Energize your team, inspire interactions and reduce stress with a fun team building race.




Urban Quest offers so much more than just a game –

we understand the importance of positively engaging and energising your staff whilst strengthening the bonds and having a massive fun.

Urban Quest is an emotionally charged and interactive experience fuelled with adrenaline and dopamine - the signs of a good time. The race is full of clever riddles, hilarious challenges and lots of fun and action. The 2-3 hour event will fly by as competing teams of 4-6 navigate iconic Melbourne’s CBD streets trying to outsmart each other. Guided by our custom software on the palm of their hand and each other.

See what our participants say about
Urban Quest Team Building:

Why Urban Quest is different
from other corporate team building events:

  • The participants are guided entirely on their smartphones!
  • We don’t hire people in fluoro vests! All of our “agents” are in complete character.
  • Our proven game format is unique and not available at any paper-based event.
  • 10+ years of experience in the industry lets us work out the best possible gameplay options.

Our clients are constantly leaving us their enthusiastic reviews, making us proud of our 100% customer satisfaction rate

Check out this blog article to live the experience through one of our participants’ eyes and get a first-hand sense of the adventure or contact us now to live the unforgettable experience for yourself!

Urban Quest Team Building is a one-of-a-kind,
emotions-filled experience that will fuel your team
to success through fun and challenging activities.

With over 10 years’ experience in team building, our activities are created with the goal of building better, stronger teams, through fun and immersive engagement. Our specially formulated games and events are backed by research and deliver results.

Does the science and psychology behind teamwork fascinate you? Follow our blog for the latest research and discoveries within team building and social connectedness.

Our Unique Approach to Team Building Activities:

  • Our games are more than just a play. Yes, the laughter will be real and the relationships strengthened – but the take-aways will address real-world workplace issues.
  • We use experiential activitiesas the most effective way to ensure engaging and meaningful changes will have a lasting impact.
  • We can also customize our games to address your specific workplace challenges, help your organization see issues from a fresh perspective and resolve them to become a more successful team.
  • We can strategically put people in teams as a part of our assessment process to closely mimic their daily challenges, which aren’t usually task-related but rather relationship-related.
  • Digital technology used allows us to track an individual from a team performance, generate reports and deliver the experience in a much wider variety of activities.

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Our team building events are a breath of fresh air that no indoor office activity can compete with. We like to give team members a chance to change up their environment and immerse their senses game. After all, being outside is good for you!

The Urban Quest experience is a one-of-a-kind adventure. Our specially formulated activities are based on proven principles for success in teams, with fun at the forefront.

With emerging research proving the benefits of fun outdoor team building activities, our events are ahead of the crowd, and are proving to be timelessly effective.

Why Choose Urban Quest Team Building:

  • We offer a tailored ready-made solution instead of a list of activities.
  • All our events are technology driven.
  • We work with all industries: business, government, education, sport, charities etc.
  • Groups of any size.
  • Our events concept is one of a kind in Melbourne and Australia.

Our immersive team building events are the most unique adventures in Melbourne.

Would you like to motivate and recharge your team?

Contact us now to experience the fun and build strong teams in the process.

Our Corporate Team Building Clients:

Our team building clients' TESTIMONIALS

Urban Quest was amazingly fun experience for my team. No only was it fun but also a great team building experience that brings out everyone's strengths. Great bonds were formed and the smile lasted for the rest of the day!.

Yolandi Franken, National Director Miss Multiverse Australia

So well done! We had such a great day, Serge was very professional, helped get everyone on board at the beginning of the day and set the scene for all of us. Controlling 20 plus women who are all very forthright was no easy feet, but he did so with ease, respect and a sense if fun and adventure. The team also customised the game to fit in with our goals! So well done! Thanks Urban Quest!

Rochelle Patterson, Quorn Netball Club

This was a fabulous team building activity, that everyone is still raving about Monday! Thanks Urban Quest!

Simon Madden, Pryda Australia