The Most Fun Bucks Party Melbourne

The Most Fun Bucks Party Melbourne

Q: What is fast-paced, crazy fun, totally unique, and will leave your mate, the Buck, with awesome memories of his last few weeks as a single guy?

A: The Most Fun Bucks Party Melbourne!

Fancy a Bucks Party with a difference? A Bucks Party that will leave lasting and incredible memories and show a guy a good time! Here at Urban Quest, we run Bucks Parties that are unique, customized and tailored to the Buck of the moment and involve an amazing race. So, if you are looking for a Bucks Day or Bucks Night to remember that brings a unique experience then think Bucks Party Melbourne! You tell us what you want and we shall provide it. No request is too big or too difficult.

We customize the Bucks Party Melbourne by gathering as much information as possible about the Buck from friends and then use this to include it in the game. We do the hard work so you don’t have to and once gathered, will put our creative brains together to come up with some individual and imaginative tasks and challenges that are linked to the personal preferences of the Buck concerned. Tasks and challenges that are personalized are more exciting and resonate more with the individual in the spotlight.

Once finalized, your group of Bucks’ get to experience tasks and challenges developed specifically for the Buck. It leads to an unforgettable Bucks Party Melbourne! For example, riddles may be made up that only friends would know about or there can be challenges that target a particular skill of the Buck. This makes the person feel special because there is a challenge included in the game that they shall excel at. Sound like your kind of Bucks Party? One where the Buck is the centre of attention with everything revolving around him? Then think Bucks Party Melbourne.

Here at Urban Quest, we offer a totally unique and tailor-made event that you will never forget. At the Bucks Party Melbourne, you will be part of a highly engaging, interactive and dynamic experience, which is all guided by smartphones. The challenges and tasks will involve the different mediums of video, audio, photo and other puzzles not available at paper-based events. Urban Quest has over 10 years’ experience in this industry, has a 100% customer satisfaction rate and runs events that are lots of fun. Want to have a Bucks Day or Bucks Party that is lots of fun and a day to remember? Then think The Most Fun for Bucks Party Melbourne.  

The event includes a pre-start briefing and an award ceremony at one of the best pub’s in Melbourne and therefore, normally lasts for around three hours. What better or more memorable way to spend a morning, afternoon or evening and one that the Buck will love you for. What a great thing to do for a mate and what a great Bucks Party!

Why Urban Quest? Why not? As far as we are concerned there is no other provider in Melbourne to match our offer. It is different, unique and individual, just like human beings and can never be classed as boring or run of the mill! An Urban Quest Amazing Race Buck Party is an experience that will make precious lifelong memories and is, therefore, the best present a Buck could receive.

Have an awesome Bucks Party Melbourne!

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    April 20, 2018

    Team Building For Sports Teams: If They Work For Elite Athletes They Will For You

    Team building for sports teams is growing in popularity and is an incredibly effective method that improves a team’s dynamic and boosts performance. These two elements are vital to the success of any sports team and show themselves both on and off the field.

    The 2018 Commonwealth Games have come to an end, sealing spectacular successes and setting the stage for the 2022 Games. Nations under the Commonwealth showcased the best of their athletic abilities and teamwork throughout the event.

    Sports team development takes work on and off the field

    Putting a team together that will represent a whole is a tough decision. The country’s best are selected to form a winning team whose eyes are on the gold medal at the end of the championship. Those who have been part of teams on the global stages - the Rio Olympics, past Commonwealth Games, and world championships know what it takes to win. They’ve experienced the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanies any big challenge together - and they know that a cohesive team is a winning team.

    Often, new players come into the mix and aren't yet part of the team dynamic. It takes work for them to feel comfortable and smoothly cooperate with the other players, gaining trust and respect along the way. Team building for sports teams benefits both previous and new players and improves communication, trust, and reliance on each other. These values are incredibly important when it comes to winning a championship.

    Chief sports writer for the Courier Mail, Robert ‘Crash’ Craddock, attributes part of the success of the Australian Opals to the seamless inclusion of Ezi Magbegor into the team. The 18-year-old's basketball talent is impressing coaches and fans throughout women’s basketball; but in a sport that relies on teamwork and communication, fitting in smoothly with the players was vital in winning the gold medal for the Games.

    A winning team development process focuses on group cohesion

    Motivation is a fueling force that runs through every professional sports player. A good coach understands how to inspire their players, instilling the vision of success in every individual. This is a seed planted in the minds of a sports team, yet its roots are theoretical and while motivation is one component of a strong team, the way players work between themselves is an even more important factor to success.

    Sports Psychologists Mark Eys and Jeemin Kim investigated the impact of team building on building for sports groups.  They found that team building has a positive impact on boosting group cohesion, which greatly contributed to improved group performance.

    Team building for sports teams contributes to group cohesion when:

    • Specific areas that need improvement within the team are targeted before beginning any team building activities

    • A series of goals were set and worked towards throughout the process

    • The team building programs were undertaken for a minimum of 3-4 weeks

    While ice hockey didn’t feature in the Commonwealth Games, Canadian team Vancouver Canucks use team building as part of the training process. With several new additions to the team, the coaches plunged the players into team building activities that would help them communicate better on and off the ice. This is especially important for ice hockey, a sport that is notorious for spectacular verbal and physical fights on the ice.

    Devoting time to team building for sports teams has proved to be a wise decision. Bringing the Canucks together, and helping them to secure many victories.

    Team development activities for sports teams

    Sports training is full of challenging activities that are made to strengthen offence, defence, and the bodies of every athlete within the team. These exercises contribute to a team’s skills and athleticism, however, they rarely address issues between the players and within the team dynamic.

    These issues are common in sports teams:

    • Competing and clashing egos

    • A lack of communication between players

    • Feeling unable to rely on teammates

    Taking players out of the court and into an entirely different environment for team building activities presses an invisible “reset button” on the team dynamic. This allows for new perceptions and connections to be built between players, strengthening and improving team dynamics and cohesion.

    We offer team building for sports teams that are formulated for success in all fields.

    Our specialised team building package is designed specifically for sports teams aiming for success in all areas. This program is divided into three main parts, offering the most efficient and enjoyable team building experience for sports teams in Melbourne. We've ditched the typical test-like atmosphere and replaced it with a fun and light-hearted team competition that sports teams can relate to best.

    Included in our program are the latest innovations, such as Team Activator and Strategic Debrief programs, making it a comprehensive solution for any team. We collaborate with teams from various industries to identify and address challenges that hinder performance. Through engaging activities, we work on improving communication, collaboration, trust, and more, laying a solid foundation for success.

    Contact us now to find out how Urban Quest Team Building Melbourne can help boost team performance on & off the field.

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