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Fantastic experience - level of difficulty was perfect - not too easy but difficult enough to create teamwork - input from everyone to solve the clues and also bringing some humour too. I highly recommend this for a work team activity. We are looking forward to doing another quest soon.

Bernadette Notting, City of Greater Geelong Planning Division

We have completed multiple events with Urban Quest (both physical and digital) and they are a delight every time. Cannot recommend Serge and the Urban Quest team highly enough.
Experiences were a good length, really well designed and enjoyable. If you’ve read this far just book one!

James Murdey, OFSystems

Our team loved our event with Urban Quest! It was such a unique experience and everyone ended the day with smiles on their faces and memories which will stay with us forever. Joanna and Serge at Urban Quest made the organisation so easy and everything went off without a hitch on the day. Thanks so much, Urban Quest, we'll be back!

Emma Zeeno, Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co


Team Bonding Activities in Melbourne

You hired John a couple of years ago as an administrator. He got his degree, is bright, said all the right things at the interview and in the intervening two years gave you no real reason to regret your decision. He’s a solid worker and is a consummate professional. Read More

However you’ve noticed that John never really gelled with his colleagues and they all go to lunch separately, and word is that he has applied for a job at your main competitor’s office. Do you let good staff leave, or do something? Fortunately, you’ve also heard team bonding activities are a good way to re-engage your staff and Urban Quest has done wonders for other businesses.

It’s true. When it comes to team bonding in Melbourne, and Australia for that matter, Urban Quest offers the preeminent unique experiences that have earned rave reviews from both participants and the companies who booked their staff in. The idea is simple and inspired by the ‘Amazing Race’ television show in which teams jet-set around the globe in search of clues, completing tasks in hope of being victorious over their competitors.

Urban Quest’s version takes place on the streets of Melbourne where over the course of 2-3 hours teams of 4-6 people engage in a battle of wills, intellect and effective collaboration, completing tasks that reveal new clues, solving riddles that lead to new locations and all without the presence of fluorescent jacketed staff pointing the way. No, with Urban Quest our “agents” are part of the game and turn up in character as and when the game dictates.

“It sounds like_____.” Trust us, it’s not!

To the more cynical of minds, this may seem like your average, run-of-the-mill escape room scenario, but this couldn’t be more far from the truth. Urban Quest can customise our games to the agenda or specific wants of the organisation so that it is entirely unique to your outing.

What’s more, where companies believe in the idea of learning through repetition, a long-term option is also available where we get an in-depth sense of the company, the leader, why staff have left in the past and everything we believe is necessary to develop the best strategy.

Over the course of a year, our Melbourne team bonding games are played that specifically train your staff in a logical and progressive manner to become an efficient unit. The themes for each are trust, communication, conflict and resolution.

Participants are left to work in teams using only their smartphones to navigate the course. What’s more, our smart technology captures everything from tasks completed to penalties incurred to bonuses earned. Everything is timed down to the last second making the competition and need to work together as effectively as possible everything. Reports are also generated so that management can get a sense of how the teams are developing and the behavioural changes that have been identified among a range of other data.

Your staff will be engaged both mentally and physically throughout and by the time they complete the course they will be energised, buzzing for more and most importantly because of the ingenious design of our games, they will have learned skills and lessons that they will take back to the office with them.

This immersive, exciting experience isn’t among the best team bonding activities Melbourne has to offer, it is the preeminent, the gold standard and the benchmark. So, take the litmus test and give Urban Quest a go. We bet that afterwards, John won’t be jumping ship after all.

Team Bonding Activities for All

If you are looking for team bonding activities Melbourne businesses, friends and schools love, then you will want to work with Urban Quest. We are proud to offer thrilling and invigorating team events that can bring the buzz back into your school, office or group of friends.

There are lots of reasons that you might want to work with us. A special corporate anniversary, a reward for students in your school or even just something fun to do with your friends. If you are looking for the best team bonding, Melbourne has on offer, here is a closer look at Urban Quest and why so many people decide to work with us.

Virtual Team Building Activities Melbourne

Most people have been overexposed to the online team building activities and are keen for something different. If so, look no further than Urban Quest’s brand new Mission Impossible digital team building activity! If you’re not up to run around the real world you’ll be tasked to explore every corner of the internet, searching for clues and using your experience on the web to save the day. The perfect replication of the real-life Urban Quest experience. The remote team building activity Melbourne at your fingertips. It is an ideal team building activity for conference calls too!

A Professional Team Building Approach

We have years of experience in coordinating amazing team building events. Our tried and tested approach means that we know how to structure your day and the activities to give you the best experience possible.

Our team is passionate about delivering the best experience possible, and we have the experience that means we are able to do so! We do not rest on our laurels, however, and use our experience to continuously refine our offering and ensure that your experience is always magical and makes use of the latest technology.

Our use of technology helps us to ensure that you are given an engaging experience that gets everyone involved. Unlike some outdated, paper-based events we are able to give you an engaging and memorable experience that will keep your group feeling great for years to come!

Fun and Safe

We understand that compliance and safety are incredibly important, so we have very sophisticated rules and regulations that ensure everything goes smoothly and your entire team is safe throughout the event.

These rules and regulations have been developed over the years so that nothing is left up to chance – your team will be completely safe and in the loop when it comes to what they need to do.

Excellent Reviews

Over the years, we have worked with countless businesses and individuals. Our team is delighted to put on a great experience for every group, and we never aim for anything else other than the absolute best. You can tell from our huge series of reviews that our customers are delighted with their experience and the results extend far into the future.

We invite you to look through our reviews and testimonials, many of which come from large businesses and bodies from across the Melbourne area and beyond. If you have any questions about our service, it will be our pleasure to answer those too!

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