting Team Building Activities

If you are interested in learning more about our team building activities for students, then get in touch with us today. Our team is available to contact via phone, email or through the easy to fill out on-site form. A member of our team will be back in touch with you as quickly as possible to get your team day organised.

We can’t wait to work with you to create an epic Urban Quest. We hope you can’t wait to go on one! Contact us today and let’s get started.

Urban Quest offer Melbourne’s best team building activities, games and events for kids, students and adults

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