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With restrictions having been lifted in Melbourne, we can finally gather the co-workers for an out-of-office social activity. But what do you do for such an occasion?

Pubs and restaurants are back in full swing, but is now really the time for the same old boring workplace dinner and drinks? What are the benefits of a team building event in comparison to a team outing?

Impact of Team Building: Insights from Research and Real-life Experiences

There have been many studies into the level of productivity brought into a company by team building activities. In a 2009 article called ‘Does Team Building Work?’ the authors determined that “team building has a positive… effect across all team outcomes” and “that team building was most strongly related to affective and process outcomes”.

In the book Team Building: Proven Strategies for Improving Team Performance the author stresses that “team building activities… made a significant difference in the organisation’s performance.” While there is a vast amount of well-researched studies on the benefits of team building activities, the best proof is the evidence you see first-hand with your co-workers.

It can be difficult to discern if your event should be classified as a team building activity or a team outing – both can be fun, both can involve alcohol and both will require a budget no matter how big or small.

However, we believe a simple team outing can only be elevated to a team building event with the following key factors:

1. At the centre, there is a clear problem-solving element

A singular challenge or task the team must work together to overcome.

2. There’s a focus on skill development

The task requires teammates to use and develop abilities that they may or may not have been aware of.

3. Often under pressure

Whether there is a time limit, a number to score or another team to chase, this is a healthy added pressure to test your staff and prepare them when the going gets tough.

4. All workers are split into small teams

What better way to improve your team working skills than by letting you work directly with others? Find out who’s the natural leader and who’s the workhorse in small cooperative groups

5. BONUS: Teams are picked strategically for better results

Do you want the marketing team to associate better with the IT team or want the up-and-coming person from accounts to see how they mesh with the people from business development? All are encouraged within team building activities.

6. Overall duration shouldn’t be too long or too short

Standard work drinks can drag on all night, and some other activities can be over in 15 minutes.

The ideal team building activity will run between 1-2 hours. Enough time to learn a new skill, form memories with teammates or accomplish a task without the event feeling like it’s dragging.

7. And finally, there are results

A team building event, unlike a social outing, should be able to give participants a complete idea of how they went, what they did well and what they can do better.

This gives you and your co-workers a great idea of their strengths and how to best utilise them within the company. A clear set of results also gives participants a clear goal to strive for at the next team building event and a clearer idea of how to accomplish it.

The Power of Team Building: Moving Beyond Social Outings Monotony

The effect of social outings on workplace unity has not been as thoroughly researched or studied. Anyone can understand the benefits of letting your hair down and trying to relax – but when does a social outing with your co-workers start to feel… pointless?

When no community goals are driving the team forward, a social out-of-work gathering can feel like the same monotonous cycle of pleasantries traded over the coffee station in the morning. 

A company-wide get-together certainly has its place and depending on the size of the tab, can be a cost-effective evening out with the team. However with the drastic life changes brought on by COVID-19, office morale is at an all-time low.

Hear some insights on the subject from Chris, one of the team events experts here at Urban Quest:

So to genuinely bring everyone back into the office and remind the team of how productive they’ve been in the past, look no further than a properly designed and organised team building event to bring the team back in style.

If you’re looking for the perfect team activity to bring the best out of your workers when they come out from behind the computer screens, look no further than Urban Quest.

Urban Quest’s fully interactive city-wide Amazing Race is the most fun and high-tech challenge-based team building activity in Melbourne.

For workplaces large and small, there’s no Melbourne team event better at encouraging unity and productivity in your team than an amazing race with Urban Quest.

winning Team Building activity is always fun
The winning team at Urban Quest Team Building Melbourne


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    Team Building
    June 2, 2020

    Top 13 Post-COVID Team Building Activities in Melbourne

    Things in Australia are slowly going back to normal. Pubs are re-opening, people are catching up again and people are starting to go back into the office. Team morale at the workplace is at an all-time low. Productivity and teamwork have taken a massive hit, making now the perfect time to focus on team building activities and bring the squad back together with a bang.

    This begs the question – what do team building activities look like in a post-COVID Australia? Here are our 13 recommendations for the best socially distancing post-COVID Team Building Activities in Melbourne.

    1) Urban Quest

    Urban Quest Team Building Activities Melbourne

    What better way to bring the team together when restrictions ease than an amazing outdoor adventure around the city?

    Watch your employees battle in the fierce competition in a race around the city reading maps, solving puzzles and cracking clues as they get closer and closer to glory. Imagine your version of the Amazing Race personalised to the Melbourne hidden lanes.

    Urban Quest is outdoors and utilises technology we all have in our own pockets so social distancing won’t affect the fun. Everyone on the team is connected to their device and the tasks are designed in line with current government guidelines.

    Kickstart your team with the perfect mental and physical challenge all while staying safe.

    Make sure to check out the different quests on offer.

    Best group size: for groups of 10 to 500 (subject to current social gathering restrictions)

    Investment: from $45 per person

    Type: outdoors, CBD, park or on-site

    2) Paintball

    Effective Teamwork Paintball

    Test what your team is made of and put them out in the warzone with nothing but their wits and their nerve to pull them through.

    Paintball is a classic team building activity that is a great way to create memories with your team that you’ll never forget. Make sure to pay attention to provider and government recommendations when it comes to what is safe to do and when.

    But remember paintball isn’t just a physical challenge but a mental game of chess as well. Effective teamwork is most critical when in the battle environment so what better way to discover the secret warzone mastermind in your team?

    Best group size: for groups of 10 to 100 (subject to current government restrictions)

    Investment: from $100 per person

    Type: outdoors

    3) Board Games

    Small Groups Team Building Activities Melbourne

    Want to keep the party indoors? Why not try to pump a dose of nostalgia into the office and have everyone bring in their favourite board game, set up some tables and have yourself a whole office round-robin?

    Tina from finance is the Queen of Monopoly, Trevor from sales just got knocked back to the start of Snakes and Ladders and you don’t want to miss Michelle from HR set off Mouse Trap - all part of a fun night of team building activities.

    We know the best place to get your next board game in Melbourne.

    Best group size: small groups of 3-5

    Investment: from $10 per person

    Type: indoors

    4) Tough Mudder-type Obstacle Courses

    Team Challenge Obstacle Course

    Board games are not your speed?

    Then it's time to turn it up with a battle of the fittest. Tough Mudder and other fitness challenges will test your team’s strength, agility and most importantly – their loyalty. ‘You’re only as strong as your weakest’ is a sentiment that’s true in business, life and Tough Mudder.

    When a team knows they can count on each other, they’re at their strongest.

    Check out the next event near Melbourne.

    Best group size: groups of 5 to 100 (subject to current government restrictions)

    Investment: from $105 per person

    Type: outdoors

    5) Volunteering

    Volunteering Team Building Activities

    It’s important to remember that while many of us are fortunate enough to get back into the swing of in-person work, some people have been hit harder by COVID-19 and need help more than ever. There’s strength in numbers.

    Starting a charity drive or volunteering to help the less fortunate can be a great way to not only bring the team closer together but also help out those who need it. There are currently many charities throughout Melbourne looking for volunteers a helpful list can be found here.

    Best group size: groups of 5 to 100 (subject to current government restrictions)

    Investment: free

    Type: outdoors, indoors

    6) Sip and Paint

    Painting Team Building

    Let’s get creative. Grab a canvas and paint for everyone, get a couple of drinks and have a big group painting session.

    You can have a leader in front to take everyone through step by step, chuck Bob Ross on TV and follow along or just let everyone do their own thing at their own pace. Some beer and wine are a nice touch to let the creativity flow and ensure nobody gets too nervous about showing off their work.

    Best group size: small to medium groups of 5 to 50 (subject to current government restrictions)

    Investment: from $70 per person

    Type: indoors

    7) Camping

    Camping Teamwork

    As the office rebuilds and gets back into the swing of things, what better time to get out of the city and embrace the great outdoors?

    Pack the tents and the air mattresses and head out to the country to bond your team for the foreseeable future. Fun sports and activities all day, then roasting marshmallows and campfire stories by night.

    Outer Melbourne is known for some incredible camping spots from the Dandenongs to the Macedon ranges, so check them out for some socially distant, fun team building activities.

    Best group size: groups of 10 to 100 (subject to current government restrictions)

    Investment: from $100 per person

    Type: outdoors

    8) Escape Room

    Escape Room Team Building

    An oldie but a goodie. How does your team hold up under pressure? How do they operate as a team? What better way to find out than sticking them in a room together and seeing who can get out first?

    After their first hour of trying to get out of a locked room, your co-workers might even find work relaxing.

    We heard there are some great escape rooms in Melbourne.

    Best group size: small groups of 5 to 10

    Investment: from $40 per person

    Type: indoors

    9) Quest in a Box

    Quest in a Box Team Building

    Want the riddles and puzzles but don’t want to spend too much time outside?

    Bring the adventure to you, with new ideas like ‘Quest in a Box’.

    Place your order and receive a box that will walk you through everything you need to do to win. You won’t believe the number of tasks, riddles and puzzles that can fit in one little box. Like an escape room on the go, a Quest in a box is a terrific way to test your team in the safest way possible.

    Best group size: small groups of 3 to 5

    Investment: from $10 per person

    Type: indoors

    10) Team Building Workshops & Conferences

    Want to spend time with the team but have no time to relax?

    Then maybe it’s time to upskill your team together. Have a look at programs focused on team building activities in Melbourne, maybe have a vote among co-workers or pick a course that you know will give employees the skills to take the business to the next level.

    Best group size: groups of 5 to 100 (subject to current government restrictions)

    Investment: from $100 per person

    Type: indoors

    11) Disc Golf

    Want the social outdoor nature of golf without the expensive clubs and weird rules? Disc Golf is the perfect option for team building activities in Melbourne.

    With three locations around Melbourne, disc golf is ideal for the experienced pro or for those just picking it up for the first time. Who knows, you might have a hidden talent and be on your way to the world championship in no time.

    Disc golf has similar rules to golf while replacing balls and clubs with frisbees. Feel free to add your own rules as you ride the highs and lows of this fun outdoor activity,  that’s perfect for all ages and fitness levels around the office.

    Best group size: small groups of 3 to 5

    Investment: free (with a valid library card) for small groups or varied rates for larger groups

    Type: outdoors

    And don't forget about online team building activities…

    12) Zoom Quiz

    Just because restrictions are relaxing doesn’t mean everyone feels comfortable to go out and socialise just yet. One of the biggest company hits through isolation has been a Zoom Quiz. You can hire a host from a trivia company or have someone in the company write a general knowledge quiz or even trivia about the company, divide everyone into teams and the highest score wins!

    13) Urban Quest Virtual Online Team Building Games

    Most people have been overexposed to online team building games and are keen for something different. If so, look no further than Urban Quest’s brand new Mission Impossible Digital Team Building activities Melbourne!

    If you’re not up to running around the real world you’ll be tasked to explore every corner of the internet, searching for clues and using your experience on the web to save the day. The perfect replication of the real-life Urban Quest experience. The Amazing Raceat your fingertips.

    Second to none team building activities online in Melbourne. It is an ideal team building activity for conference calls too!

    Urban Quest Virtual Team Building Activities Melbourne

    Bring everyone back to work with an exciting start, to remind them of what they’ve been missing at home.

    While we encourage having a fun time with these team building activities Melbourne, what’s most important is staying safe and only coming back to work when advised by the government that it is safe to do so.

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    Team Building
    November 25, 2020

    Team Building Activities: Expense or Investment?

    Is team building simply a costly expense or an investment that would be essential to any business relying on human capital?

    While some may view team building activities with scepticism, dismissing them as mere frivolities, the reality is quite different. When executed effectively, team building is one of the most crucial investments any organisation can make for its people.

    Picture this: employees reluctantly don matching t-shirts and brace themselves for yet another mundane team building activity organised by their supervisor. It's a scenario that's all too familiar and often met with groans and eye rolls. However, beneath this uninspiring facade lies the potential for significant benefits that can positively impact an organisation's bottom line.

    Contrary to popular belief, team building activities are not just about fostering camaraderie or boosting morale. They play a pivotal role in building trust, enhancing communication, fostering collaboration, and mitigating conflict within teams. Here's why team building activities are essential investments for corporate professionals:

    1. Building the Best Team

    In today's competitive landscape, success isn't solely determined by individual talent but by cohesive teamwork. Regardless of individual capabilities, a team's dynamics often dictate its performance. Investing in team building ensures that employees can work together effectively, maximising their chances for success.

    2. Socialising Time

    Informal interactions among team members during team building activities can significantly enhance overall team performance. Research indicates that up to 50% of positive changes in team communication patterns result from seemingly casual conversations. Improved communication leads to better sharing of information and decisions, ultimately enhancing team performance.

    3. Boosting Engagement

    A staggering 70% of Australian workers are disengaged in their jobs, resulting in significant productivity losses for companies. Team building activities help combat this disengagement by reducing boredom, sick days, and slacking off, thereby increasing overall productivity.

    4. Creating Psychological Safety

    Psychological safety, as highlighted in Google's research on team performance, is a critical predictor of success. When employees feel safe to take risks and express themselves within a team, they become more creative and innovative, leading to better outcomes.

    5. Strengthening Relationships

    Team building activities provide an opportunity for employees to understand the impact of their work on their lives, customers, and the broader community. This shared understanding strengthens their motivation and fosters positive relationships with their work.

    6. Fostering a Shared Identity

    Humans are inherently social beings, wired to bond with others. Team building activities stimulate the brain's centres associated with belonging to a tribe, fostering a sense of unity and support among team members.

    There Is More To Team Building Activities

    Moreover, team building activities offer a unique opportunity for employees to develop essential skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability in a low-stakes environment. These activities serve as a practical training ground where employees can hone their abilities and learn to collaborate effectively with diverse team members.

    Furthermore, the benefits of team building extend beyond the workplace. Employees who participate in meaningful team building activities often report higher job satisfaction, increased loyalty to their organisation, and improved overall well-being. This positive impact on employee morale and engagement translates into tangible business outcomes, including higher retention rates, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profitability.

    In conclusion

    In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, investing in team building activities isn't just a luxury; it's a strategic imperative. By prioritising the development of strong, cohesive teams, organisations can position themselves for long-term success and sustainability.

    So, whether you're planning an outdoor adventure, a virtual team building workshop, or an interactive problem-solving challenge, Urban Quest has the expertise and creativity to design customised experiences that will inspire, engage, and unite your team.

    Contact us today to explore our range of team building activities and take the first step towards unlocking your team's full potential!

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