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Fantastic experience - level of difficulty was perfect - not too easy but difficult enough to create teamwork - input from everyone to solve the clues and also bringing some humour too. I highly recommend this for a work team activity. We are looking forward to doing another quest soon.

Bernadette Notting, City of Greater Geelong Planning Division

We have completed multiple events with Urban Quest (both physical and digital) and they are a delight every time. Cannot recommend Serge and the Urban Quest team highly enough.
Experiences were a good length, really well designed and enjoyable. If you’ve read this far just book one!

James Murdey, OFSystems

Our team loved our event with Urban Quest! It was such a unique experience and everyone ended the day with smiles on their faces and memories which will stay with us forever. Joanna and Serge at Urban Quest made the organisation so easy and everything went off without a hitch on the day. Thanks so much, Urban Quest, we'll be back!

Emma Zeeno, Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co


Fun Group & Large Group Activities for Adults in Melbourne

Welcome to Urban Quest where you will find a variety of amazing race challenges for adults that are exclusively held in Melbourne. You know the score, the Amazing Race was that fun show where contestants were grouped into teams and set off around the world in competition with each other, picking up clues, completing crazy activities and basically reengaging the adventurous kid within.
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Urban Quest has taken that format and created a game styled event that caters to adults of all ages and guarantees a wildly fun experience that will live long in the memory.

To date, Urban Quest has hosted 93 private events as well as 65 public games. Almost 5,000 participants and 940 teams have said yes to fun and people from all walks of life have learned more new things about themselves and their friends than we can keep count of! The game typically takes place over the course or 2 to 3 hours, during which time those who take part can expect to have to work together to figure out insanely clever riddles and get their hands dirty while navigating the course using only their smartphones.

That’s right, while Urban Quest host the event; you won’t see a fluorescent jacket the entire time the game lasts. Why? Because our staff isn’t like any other, they’re professionals who have over 10 years experience in the industry and so, when you encounter them, they’ll be in character as “agents” playing a part in the game.

While we appreciate that private parties are what most people associate with something of this ilk, our group activities for adults extend to businesses as well who are keen to re-energize their staff or simply get them to bond. While fun is the order of the day, the games we design for workgroups can be tailored to specific agendas and goals, enabling staff to see things in a new light and encourage them to work as teammates with their colleagues.

Invaluable insights can also be gleaned from our software which tracks each player and generates statistical data for the company, which may indicate who natural leaders are, who the best communicators are and where existing work teams could be improved by identifying skills gaps.

Bucks vs. Hens!

But, let’s say you’re coming to Melbourne as a group of bucks or a hen party, or maybe you’re looking for a way to tick both parties off in one fell swoop. Urban Quest has a game that will challenge the best of wedding parties to engage their competitive sides to see which group comes out on top! It’s an incredibly fun event that will inspire a wealth of conversation and laughs in the weeks and months that follow and will make the prospect of the big day out even more fun and exciting.

Our goal is to provide fun group activities for adults that remove cliché from the equation and ensure that whatever it is you’re celebrating, or if it’s simply a case of finding something new to do, our amazing race is a unique experience that will challenge brains, bonds and bring new life even the oldest of friendships.

How Group Activities For Adults Can Improve Relationships

Whether you are looking for a fun hen activity or want to improve your employees’ connections in the workplace, group activities for adults are the perfect way to enhance relationships. At Urban Quest, we have a wide range of amazing race challenges for adults that you can choose from, and each is designed so that you will have a tonne of fun and build on your associations. Below, you can check out just a few of the fantastic benefits that come along with undertaking our large group activities for adults.

The Benefits Of These Challenges

What people absolutely love about our challenges here at Urban Quest is the benefits that they get to take away with them.

All of our team days are amazing fun and will help you learn a new skill and, if it is a team day for employees, you will help them to feel more engaged in the workplace too. With the modern workplace including a lot of people who work remotely, a team day is the perfect way to bring all your staff together and make it feel more like a team environment. Furthermore, if your employees are not engaged with your business, it could ultimately be its downfall. You want workers who are excited to come into the office and contribute to your company’s mission, not just someone who is there for a paycheck, and engaging your employees is the perfect way to make sure everyone is on the same page. Team days are a small price to pay for a much more productive workforce!

For the most part, people are not in a job that they love 100% of the time, and everyone gets those feelings of boredom in their workplace. One of the main things that employees highlight is that they want to feel valued by their company and have the work that they are doing recognised, rather than just being a cog in a machine. Our group activities at Urban Quest are designed to effectively increase morale by giving your employees a short break from their work that will, in the long run, help them to feel more engaged in your company.

Company culture is massive nowadays and small things such as a team building days can massively contribute to this. Not only will a great company culture help to retain employees, as why would they want to go work anywhere else, it will also help attract the very best talent that the market has to offer. Employees nowadays don’t just look at the salary; they want to know if they are going to be working in a great office culture that makes going to work enjoyable and not a daily dread.

Virtual Group Activities Melbourne

Most people have been overexposed to the online team building activities and are keen for something different. If so, look no further than Urban Quest’s brand new Mission Impossible digital group activity! If you’re not up to run around the real world you’ll be tasked to explore every corner of the internet, searching for clues and using your experience on the web to save the day. The perfect replication of the real-life Urban Quest experience. The remote team building activity Melbourne at your fingertips. It is an ideal group activity for conference calls too!

Speak To The Urban Quest Team Today For More Information

If you would like to speak to the Urban Quest team for more information about our fun group activities for adults, you can do so today. We are available to contact via phone, email or we have an on-site form which you can fill out, send to us, and we will be back in touch with you as quickly as possible.

So, whether you’re a private group or someone seeking out large group activities for adults Urban Quest has got you covered. Get in touch today and let’s start to plan a fun day out you’ll never forget!

Urban Quest offer Melbourne’s best team building activities, games and events for kids, students and adults

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